a little bit smutty


February 2017

I would…

If you were standing before me An invitation in your eyes My breath would quicken My thoughts would race I wound wonder if... If we were thinking the same thoughts If we were wanting the same wants If we were... Continue Reading →

dry spell

Arid. What a beautifully apt word for the state of my mind right now. If my mind were a landscape, it would be a desert with mounded dunes concealing... all. The next chapter, the next episode, all there, waiting to... Continue Reading →

a little cream

the keys blur my words slur as I apologise for what I didn't... so sorry I didn't love you any more so sorry I didn't say no loud enough so sorry I didn't pretend I was okay I take another... Continue Reading →

Wouldn’t it be nice… (Jay & Dee)

Jay had turned me to mush. My body, my mind. My mouth. Three orgasms in thirty minutes would do that to a person I guessed, make them accidentally vocalise their thoughts. At least I hadn't professed my love I thought... Continue Reading →

pj party redux (Jay & Dee)(smutty)

When Dee asked me to stay the night I doubt she expected this. "I can't," she panted as I shifted my hips, grinding against her clit with every deep thrust. "Jay please," she begged, but I had no mercy in... Continue Reading →

happy valentine’s day

it's Valentine's Day so shout hooray think of your honey spend lots of money chocolate and flowers they'll love you for hours you know it's worth it they really deserve it add a hallmark card to show your regard you... Continue Reading →

pj party (Jay & Dee)

Maybe I was changing. I couldn't believe I had actually said that to Tam and Adrian. Who was I trying to fool? For me to change, I'd have to get over Jay. "So everything is moving right along," Trent said... Continue Reading →

Moving On Redux (Lily & Tyler)

Rain lashed the bus stop as I huddled in the corner, mostly dry. It was a miserable night which matched my mood perfectly. I was miserable, had been miserable for days. Sunday had been bad but that hadn't been the... Continue Reading →

drinks with friends (Jay & Dee)

"What about him Dee?" "Hmmm?" I wasn't really eavesdropping. I just happened to be sitting close enough to hear the conversation. I was at a table with Mitch and Ben while behind us, Adrian and Tammy were sitting with Dee.... Continue Reading →

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