he wants to know why I’m down on my knees
awaiting his words, so eager to please
he knows the hard limits, no questions, no lies
he knows my reactions, my moans, my sighs

his hands in my hair are urging me on
I’m sucking so hard, I want him to come
I’m using my tongue, he’s gripping my throat
I’m loving the power, but try not to gloat

he’s bending me over, my hands are cuffed
he’s fucking me hard, but not hard enough
he’s making me cream, I’m making him swear
he’s squeezing my throat, he’s pulling my hair

I’m begging for more, I’m giving him sass
he’s growling a warning, he’s slapping my ass
he’s pushing me over, I’m losing control
he’s filling me up, he’s making me whole

I can’t tell him why I need this scene
he wont understand how he makes me feel clean
drenched in his scent, craving his touch
wanting it all but it’s always too much