When Dee asked me to stay the night I doubt she expected this.

“I can’t,” she panted as I shifted my hips, grinding against her clit with every deep thrust. “Jay please,” she begged, but I had no mercy in me.

Seeing her leave with another man had flipped a switch in me. I’d walked away from the woman I’d been talking to with a brief apology, headed outside to do what, I didn’t know, but was just in time to see Dee ride away on the back of a motorbike. So I’d walked to her place to bang on the door, yelled her name. She wasn’t home which was a relief but then not as I had the thought that maybe they’d gone to his place.

But I waited anyway. If we were over, I wanted to know sooner rather than later. And if we weren’t, I wanted to brand her as mine. Two hours I had waited, but at the hour mark I’d pulled my cell out, checked out the posts from Mitch and Adrian, still at the bar, posting pictures. Then Dee had posted a picture of an ice cream sundae and I’d grinned. Ice cream, she’d gone for ice cream. Which was why when she called my name in surprise I looked up with a smile, not a scowl.

She was beautiful, looking confused and a little nervous. She should be. Her hands had been shaking when she tried to open the door and I had pressed close to help. We’d had our little talk, reassured each other we were fine, settled in to watch a movie. Only thing was, I had lied. We weren’t fine, I wasn’t fine. I wanted more than just casual sex, I didn’t just want to blur the lines, I wanted to obliterate them. Her words about wanting more had stayed with me and I didn’t buy her excuse, not for a minute.

So while the movie played, so did I. I’d slid my hand inside her pants and between her legs. She’d jumped and laughed nervously and I’d whispered “Relax,” against her ear and brushed my lips against her oh so sensitive neck. “Just watch the movie,” I instructed and she eventually relaxed. I could feel her heat through the silky panties she wore, could see her nipples, hard little buds against the soft cotton tshirt. Occasionally I moved my hand, petting her gently as those panties got wetter and wetter.

I loved the way her body responded to me. The shivers when I brushed my stubble against her neck, the squeeze of her thighs around my hand, the way her head turned towards me when I brushed a kiss at the edge of her mouth. The way she spread for me when I slipped my hand into her panties. The way she moaned into my mouth when she came on my fingers. The way she grabbed my hair when I made her do it all over again with my tongue.

And now, the way she rolled her hips, trying to get me to give her what she wanted. Harder, faster. Not yet though, I wanted more from her.

“I want more,” I said, my voice harsh as I dragged my cock slowly out of her tight, wet, heat then slammed home again.

“Yes please,” she panted but I knew she didn’t understand.

“No baby.” I pinned her with my hips, braced myself on my elbows over her and cupped her face. Her eyes were dazed,  her lips swollen.

“Jay,” she protested with a groan and an internal clench that had me groaning.

“Dee, I want more than this,” I gritted as she worked me ruthlessly.

“Yes, more,” she agreed with another hot pulse.

“Baby… I want…” One hot slide, I couldn’t resist. She felt so good, so hot and tight, so mine. I gave her what she wanted, hard and deep. “More,” I said as I thrust home. “More.” It was all I could think, my usual dirty talk lost. I wanted to tell her how good she was with her hands stretched out over her head, how hot and tight her pussy was, how sweet her lips were. “More.” I grunted as I slammed my hips against hers.

“More,” she echoed and even though I knew she wasn’t really agreeing with what I wanted, it set me off. I fucked her hard until she came on my cock, then I pulled out and braced myself over her with one hand, while with the other I fisted my cock, sticky with her juices.

I was so close it only took two rough strokes before I came, spilling my load all over her pussy and stomach, marking her as mine, before I collapsed beside her on the bed.

“Wow,” she breathed out shakily after a minute and I turned my head to see her with her eyes closed, a smile on her face. So, good wow. “That was…”

Her words trailed off into a sigh and I wondered what she was going to say. Intense, hot, dirty, all of the above? How could I tell her this was what I wanted? Not just the casual friends with benefits fucking we’d been doing until now. I wanted to spend hours in bed with her. Wanted to do lots of dirty things to her and with her. Then I wanted to take her to dinner, on picnics, on dates.

Her low laugh interrupted my thoughts and she said, “Geez Jay, if that’s the boyfriend experience, sign me up.”