Plan B. Do the thing, be the buddy. Stick to the rules. Do the thing.

“Just do it,” I muttered to myself as the door to Dee’s apartment opened.

A slow smile tipped up her lips as one eyebrow arched. “Do what?”

“Hey baby.” I smiled back as I ignored her question, moving forward so she moved back until I was inside and she was closing the door behind me.

“I have-”

I cut off her words with my mouth, had her pressed against the door with her legs around my waist a moment later. She gasped my name as I scraped my teeth down her neck and I felt the bite of her nails as I ran a hand up her thigh. One hard tug and her flimsy panties were a drift of silk on the floor.

Then I was groaning as I found her hot and wet, I took her mouth again, fucked it with my tongue as I fumbled with my pants. Her hands slid into my hair as she kissed me back hard and tilted her hips to rub against my cock.

I was doing it, I was being the fuck buddy, just sex, nothing else. Against the door, no time for the bed. No need for foreplay. I was here to fuck and that was all. I pulled my mouth from hers and leaned back a little to look at her. The dress of her skirt was bunched around her waist, there were red marks on her neck where my stubble had scraped and where I’d bitten her.

I felt a thrill at seeing those marks, knowing they’d be there when I left, hoping someone else would see them and know she was mine. Fucking idiot I was.

“Jay? Is everything al-”

I gripped her throat, covering those marks so I couldn’t see them or think about them, and kissed her again so she couldn’t ask that question. Then as she moaned into my mouth I moved my hips, grinding against her until she reached between us and took matters into her own hands. She pushed my cock down and took me, her pussy hot and tight as she worked herself on me. She tortured me with shallow little thrusts and I had to stop kissing her again to look at us, her sweet pink flesh split around my angry red cock, I watched as she took me a little deeper each time.

I wanted to carry her to bed and fuck her slowly, lay back and watch her ride me, turn her over and take her from behind. Worship her body with my hands and my mouth then fuck her some more. Until she begged me to stop. But she didn’t want all that, she had made it clear if only I had been paying attention. I had been too busy pushing my own agenda, trying to force intimacy where she wanted none, putting myself in her space when she wanted it all to herself.

I remembered the first time, how she’d fucked me then left me, still breathless on my bed. I remembered New Years, when she’d left me half dressed on the couch, my cock still twitching from the orgasm she’d ridden me to. That was what she wanted, so that was what I was giving. Her inviting me over was the perfect opportunity to show her I got it, I could be her fuck buddy, keep it separated from out friendship.

I let go of her throat to grip her hips and dropped my head to her shoulder as I thrust up into her, deep and hard. She gasped as her pussy convulsed so I did it again and again. I wanted to be the man she needed me to be, but more than that I wanted to be the man who made her come. Her pleasure was my pleasure, if this was all I could give her, I was going to give her the best she ever had.

I used every move I had, every trick. I changed pace, changed the depth of my thrusts, I pushed deep and rocked against her, grinding her clit with the base of my cock. I used my mouth on her neck, licking, sucking, biting, making her pull my hair as she begged me to “Stop! Stop! Don’t! Stop!”

I didn’t stop until she was thrashing her head against the door, digging her nails into my back, sobbing my name, her pussy squeezing my cock so tightly I couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. Then I claimed her in the only way I could, filling her with my seed, coming so hard my knees went weak and I pressed her hard against the door just so I wouldn’t collapse.

Was it a minute or ten before I could breath, before I could stand? I pulled out and held her until she nodded that she was okay, then I stepped back and looked down as I adjusted myself, zipping and buckling and pretending I was okay.

“I cooked-”

I was shaking my head before she finished the sentence, cutting her off because I didn’t want to know what smelt so good.

“I’m meeting Mitch and Ben in a bit.”

“Oh, okay,” she shrugged and smoothed her dress over her thighs. Not that it mattered. The image of my come on her skin was emblazoned on my mind. I had to fight the urge to clean her up and take care of her.

“I should go actually. Don’t want to be late.”

“Right,” she nodded and turned to open the door for me with an easy smile. “Thanks.”

I nodded, my throat tight. I walked out the door and waited like always for her to close it behind me. Before it did I pressed my hand to the surface, a few inches of space gave me a slice of her face.

“Are we okay? Did I… is that what you wanted? The buddy thing?”

We regarded each other for long moments. I was looking for anything, the faintest hint that she wanted more. Her lips tilted into a sad smile even as she nodded.

“That was exactly what I wanted,” she shrugged one shoulder. “You know me and relationships don’t mix.”

I did know that, had seen it for myself. Why did I think I could be any different? I wasn’t even her type. I nodded and managed a smile. “Yeah I know,” I confirmed. “Night Dee.” I moved my hand and the door clicked closed. I stood there for a minute wishing things were different. Wishing I was in there sharing a meal with her, watching a movie, taking her to bed. Wishing I was better at being what she wanted, at not feeling, not caring, at just… doing the thing.