It’s the sound of your voice
It’s the flash of your grin
It’s the look in your eyes
Makes me want to sin
Want to touch your body
Want to taste your sweat
Want to do bad things
You’ll never forget
You look at me
Like I look you
A fantasy fuck
That can never come true
Every time we talk
Got to keep it clean
Can’t say the things
I really mean
We smile and hug
Heart starts to race
Do you see the desire
When you look in my face
Do you hold me too long
Do you squeeze me too tight
Do you think about me
When you’re alone at night
I’m picturing you
Hands start to roam
Imagine me there
You’re not alone
Will you say my name
Will you be so flirty
Turning me on
Talking so dirty
My secret crush
You’ll never know
When I think about you
Just how far I’ll go
I’m staring at your mouth
Time to walk away
Going home alone
Alone I’ll play
Thoughts of you
A phantom touch
Imaginary lover
I can’t get enough
Do you want to know more
Do you want to hear how
Do you want me to tell you
I need you now…