it’s Valentine’s Day
so shout hooray
think of your honey
spend lots of money
chocolate and flowers
they’ll love you for hours
you know it’s worth it
they really deserve it
add a hallmark card
to show your regard
you know what’s next
some valentine’s sex
forget about kinky
you deserve hinky

in all seriousness
use a little finesse
a gentle kiss
just can’t miss
or a delicate bite
could cause delight
an excellent start
to win a heart
or a step in the dance
to get in their pants
or under their dress
with a stealthy caress
now we’re back to the kink
don’t try to think
just follow my lead
I’ve got what you need

panties down
your knees on the ground
she’s against the door
begging for more
suck and lick
baby flick flick flick
then try your luck
it’s time to fuck
slow and dirty
or quick and flirty
find your pace
then lose the race

happy valentine’s day
hope you got your way