a little bit smutty


January 2017

too much

he wants to know why I'm down on my knees awaiting his words, so eager to please he knows the hard limits, no questions, no lies he knows my reactions, my moans, my sighs his hands in my hair are... Continue Reading →

second hand heart

got a second hand heart got a dime store soul got emotions that you left I keep them in a bowl got nothing to lose got no chance to win when you look at me you see nothing but sin... Continue Reading →

Moving on (Lily & Tyler)

It had been two weeks since my disastrous date with Lily then my run in with her soon-to-be-ex. I’d known who he was, had seen him at soccer week after week flirting up a storm. My sister had actually felt... Continue Reading →


Unexpectedly today We had eye contact And almost more My body reacted My heart raced Did you reach for me As I leaned towards you Acting like strangers Not even a smile As I remembered The touch of your lips... Continue Reading →

Friends with benefits redux (Jay & Dee)

Plan B. Break the rules. All of the rules. I stared at myself in the mirror. "All dressed up with no place to go," I murmured as I turned to try to see the back of my dress. It was... Continue Reading →

Do The Thing (Jay & Dee)

Plan B. Do the thing, be the buddy. Stick to the rules. Do the thing. "Just do it," I muttered to myself as the door to Dee's apartment opened. A slow smile tipped up her lips as one eyebrow arched.... Continue Reading →

Ten Lines of Love

ten lines of love is never enough the look in your eyes is melting my thighs the brush of your lips the grind of your hips the touch of your hand a loving demand the stroke of your tongue and... Continue Reading →

Ten Lines of Smut

Ten lines of smut will you bust a nut if I tell you I'm wet and I want you to get down on your knees use your tongue to please use your fingers to fuck use your mouth to suck... Continue Reading →

snake eyes

a glance in the mirror can't look too long wondering where it all went wrong haunted eyes show devastation living her life in isolation blood and tears well and fall can't bring herself to make a call no one can... Continue Reading →

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