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That night (part 5)…

“Tell me,” he said again. “Let me make you come.”

Tell him what? I couldn’t think, I just wanted him to move. “West please,” I breathed and used my internal muscles to try to urge him on.

“Sonovabitch do that again,” he said on a groan as I did, then I did it a few times more, thankful for all the Kegel exercises I’d ever done.

“Like that?” I asked teasingly as he held himself over me, a ragged grin twisting his lips up.

“Fuck yes,” he said and he lowered himself onto me, his hands cupped my face, his hips pushed my legs wider, his chest crushed my breasts. Then his mouth was on mine, his tongue stroked inside languidly as he finally moved. He pulled out then slammed home hard and fast then did it again and again as he kissed me slow and deep.

I groaned and my hands flexed, wanting to touch him, wanting to hold him closer, and as if he knew he reached up and clamped a hand on my wrists, holding me in place.

He lifted his head and we locked eyes as he started to pick up the pace. His free hand gripped my hip then slid lower to grip my butt and lift me into his thrusts so I braced my heels on the bed and tried to match his rapid rhythm. Then he started to talk again, a stream of dirty words that made my pussy pulse, another shattering orgasm hovered right there.

“That’s it, fuck me back sexy, you’re so fucking tight, squeeze my cock,” he said, his breathing erratic. Then, “So hot and wet Sascha, hear that, hear me fucking your pussy.”

A moan escaped me at his words and a vague idea formed in my mind. I was about to lose control and he could still think, still talk? I wanted him to lose it too. I lifted my knees towards my chest and dropped them to the bed, opening myself as wide as I could for his hard thrusts.

He groaned and his next thrust pushed me up the bed a little bit.

“I want to touch,” I broke off on a gasp as he did it again then his hand released my wrists as both of his clamped onto my hips squeezing tight.

“Ah fuck, I’m gonna come,” he muttered and his eyes dropped. “Touch yourself Sascha, rub your clit, I want this pretty pussy to come on my cock.”

“Oh please,” was all I could manage as I did exactly what he said, my pussy convulsing and pulsing as I arched up with a hoarse cry then collapsed, breathing brokenly.

“Yes,” West hissed as he thrust erratically then I felt his cock swell and flex as he shoved deep and stopped. His body shuddered and he swore under his breath, a litany of fucks that faded into gasping breaths that matched mine as he came down on top of me.

He nuzzled his face against my neck, his stubbled jaw scraping in all the right ways and another tremor shook me Then he opened his mouth and bit me and I convulsed around his still hard cock even as I shoved at his shoulders and tried to get out from under him.

“Too much,” I gasped and he growled but lifted his head to smirk down at me before he lifted away and climbed off the bed.

I turned my head to watch him walk through a door, heard water run so guessed it was a bathroom. I let my eyes close, thinking that I needed to get up and go, then I shrieked and nearly leaped off the bed as I felt something cool and rough between my legs.

“Relax,” West said with a husky laugh as he efficiently cleaned me up then, still naked, crossed back to the bathroom.

The man had no shame and as I admired the play of muscles in his back I could see why. But now that the haze of passion was fading, I wasn’t so relaxed about my own nudity so I slid off the bed and reached for my jeans only to have them slide out of reach.

“What are you doing?”

I looked up at West’s curious smile and shrugged, trying to act as casual as he was. “Getting dressed and going home?”

He frowned and folded my jeans neatly. “I don’t think we’re done yet, do you?”


“What do you think Sash? Are they done yet?”

“What?” I jumped and looked around guiltily at my friend and employee Cheryl.

“Done? Shall we box them up?” She pointed at the tray of cupcakes I’d been decorating before I’d let myself get distracted thinking about that night again.

“Yes. Of course,” I said and reached for one of the white boxes she was holding. We boxed the cakes up quickly and took them out to the refrigerated van we used for deliveries.

“Be back soon,” Cheryl said as I tossed the keys to her. I would start cleaning up while she did the deliveries for the day then we were done with that we’d check supplies and our orders for the next day. “When I get back I want to know what had you looking so embarrassed before,” she added then started the engine before I could respond.

“Crap,” I muttered as I stepped back inside and headed for the sink. I was just finishing up when the door opened and I turned to find Cheryl holding a take out tray of coffee and a brown paper bag.

“Come on,” she said in her no-nonsense way. “Time for you tell me what’s had you out of sorts for the last three weeks. Coffee and a BLT as a reward.”

I wiped my hands on a dish towel and walked over to join her at the work bench, sliding onto the stool opposite her. We ate in silence then when the last delicious crumb was consumed I took a sip of coffee and looked at her curiously.

“If you knew, why did you wait until now to ask?”

“You needed time to process but now you’re brooding. Time to spill chick,” she said with a gentle smile.

I had known Cheryl for close to nine years so she knew me well. “I had a one night stand,” I blurted and her mouth dropped open in shock.

“You did not!” she yelled, a mixture of disbelief and hope on her face as she examined mine. “OMG, you did!” she said with a huge grin. “Details, all of them,” she demanded.

I told her the basics, how we had met, his hot and cold behaviour, the amazing sex, the wife/ex-wife drama, and lastly, that he’d wanted to see me again and I’d said no.

“Hmm.” Cheryl nodded and tapped her fingers on the bench. “I can see where him being a teacher at Vi’s school could be awkward later,” she began and I nodded too, glad she got it. “But, you did say he’s not her teacher and you wouldn’t necessarily see him that often right?”

I made a non-committal sound and shrugged.

“Come on Sash, what’s holding you back? The fact that you  even did this… there must be something intense there right? Because I’m pretty sure that’s the first time you’ve even looked at a man since Corey.”

“It is,” I admitted. “And I guess that’s why. I don’t want to go through that again, far easier to just not get involved. Plus, I don’t know…” I sighed as I tried to put words to the vague feelings I had. “At the pub, he was attentive then he ignored me and he didn’t approach me until I was outside. At the time I appreciated that he was being discreet but now I wonder if maybe he just didn’t want to be seen with me.”

There it was, all my insecurities laid bare. That I wasn’t pretty enough or slim enough, or not woman enough.

“I want to slap Corey so hard right now,” Cheryl growled then pointed at me with a glare. “And you!”

I kind of did too so I said nothing in defence of myself.

“I bet he was just being discreet, protecting your reputation,” she defended West and I snorted.

“My reputation? Really?”

“Well it sounded like that other teacher was a bit of a bitch so yes, your reputation chick.”

“Maybe.” I conceded.

“What does your gut instinct tell you?”

“It doesn’t even matter,” I said with a dismissive wave as I stood up to collect our rubbish. “It was weeks ago, I’m sure he’s moved on anyway.”

“You know what you need to do?” she asked as she followed me into the stock room.

“Check supplies, tally the orders,” I said hopefully.

“You need to find out if that’s his thing.”

“What?” I frowned and counted bags of flour.

“Is he the hot teacher who sleeps with the hot single moms or not?”

I groaned and slapped a hand to my forehead. Why hadn’t I thought of that? I knew just the person to ask too!

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