Another boy’s night. Me, Mitch, and Ads. Ben is out on date three with his latest. I’m feeling mellow and sated. So fucking satisfied you would not believe it. I can hardly believe it. Dee. Fuck. That girl. I close my eyes and picture her, creamy skin and black lace. And that voice.

“Jay? What are you waiting for?” in her come fuck me now voice. Smoky and sexy as hell. If I hadn’t already been hard for her, that would have done it.

“You two.” I squinted at Mitch and Ads who were looking a little blurry. “Do the friends with benefits thing much?”

Adrian paused with his drink half way between the table and his mouth. “What?”

Mitch looked just as confused.

“You know. A friend you fuck. A fuck buddy,” I said with a grin because, fuck. Dee.

“Yeah.” Mitch grinned back. “We know. Why you asking?”

“Are there…” I waved my free hand in the air, what was that word? “Rules!”

“Fuck Jay. Don’t tell me you’re looking for a woman to not date and fall in love with?” Ads grinned and shook his head. “No fucking way.”

“I think he is,” Mitch said as his grin faded..

“Just curious.” I shrugged.

“About the rules?” Ads said doubtfully.

“Well fuck.” I sighed and scraped a hand through my hair. “After Roxie, you know?” My boys nodded because they knew. “Maybe I need something that’s just physical.”

Physical. Yeah Dee was. What was I waiting for?

“Not a thing baby.” I reached back and yanked my t-shirt off and in the moment I couldn’t see, Dee had moved. Her fingers curled into the waist of my jeans and she tugged me towards the bed. Her hands were quick and before I could think more than ‘fuck me’ I was standing before her with my pants around my ankles.

“Hmmm.” She smiled a siren’s smile and pressed her hand to my stomach, just inches from my cock as her eyes took a tour. “I’d heard you were packing some serious heat Jay but wow.”

“Oh fuck,” I breathed and my knees went weak as her fingers wrapped around me and squeezed.

“That’s the plan,” she murmured and looked back up at me.


She released me and pressed her finger to my chest, one push and I was sitting on the side of the bed.

“Condoms in here?” She turned to my bedside table without waiting for an answer and all I could do was watch as she opened the drawer and a moment later turned back with a packet in her hand. “Do you want me to?” she arched a brow in question.

This was it? We were just going to fuck? What happened to feeling my stubble on her skin, on her breasts, between her thighs. I badly wanted between her thighs.

“Baby it’s obvious I’m ready for you,” I said wryly with a quick look down at my dick that was flexing towards her and leaking pre-come in anticipation. “Let’s make sure you’re ready for me.” I held out a hand to her and she placed the condom in my hand.

“Trust me, I’m ready,” she said, her voice husky as she bit her lip and shifted. “So ready.”

“Come closer so I can find out for myself,” I rasped as my eyes raked down her body. I could see that her nipples had gone hard, pressing against the lace and begging for my mouth and I wanted nothing more than to strip her and worship her with my mouth. Starting at her mouth and working my way down.

My plan was derailed though when she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties, pushed them down, and said, “Why don’t I show you instead?”

I nearly embarrassed myself when she slid her hand between her thighs and touched herself because I could hear how wet she was, how turned on for me. Then she held up her hand, fingers glistening and leaned forward to drag those fingers across my mouth. My tongue followed the path of her fingers and she tasted like ambrosia. I wanted more.

“See, ready.” She smirked but I could see her pulse racing at her throat and her fingers trembled slightly so she wasn’t as unaffected as she was trying to act. I needed to step up to the plate, show her I could play her game, instead of sitting here like the stunned idiot I was.

“Mmmm.” I licked my lips again and watched her eyes flare. “So you are.”

I ripped open the condom and looked down to roll it on then I leaned back on my elbows and tilted my chin up at her.

“What are you waiting for baby?” I challenged.

Adrian’s voice drew me out of my little trip down memory lane, “Well here’s what you need to know Jay. First thing is, your fuck buddy shouldn’t be a friend.”

Strike one.

“They shouldn’t?”

“Nah.” Mitch shook his head. “Can you imagine having to see the girl when your arrangement comes to an end?”

Yeah I could, and it hurt.

“Good point.” I nodded.

“Rule two, no sleep overs,” Mitch went on but Adrian shook his head.

“Rule two is no cuddling,” he insisted. “You can cuddle without the sleep over. No sleep overs is rule three.”

“True.” Mitch nodded then held up three fingers.

“What’s wrong with cuddling, women like to cuddle?” I interrupted.

“It’s intimate and you’re not doing intimate,” Adrian answered.

“Don’t think of her as a woman,” Mitch added and Ads nodded.

“You’re not dating her, no cuddling, no hand holding. The only time you should see her is when you want to get that benefit.”

“Ah.” I nodded at Adrian and Mitch. “Got it.”

And I had gotten it.

Dee’s eyes locked with mine as she placed one knee on the bed beside me then the other, then her hands touched down and I nearly swallowed my tongue as she crawled up my body. One hand braced on my shoulder, she swung her leg over my hips and stopped there straddling me.

My hips lifted without my volition and the tip of my cock brushed again her pussy.

“Do that again,” she said, her voice husky, her nails biting into my shoulder.

I flexed my hips and she panted as I rubbed against her clit. I wanted my hand there, my fingers exploring, I wanted her under me so I could taste her, suck her nipples, lick her clit, bite her thighs, make her scream.

“Jay,” she breathed my name and shifted and we were on the brink. My cock pressing against her, the point of no return. I looked down at that point of contact, the sight so fucking hot I could barely stand it. Her hand on my shoulder, her knees pressing against my hips, my cock kissing her pussy, that’s where we touched. I looked into her eyes and lifted one hand to grip her neck, making sure she couldn’t look away as I lifted my hips. She was hot and wet and tight and after a moment she pushed down as I pushed up and we took each other.

Her eyelids fluttered but she stayed locked with me, our breathing heavy in the silence. Her pussy pulsed around my cock, and that eager fucker jerked in response, ready to give her all he had. But this was her game, so I laid back and let her do it her way. When she seated herself fully I let go of her neck and dropped back onto the bed, flat on my back. Her hands pressed against my shoulders and I slitted my eyes open to look at her as she leaned over me. Her hair fell in a curtain around her face and I wanted desperately to tangle my hands in those strands and pull her down to me.

Instead, I groaned when she circled her hips experimentally, fisted my hands in the sheets when she rocked against me, and bit my own lip when she bit hers as she rose off me, then slid back down. So. Fucking. Slowly. The she did it again. And again.

“Dee you’re killing me,” I groaned, my hips rising to meet her slow glides.

“You can take it,” she said as her head dropped down and the cool strands of her hair trailed over my chest. “Just a little bit longer,” she said on a gasp as she ground herself against my pelvis.

“Let me…” I lifted my hand to brush against her hip and she pressed down harder on my shoulders.

“No,” she groaned and looked up at me, her eyes dark pools of desire. “I can’t.”

Her eyes closed and she gasped, her inner muscles clenching, pushing me closer to the edge. I wanted, no I needed to move! On a growl my hands lifted to clamp onto her hips, pulling her down as I thrust up. Her hands closed on my wrists as she cried out, her head dropped back and she arched away from me.

My eyes went to where we were joined, watching as my cock, glistening with her juices, slid into her, so lush and pink. Then I didn’t see anything as her pussy rippled, strangling my cock and I thrust up into her frantically. It  felt like her cunt was sucking the orgasm from me because I really didn’t want to stop yet but I didn’t have a choice. Blood rushed, pounded, and I think I yelled her name as I came harder than I ever had before, in long hot pulses.

Reality returned in flashes as I blinked slowly. Dee over me, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath. The ceiling over my bed, my head turning slowly towards her as she lifted off me and I groaned. Then she was beside the bed, bending down to pick up her clothes. The blood was taking it’s time redistributing itself through my body and my brain seemed to be last on the list since I blinked dumbly as I pushed myself upright and watched Dee get dressed.

“You’re going?”

“Yeah.” She looked up from buttoning her jeans to smile at me. “That was great, thanks. See you soon?”

I nodded dumbly and she scooped up her shoes and walked out of the room.

“Okay if I take the last chocolate iced?” she called and I managed to stand up and stumble to the bathroom to deal with the condom.


“Sure,” I yelled back as I fumbled with my jeans.


I walked out in time to see her at the door. She took a bite of doughnut and waggled her fingers at me as she opened the door. I waved back and she stepped through the door and I was left there alone.

“No cuddling,” I repeated looking at Ads and Mitch.

“Rule four, don’t introduce her to your friends and family,” Ads said.

Strike two right there. And I wasn’t exactly hopeful about the rest of their rules either.

“Rule five, don’t get possessive.”

I nodded at Mitch but there was strike three. I was fucked. If I wasn’t breaking the rules already, I wanted to. I wanted to cuddle and sleep over and be possessive. I wanted to growl “Mine!” at any fucker who even looked at her. I wanted everything and I still hadn’t managed to kiss her.

We’d done things her way the first time but next time it was my way. Forget ‘great’, I was going to ruin her for any other man, the same way she’d ruined me for any other woman. Game on baby.