don’t look to me for culture
it’s really not my style
that’s not a lust for knowledge
that you see within my eyes
just some dirty, filthy thoughts
of what I want to do to you
wont you be my specimen
make all my dreams come true
an experimental this
a beta tested that
I’ll apply some friction
and you can pet my … cat
you don’t need an invitation
just a twenty-four hour pass
flash it at my gate
then you can tap my ass…
or anything you like
my playground’s at your disposal
I’m just looking for a good time
not a diamond ring proposal
so please apply within
or RSVP if you will
my schedule is wide open
with slots for you to fill
will you lick my candy floss
can I try your ice cream cone
please come out to play
I’m tired of doing it all alone
โ™ฅ โ™ฅ โ™ฅ