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March 2017

wish you were here

Would I... Would you... Could we? If fortune smiled upon us, could we find a way? Could you mend my broken heart? Could I find your lost soul? Don't want to be comfortably numb anymore.

drink to forget

Some days I wish there was an elixir that would make you forget about me. Then I wouldn't have to wonder if I was ever going to hear from you again. My heart full of hope could deflate. And any... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 14

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher What did I want? What did I want? Images flashed through my mind, West smirking at me as he'd flirted that first night, West frowning at me as I'd walked out of his home... Continue Reading →

Words are meaningless

Words are meaningless. We can't and we shouldn't are wasted when you're hard in my hand and I'm wet in yours. You say don't as you thrust and grind, whisper stop as you penetrate. We both know it's wrong, is... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 13

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher I walked through to the kitchen where I'd left a light on, the dim illumination enough to guide us past the bulky shadows of furniture. My house was similar in size to West's but... Continue Reading →

Flying Solo

today started as most days do lying in bed thinking of you a symptom of my obsession I guess so I did that thing that I do best

Hot Teacher 12

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher A week after Cheryl and I had a drink and a chat with Gina and Gigi I had another meeting with the 'Concert Squad'. This one took place at Nic's house though and I... Continue Reading →


In my dream last night, we were sitting too close to be merely friends. You had your body turned to the side, your legs wide so you knees bracketed my chair. One arm draped along the back of the chair,... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 11

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 6)(rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I woke surrounded by heat. A hard body against my back, a muscled arm draped over my waist. I think I sighed, heard a murmur in reply.... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 10

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher "This is the place." I looked at Cheryl who was all but bouncing with excitement as we stopped outside the noisy bar. "I'm not sure about this," I said nervously. What had seemed like... Continue Reading →

You Never Did

I never asked to be your everything I never asked you for anything But you gave and I took Was it so wrong to want your desire Was it so wrong to feed your fire With the ashes of his... Continue Reading →

Sex o’clock

"Do you know what my favourite time is?" I look over at her, she's on her e-reader. "Hmm? What time?" She doesn't even look at me. "Sex o'clock," I say seriously. "Is that because it's dinner time?" she answers absently.... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 9

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 5)… “Tell me,” he said again. “Let me make you come.” Tell him what? I couldn't think, I just wanted him to move. "West please," I breathed and used my internal... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 8

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher For about the millionth time I regretted agreeing to meet West at his house to talk. In the heat of the moment, amid the flurry of text exchanges it had seemed reasonable. It still... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 7

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher The following week I was back at school for the first meeting of the 'Concert Squad' as it had been labelled. Apparently it was all about squads these days or so Violet had told... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 6

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher "Sascha?" Nic's voice dragged me back to the present and I wondered how long I'd been standing there thinking about West. "Are you okay?" she frowned. "You look-" "Fine, I'm fine," I interrupted not... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 5

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 4)… "More what Sascha?" His eyes dropped from mine as he licked his lips. "More of me sucking your tits, or more of my cock in your mouth?" A strangled laugh... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 4

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 3)… Was that what I wanted? My lust hazed mind yelled a resounding 'yes' but I was more than just my urges. Sure, if I was counting the time since my... Continue Reading →

I wish redux

I wish I could speak to you With the brush of my skin With the touch of my lips I wish I could make you feel The rush of my blood The shiver of awareness I wish I could hold... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 3

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 2)… After the toast Nic leaned her elbows on the table, a serious expression on her face. "So it was a pretty normal meeting," she said and I realised she was... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 2

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 1)... "Eat up you lot," West said as he picked up a napkin and a piece of chicken for himself. The conversation died down as everyone followed orders so I did... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher

The first time I saw him was at a Parent Council meeting. I was there for a couple of reasons; first, I had nowhere else I needed to be, and second, I wanted to know what was happening at my... Continue Reading →

First Date (Plan A) (Jay & Dee)

"Would you like to see the dessert menu?" The look of surprise on the waiters face, the way he fumbled the menus when Jay said, "No thanks," was almost funny. Like this whole evening really. We had started at awkward... Continue Reading →


Still thinking those thoughts Still crushing my crush Not looking your way I just can’t trust My eyes not to roam My fingers to twitch Aching to touch Do all that I wish A secret desire A forbidden lust I... Continue Reading →

wouldn’t it be nice redux (Jay & Dee)

Anger propelled me out of Dee's apartment and to the stairs where I stopped and sat down. What the hell had happened? How had we gone from an amazing night where I would have sworn we had connected emotionally to...... Continue Reading →

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