you don’t need my enthusiasm
you’re only here for your orgasm
I’ll just lay down and spread for you
so you can grunt and fuck the way that you do
do you really want me to gasp and groan
does that make it seem that you’re not all alone
I’m just a warm void where you want to come
then roll over and sleep when your job is done
your snores ring out and I’m finally alone
hoping you don’t notice the light of my phone

baby I’m hard I wish you were here
I’m so ready for you, so fucking wet
wish you could feel my hard cock
wish I could suck it
fuuuck! I want that so bad
I want you to lick me
anywhere you want baby, anytime
my pussy, right now
oh baby I’m so there
would you suck my clit
while I fucked you with my fingers
yes! I want that, then your cock
could you take three baby? Get you ready for me?
I’m ready for you
fuck yourself for me baby, pretend it’s me
my fingers in you
my fingers rubbing your clit
oh god!
my fingers making you come
I’m gonna
come for me baby
while I stroke my cock
so hard and fast, pretending it’s your hand
would you let me come in your mouth
yes! Please! Come with me!!
now baby, now

limp and sated
who said phone sex is overrated