I like to make you angry
You fuck me better when you’re mad
I pout and stick my arse out
Say ‘Spank me daddy, I’ve been bad’

You punish me with your hands
Then lash me with your tongue
I’m begging you for more
But you’re having too much fun

I want to be below you
Feel you hot and hard inside
You make a better offer
‘Baby take me for a ride’

Bodies slick and sweaty
Hair a tangled mess
Friction my addiction
Don’t want to end this yet

Position number two
I’m finally under you
Now for position three
You’ve got me on my knees

Can’t catch my breath to beg
Can’t find my voice to scream
I’m your favourite little toy
Fuck me till I cream

I crave your love injection
Want to feel you spurt within
Pump me full with all you have
Your cock is my linchpin