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That night (part 2)…

After the toast Nic leaned her elbows on the table, a serious expression on her face.

“So it was a pretty normal meeting,” she said and I realised she was talking about the Parent Council meeting. “No surprises and we’ve organised volunteers for the sports day and to help you out for the concert West.”

He nodded and I felt a flutter of excitement in my stomach. I had signed up to help with the concert preparations, did that mean I would see more of him?

“This will all be in the minutes,” Nic added then told them a few other things that had happened. She finished with, “So we have good numbers but there was no challenge to the president so Marcy is still in charge.”

Gigi groaned and Mr Parker didn’t look to happy about it either and to my side West swore under his breath.

“Why didn’t you stand for president Nic?” Gigi said with a glare.

“I don’t have time for that,” Nic said dismissively. “Besides, Marcy gets the job done, she’s fine.”

With that the conversation changed again and I chatted with Nic and John and even with Gigi a little when she and West swapped seats so he could talk to the person beside Gigi. All too soon it seemed Nic called out to the table in general, “Anyway kids, we need to get going.”

I looked at my nearly full beer as Nic looked at me expectantly. I could finish it quickly, or I was having a nice time so… “I might stay a bit longer.”

Nic and John took their leave as did most of the others until I was left with the teachers; Miss Green, Miss Sullivan, Mr Parker, and Mr Austen. Or Gina, Gigi, Robert, and West. I felt completely out of place of course, I didn’t know these people and while they had been friendly in Nic’s presence there was an uncomfortable aura around us now. I sipped my beer and wondered if I should just leave or at least move to another table.

“Think I’m going to call it,” West said after a minute of awkward silence. “Night all.”

He stood up and without a look in my direction or a polite ‘nice to meet you’ he left too.

The dregs of my good mood evaporated then, the excitement I’d felt flirting with West replaced by embarrassment and a bit of confusion. Was I that badly out of touch in the dating world that I couldn’t recognise when someone was genuinely interested in me? I took another mouthful of beer, eager now to go home myself.

“Well I’m tapped out,” Gigi announced as she thumped her empty wine glass down.

“Don’t look at me ,” Mr Parker, Robert said with a slight sneer. “I already bought a round.”

From across the table Miss Green was looking at me expectantly, her fingers toying with her empty glass. I guessed it was my shout. I pushed my chair back slightly as I stood and said, “I’ll get it.” I took my drink with me to the bar, determined to finish it while I waited to be served then I’d deliver their drinks and leave.

The beer didn’t taste as good as it had earlier, leaving a faint sour taste in my mouth. I knew it was because of the way the teachers had looked at me, like I was an outsider and I owed them something. I didn’t have an issue buying a round of drinks but I knew what Miss Green had been thinking. In her mind, I lived in a good neighbourhood and I could afford to send my child to a good school, so I could afford to buy a few drinks.

A cheerful “Hey,” from beside me didn’t really surprise me. “You didn’t ask what we wanted, ” Miss Green said with a fake smile. “So I came to help you out.”

“Oh. Sure, thanks,” I said, not bothering to point out that I had heard their drink order earlier, because I knew what was going on. I could be a bitch about it or a good sport.

A space opened up at the bar and Miss Green stepped up beside me and started ordering before the bar tender could offer to help. “Three Jagerbombs and can we get some wings and wedges too. What about you Ms Quinn?” she turned to me with a smirk, daring me to protest.

I tipped back my glass and finished my drink then shook my head. “I’m good thanks.” I passed the bartender my credit card and he moved away to ring the order through.

“Oh, you’re not staying?” She almost sounded sincerely disappointed but her eyes were cold.

I took my card back and shoved it into my pocket then said, “No, I’m not. Enjoy your drinks.”

I didn’t wait for a thank you that I knew wouldn’t come, just turned towards the door and headed outside. The night was cool but refreshing as I took a couple of steps away from the door and looked down at my cell, ready to organise my trip home. I tapped in my security code nearly dropped the thing as two twenty dollar notes appeared on the screen.

My head jerked up to find West glaring at me, his hands on his hips, his body radiating tension.

“What?” I asked with a frown, grabbing the money and holding it between us.

“You didn’t need to pay for their drinks,” he said with a snarl and another glare.

I shook my head, confused by his reaction. “Did I do something wrong? I hadn’t bought a round so…” I trailed off with a shrug.

“A round would have been fine. They were taking advantage,” he bit out, shoving a finger into the air in the direction of the bar.

He was right, they had been. Maybe I should have been a bitch about it but I’d thought it was easier to just go along, maybe foster a bit of goodwill in the parent/teacher world.

“Christ Sascha, you can’t let them do that shit.” He shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. “What am I going to do with you woman,” he said half under his breath.

My mind raced, spitting out suggestions but I didn’t say anything, his hot and cold routine from earlier in the night fresh in my mind. The silence stretched between us as I stood there with the money in one hand and my cell in the other as he stared at me and I stared right back, awareness building. At least in my mind.

Finally I said, “I thought you had left,” just to break the tension.

As I spoke his eyes dropped and he lifted a hand to his mouth, stroking his plump lower lip with his thumb. “No. I was waiting for you,” he said, his voice low and slightly muffled by his hand.

“Why?” I asked and his eyes lifted to mine as he smirked.

“Why do you think?”

I looked at him standing before me, a wall of temptation. His chest and shoulders well defined by his shirt. his jeans showing a flat stomach and strong thighs. He was tall and hard and hot and totally out of my league and I wondered if this was all a game for him.

I sighed, feeling tired and confused, the beer buzz long gone. Reminding myself I wasn’t some nervous young girl I asked, “What do you want West?”

“What any man wants,” he shot back and his eyes dropped down my body in an obvious message.

I knew what I looked like, knew what he saw. A woman with wild red hair and a few too many curves. I loved food too much to be a skinny model type and I had never been the type to dress to hide my body. My jeans hugged my thighs and butt even though there were labelled a loose fit, and the tank I wore under a light knit cardigan was more form fitting than not. I wasn’t dressed provocatively but neither was I hiding my light under a bushel as the saying went.

I huffed an annoyed laugh and stood up straighter then, letting my anger towards his friends and annoyance at how this night had ended ring through I said, “A night of no strings, no holds, anonymous sex then?”

That had his eyes leaping to meet mine and I thought I saw a hint or surprise before he blinked. “Is that so different to what you want Ms Quinn?” he asked sardonically.

Well, the no hold sex sounded good but no, I didn’t do anonymous one night stands. But for a moment I wondered what would happen if I said yes, pictured the look of shock on his face at his bluff being called. Then I could turn and walk away, leave him feeling as confused as I had been earlier when he’d told me he didn’t want to be my friend then ignored me. Could I do it?

I pursed my lips and gave him a quick once over then shrugged. “Isn’t that what we all want Mr Austen.”

He lifted a hand to rub over his mouth and shook his head, seemingly speechless and I took that as my cue to leave. I stepped by him, my shoulder brushing against his arm then I let myself grin but it only lasted a moment as his hand grabbed my arm and I felt the heat of his body against my back.

“Are you drunk?”

His breath whispered across my ear and I shook my head.

“Are you sure?”

My pulse pounded, I could hear the blood rushing through my veins as his lips brushed against my ear lobe. “Yes.” Was that my breathy voice? “Do you want me to walk in a straight line?” I taunted him, turning my head so we were almost nose to nose.

“Just want to be sure there’ll be no drunken regrets later.”

“Later?” I repeated my eyes locked on his, studying the golden striations I hadn’t seen earlier.

“Later. After I’ve taken you home and fucked you,” he murmured and whatever response I would have made was lost as his eyes closed and he tilted his head and kissed me.

Kiss seems such a trite word though. He owned my mouth, starting with a gentle rubbing of our lips, then his tongue touched the corner of my mouth, the middle of my lower lip, his teeth gently clamped on my lower lip and when I gasped his tongue slid inside and slowly explored.

He didn’t move to lock me against his body, my head was twisted to the side as he stood behind me, the only places we touched were our mouths and his hand on my arm. Eventually we had to breath and he lifted his head, both of us panting a little as we stayed in the same position.

“What do you say Ms Quinn,” he asked, his voice husky. “Is that what you want?”

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