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That night (part 4)…

“More what Sascha?” His eyes dropped from mine as he licked his lips. “More of me sucking your tits, or more of my cock in your mouth?”

A strangled laugh escaped me as my face heated at his words and his eyes leaped back to mine. A grin took over his face and he slid his hands around to my back and pulled me against his chest, my hands finding a similar resting place on his back. The contact was incredible, his chest a hot wall of muscle that I happily leaned into. I rested my cheek against him and let my eyes close as his hands slowly stroked up my back to squeeze me shoulders and neck in a gentle massage then back down brushing the edge of my jeans.

“So you’re not the vocal type then?” his voice was low and teasing, his hands seductive as they moved up to my neck and shoulders again, the downward trip ending with him cupping my butt, squeezing and massaging my ass cheeks.

That was new to me though strangely arousing. His hands, his scent, the heat and weight of his cock pressed between us, and his smooth skin under my hands, was almost overwhelming. Yet I still wanted more.

“I don’t really know how,” I admitted against his chest.

“It’s easy, just say what you want,” he assured me in a low rasp as his hands moved again, sliding up to  my neck, applying subtle pressure until I lifted my head. “Like this, I want to kiss you.”

His eyes dropped to my mouth as I licked my lips thinking ‘yes please’ but I could only nod.

“No, no,” he chided and squeezed my neck gently. “Say it.”

I could totally say that. “I want you to kiss me.”

He leaned down and brushed his lips over mine then moved back. “Like that?” he taunted, a knowing gleam in his eyes.

I shook my head. “More.”

Another light caress and I made a sound of frustration that had him smirking. “Do you want my tongue in your mouth, is that it?”

“Yes,” I said in relief then his mouth was on mine. Our teeth clashed, our tongues tangled, and I was vaguely aware of him moving us, my feet moving automatically at his urging.

He broke the kiss to forge a trail to my ear, pressed his lips to my neck and murmured, “Where else.”

“Where else?” I repeated breathlessly as I raked my hands up his back to slide into the cool silk of hair.

“Where else do you want my tongue Sash?” he prompted as we came to a stop. I opened my eyes and realised he’d walked us into his bedroom as we stood beside a king size bed with a dark blue comforter covering it.

My mind stuttered as if seeing the bed made what I was doing, what we were doing, suddenly real. I was about to have sex with a stranger. “I ah,” I stammered. What had he asked?

“Here?” West’s hand slid down my back and over the curve of my behind to cup between my legs. “Do you want my tongue here?”

I really did! I wanted to feel his stubble against my thighs, his lips and tongue against my pussy, but I was wet, almost embarrassingly so. Instead, I reached between us and he sucked in his breath as I gripped his cock. “I want this,” I said breathlessly and a moment later I was on my back on the bed.

I pushed up onto my elbows and watched as West shoved his jeans and underwear down and kicked them aside. He must have taken his shoes off at the same time as his shirt because he was naked then and he watched me as he stepped closer until his legs were pressing against mine where they dangled over the side of the bed. He dropped to his knees and I felt a hand wrap around my ankle then he was pulling my shoe off and tossing it to the side. He repeated the process with the other foot then his hands were at my waist making short work of opening my jeans.

His fingers hooked into the sides and I lifted my hips as he stood and stripped me, and the whole time his eyes were on mine. They didn’t flicker down for even an instant and I wondered why he wasn’t checking me out. I’d certainly looked my fill at his body. I heard a crinkling sound and my gaze jumped to his hands then back to his face.

He didn’t look down as he rolled the condom on, didn’t look away from me at all and there was such heat in his eyes that any doubts, any insecurities I was feeling about my body melted away. He moved forward, his knees nudging between mine, his hands hot on the skin at my waist as he pushed me back, then he was kneeling between my thighs, bracing one hand on the bed at my side as his other lifted to my face.

He stroked my lips, down to my neck,  his hand turned and his knuckles skated over my breast, he traced a languid circle around my navel, then his hand turned again and slid lower. I gasped and tried to clamp my legs together reflexively but only ended up pressing my legs to his as he made what I can only describe as a purring sound.

“Hmmm, so hot and wet for me,” he said approvingly as the pads of his fingers slid over my outer lips, that wetness he’d mentioned making it easy for him. Then one finger slid up and found my clitoris and my fingers clenched in the fabric beneath me. He circled that over sensitive nub just once and I couldn’t stifle my groan then or a moment later when he probed my entrance. My hips lifted into his touch and my eyes closed so I could take in every sensation.

“Fuck. So tight,” his voice was guttural as he moved his finger in and out a few times then he withdrew and dragged his finger back up. Another circle around my clit then another penetration, two fingers I realised as I felt the slight stretch.

“So pretty,” he muttered and my eyes opened slowly to find West’s head had dropped forward as he looked down my body. He was watching himself touch me and it was so hot I felt my pussy spasm, clamping down on his fingers. “Oh you like that?” He looked up at me as his fingers did a slow slide and his thumb brushed my clit teasingly.

I couldn’t speak, could only nod and push against his hand to try to let him know I wanted more, deeper, harder.

He licked his lips and looked down again as his fingers and thumb kept up that steady pattern of slide and rub, not deep enough, not hard enough, just… teasing.

“You feel so good Sascha, can’t wait to feel this pussy wrapped around my cock,” he praised and I cried out as I arched into his hand, an orgasm rocketing through me, leaving me gasping and light-headed.

I blinked lazily at the white ceiling, blinked again and West’s face came into focus above me, the tension in his body in direct contrast to the easy smile on his face.

“Hey,” he said softly, sliding a hand into the hair at my temple, tugging slightly until my neck arched.

“Hey,” I echoed back and it was like my brain was rebooting, sensation returning with the light sting as he pulled my hair. I became aware of his chest hovering over me, the breadth of his shoulders, felt the heat of his thighs against mine, the press of his hips, then his cock, between my legs, lodged at my entrance.

Then there was pressure as he flexed his hips and my eyes fluttered closed at the exquisite pleasure of penetration. He took me in one slow thrust and by the time we were pressed together, pelvis to pelvis we were both panting.

“Sascha, open your eyes.” His voice was low and strained but full of demand and I opened my eyes for him. “That’s it,” he said. “I want to see your eyes while I fuck you.”

It was his words, his voice, that had me clenching on his hard length. He laughed, a low ragged laugh even as I felt his cock flex inside me. “You fucking love it when I talk dirty to you.” He licked his lips and said, “Put your arms over your head, I want you all stretched out for me. I want to be able to suck your tits while I pound your pussy.”

He paused and I lifted my arms, crossing them at the wrists, aware that it arched my back. He dropped his head and licked one nipple and then the other and I tried to push my breast into his mouth. His eyes on mine he traced his tongue teasingly over my skin.

“Tell me you want me to suck it,” he growled and I made an incoherent sound of frustration.

“Tell me,” he prompted. “Then I’ll suck it, then I’m going to fuck you and after you’ve come on my cock and drained me dry I’m going to suck your clit and fuck you with my fingers until you come again. Then we’re going to swap places and I’m going to lay back and watch you ride me, watch your pussy slide up and down, watch you play with yourself while you ride me until you come again.”

I groaned and arched up, wanting his mouth on me, wanting him to fuck me just as he’d described. I just had to say two words and he would do it all. I bucked my hips against his and got the smallest amount of friction before he pinned me to the bed.

“Tell me,” he said again. “Let me make you come.”

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