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That night (part 1)…

“Eat up you lot,” West said as he picked up a napkin and a piece of chicken for himself.

The conversation died down as everyone followed orders so I did too, helping myself to a couple of wedges.

“The wings are really good Sascha. Or do you prefer Mrs Quinn?”

“There’s really no hiding that I’m Violet’s mother is there?”

“Nope.” West paused to wipe his fingers, his eyes narrowed in contemplation. “The hair is a bit of a give away.”

“Mmm,” I agreed with a smirk since seeing a resemblance in our dark red hair was a bit of a no brainer.

“Also the shape of your eyes and nose, though her jaw line  is softer,” he added to my surprise. Most people just focused on the hair. My surprise must have shown as he smiled with one side of his mouth as he reached for more food. “I’m an artist, I notice these things. Mrs Quinn.”

“Sascha is fine,” I said as I shook my head at his offer of chicken. “Or Ms Quinn if you like.”

“Ah, the ambiguous Ms,” he said, his voice pitched low. “Fostering mystery.”

“Not really.” I shrugged and sipped the beer that was going down all too easily. “Going from Mrs to Miss just felt wrong but I wanted to keep the name for Violet.”

West nodded to acknowledge my comment but didn’t say any more and I somehow felt dismissed from his attention. With an internal shrug I helped myself to more wedges, a small attempt at soaking up the alcohol, and looked around the table.

They seemed a nice group and I felt glad that I had made the effort to go to the Council meeting, then accepted Nic’s overture. I wasn’t exactly a loner but I had only a couple of close friends, my time and attention usually belonged to Violet or my job. I was slightly embarrassed that I had let Simon be the involved parent at school though I had justified it to myself since I was the involved one when it came to her soccer games and dance lessons. Still, I should have made an effort beyond attending the annual concert.

“You look lost in thought?” Nic nudged me with her elbow and I nodded.

“Just thinking I should have done this sooner.”

“Drink coffee beer you mean?”

“Well that too,” I agreed with a smile. “But school stuff, being involved.”

“Ahh.” She nodded. “Maybe you just had to wait until now to meet me,” she joked.

“Maybe,” I agreed and let my guilt go for now.

“Better drink up.” Nic tapped my half full glass. “Mr Parker is on the way with a fresh round.”

“Oh. I was just going to have the one.” I wasn’t a big drinker and since I hadn’t really eaten, was feeling the effects of the one I still hadn’t finished.

“Two wont hurt you. Plus, I need you to loosen up so I can ask you some prying personal questions,” she professed and I snorted in a very unladylike way.

“I get the feeling you’ll ask them regardless of how many drinks I’ve had.”

A light laugh rang out and I turned slightly to see Gigi leaning over West laughing.”She’s nailed you Nic,” Gigi said cheerfully. “Mrs Subtle you are not.”

“I might not be subtle but at least I bought her a drink before I asked anything,” Nic grumped with a pout.

“Well I didn’t but I’m still going to be nosey,” Gigi declared then fluttered her eyelashes at me. “I heard you tell Mr Austen you were a Ms not a Mrs. Does that mean Violet’s dad is single?”

“Gigi!” Nic admonished shooting me an apologetic look.

“Wow. That wasn’t a question I expected,” I said bemused. “But no, sorry. Simon’s seeing someone.”

Gigi muttered something that sounded like ‘typical’ as she sat back in her chair and Nic apologised for her.

“It’s fine Nic,” I assured her with a dismissive wave of my hand.

“So your split is amicable then?”

I nodded in answer since I’d just bitten a wedge then nearly choked on it when she then asked, “Does that mean Violet’s mother is single?”

I coughed and took a sip of my beer to wash the food down. It wasn’t that the question was that surprising, it was the way she laid her hand on my knee as she asked that was the surprise. My watering eyes looked behind her to where her husband was watching us with a smirk on his face.

I needed another sip then as my mind raced and I wondered exactly what I’d walked into. Open marriages, swingers, Doms and subs, every dirty thing I’d ever heard of raced through my mind and I knew if I hadn’t been red in the face from coughing, I would have been blushing. I had no idea how to respond either. I was pretty firmly planted in the hetero monogamous relationship type camp, even if I hadn’t been in one for a while, and being invited into a threesome wasn’t something I’d ever had to handle before.

What was appropriate? Gee thanks but I only like cock. You’re a lovely couple but I don’t want to have sex with you though I’m fine with you having sex with other people if that’s your thing.

Before I could open my mouth to respond Nic threw her head back and laughed. “Oh my god, your face Sascha!” she cackled.

“You!” I was lost for words so I settled for a hard glare as I slumped back in my seat in relief.

“Your face,” she gasped between bouts of laughter so I wadded up my napkin and threw it at her.

“So I take it that’s a no to a threesome then?”

His voice sent a shiver up my spine and when I turned my head slightly to meet his amused gaze my mouth went dry. I didn’t know if it was the crooked smile, the heat in his eyes, or the fact he’d just said ‘threesome’, but I was insanely aware of him, his closeness, the musky scent of him. I’d done my best to not be aware of him because how stupid would it be to get hung up on a teacher at my child’s school? And I could and did shut out the little voice that pointed out he wasn’t her teacher.

I pretended to ruminate for a moment until I regained the power of speech. “Well Nic’s blown her chances now,” I finally said with another glare at her as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“I’m still not hearing no,” West said low enough that I was pretty sure only I heard him.

I could fight my natural instinct to turn and engage him in conversation or I could just give in. I hesitated after the way he hadn’t seemed interested in talking earlier, wondering if he’d just turn away after I replied. I couldn’t resist his lure though and I thought, why not enjoy the view and exchange a few one liners. What’s the harm?

“I would guess that’s a normal thing for you.” I tilted my head towards him to find his eyes on me still.

“I’m not sure if you think that’s a bad thing or not.”

I lifted my glass to stall for a few seconds and realised it was empty so I leaned forward and placed it on the table. As I sat back I angled my body towards him and said, “Oh it’s very very bad. If you always get what you want, where’s the challenge, the thrill of the chase?”

“I can create plenty of thrills without a chase,” West said with a shrug of his shoulders.

I bit my lip as I wondered what that would look like without a shirt and whispered to myself, “I bet you can.”


My eyes jerked up to his, noting his smirk on the way past. Had he heard me? “I said, talk is cheap,” I lied with my own smirk.

“Careful Ms Quinn, I might take that as a challenge.”

I opened my eyes wide in mock shock and said, “Oh, are you one of those men that can’t resist a challenge or a dare? Compensating for…” I let my eyes take a slow tour down his chest. “Something.”

“Are you one of those women that like to poke the tiger?” he shot back.

“Tiger?” I narrowed my eyes and pursed my lips. “Looks more like an inside cat to me. Fed and pampered and lost his killer instinct.”

Our eyes locked for a long hot moment then his eyes flicked away and back and he said a quiet, “Meow,” and winked then looked away.

“Hey, where’s your drink, we need to toast,” Nic’s voice coincided with a fresh beer being pushed into my hand and I realised West had seen her picking up the glass.

I felt like I was emerging from a dream as my fingers wrapped around the cold glass. I could blame the alcohol for giving me a bit of dutch courage but I had to own the actual words I had said. The way I had taunted him. What was I hoping to achieve? Sure, flirting with the hot teacher had made me feel good in the moment but afterwards? I was left alone and lonely since that was the state of my life right now. I could admit that I was attracted to him all I wanted but to what end? I needed to put all my dirty thoughts of him away, and just enjoy the view when I saw him around school. Right?

Tonight had been about getting involved at school and as a bonus I’d met these nice people. The fact that one of them was the hot teacher I’d crushed on before I even knew his name didn’t matter. The connections I was making right now did though. So I lifted my glass and tapped it to Nic’s as  I toasted, “To new friends.”

Nic echoed my sentiment then John was holding out his glass and so it went around the table until I got to West. Mr Austen I reminded myself. He lifted his glass to mine and gently tapped as I repeated my toast.

He waited until I was taking a sip to speak, leaning in to say, “Just so we’re clear, it’s not friendship I want from you Ms Quinn. And I always get what I want.”

His arrogance should have annoyed me, the way he raked his eyes down my body should have had me glaring at him, but the truth was it turned me on. The confidence in his voice, the eye fuck, the casual way he delivered his promise. I lowered my glass as his eyes met mine. I licked the moisture from my lips slowly and his eyes dropped to my mouth and I felt powerful and sexy and brave.

So I said, “Careful Mr Austen, I might take that as a challenge.”

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