I knew it was too early to go to see Dee but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait. Coffee, she had said, and we usually met around nine. But I figured the conversation we were going to have would be better in private, so my plan was to hit the bakery she loved for some pastries and drinks and be at her door by eight.

I opened my door to leave and found out I wasn’t the only one with that idea.

“Dee?” I grinned at the sight of her, dressed in jeans and a sweater, and holding a box with two cups balanced on top.

“Morning Jay,” she said with a bright smile and stepped by me.

I turned to watch her walk across to my dining table with her long legged stride. She set down the box and places the cups on the table before she took a seat. With a practised toss of her head, her hair settled around her shoulder and she paused in reaching for the box to look at me.

Her lips tilted into a smirk and she cocked her head to the side. “Aren’t you going to join me?”

Talk about a loaded question. I matched her smirk and pushed the door shut then went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of plates and napkins before I went to her. I took the seat across from her and watched as she opened the box, placed a doughnut on each plate then pushed one towards me along with one of the cups.

We ate in silence, dipping back into the box twice, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Dee. She watched me right back, her eyes dropping to my mouth as I licked sugar from my lips, her fingers tracing a restless pattern on her cup. Apart from that small tell, she seemed relaxed, lounging back in her chair, taking her time eating her chocolate iced treat. She finished it off, licked her fingers then drained her cup and set it down with a firm tap.

She narrowed her eyes at me, opened her mouth to speak then sighed and shook her head. Her eyes closed for a moment as her head tipped back then she scooted forward in her chair and nailed me with her gaze.

“If we’re going to do this you need to know the rules,” she said, her voice soft but firm.

“The rules?” I repeated dumbly. That hadn’t been what I expected her to say.

“You’ve never done this before have you?” she asked needlessly. Dee pretty much knew everything I’d done and friends with benefits had never been on that list.

“Ah no,” I admitted with a smile. “But I think I can work it out.”

“Really?” Dee arched an eyebrow at me looking sexy as fuck. “Do tell?”

“Step one? Friends,” I said and gestured from myself to her and back again. “Check. Step two? Sex. I’ve got that down, promise. But I’m happy to demonstrate any time you want.”

“So. Rule one.” She held up her index fingers. “This is just sex.”

As if anything with Dee could be ‘just’, but I nodded. “Of course.”

“No one knows,” she went on. “You know if anyone finds out they’ll expect us…”

“To be in a relationship?” I asked when she seemed lost for words.

“Yeah,” she muttered and looked down at her cup. I wondered what she was thinking as her shoulders slumped but before I could say anything she looked up again. “There’ll be no doing things as a couple, no dates, no sleep overs, and if we want to date other people, there’s no drama over that.”

Date other people? “I told you last night, I want a break from dating. That’s not an issue.” I kept my voice casual though I felt anything but. The thought of Dee with someone else had me seeing red.

“Yeah well.” She shrugged carelessly. “That’s easy to say Jay but I know you.”

“Not that well yet,” I teased, trying to keep things light.

“The point is, when you find someone you want to date, just say so.”

“Just say so? And then what?”

Another shrug. “We stop. I wont fuck you while you’re fucking someone else.”

I was torn between being turned on at the thought of her fucking me and angry that she sounded so casual about me fucking someone else. Didn’t she care at all.

“Sure.” Was that my voice growling? “Same goes.”

She nodded her agreement and smiled a small smile. “If it’s just dating you can still call me but once you go there, I’m out.”

I can still call? Drop my date home then call Dee for a little physical relief? Was that what we were doing.

“Okay good. So is there anything particular you like or don’t like?”

I stared at Dee, this stranger I felt I barely knew all of a sudden. Was this what she did with the men I would occasionally meet? Have this discussion, this negotiation?


How long had I been staring at her? I shook my head. “Not that I can think of. You?”

“Sure.” She nodded and pulled the bakery box toward her, looking into it. “I prefer that you don’t shave before hand, I like the feel of stubble on my throat, breasts, and between my thighs.”

“Okay,” I said hoarsely.

“When it comes to oral sex, I don’t swallow or deep throat.”

I think I whimpered because she looked up from the bakery box quickly, a frown creasing her brow.

“Go on,” I said with what I hoped was a reassuring smile.

“Nothing too rough, I don’t want to walk out of here with bruises all over me.”

I nodded when she paused and looked at me expectantly. “That all seems fine.”

“Good. Anything you want to add?”

There was probably one thing I should mention. “Sometimes I’ll want to restrain you.”

“Tie me up?” she cleared her throat and for the first time looked nervous.

I grinned. “No. Is that what you’ve heard about me? That I like to tie my women up?”

“Something like that,” she muttered and rolled her eyes. “Well isn’t that what restrained means anyway?”

“It can do,” I allowed. “But not with me.” Her mouth opened to ask another question but I cut her off. “Is that a deal breaker?”

She shook her head and I had to strain to hear her whispered, “No.”

“Apart from that I’m pretty basic.” I shrugged. “I just want some good sex.”

“Right.” Dee nodded and sighed then stood up. “How about now? You up for it?”

“Now,” I repeated dumbly because any of the blood that hadn’t already been in my cock was headed there. “Right now?” That’s it genius, let’s make sure.

“Sure, why not?” She crooked her finger at me then walked into my bedroom. A moment later her sweater came flying through the door to land on the floor near me.

I could sit here and brood and mope about the fact that the woman I loved had done this often enough before that she had rules and a ready list of preferences. Or I could join her and find out what else she liked.

I toed out of my shoes and stripped off my socks, then padded over to the bedroom door. Dee had her back to me as she pushed her jeans off her hips and stepped out of them revelaing black lace and I groaned. Her head turned and she looked at me over her shoulder with a sly smile.

“Jay? What are you waiting for?”