“Do you know what my favourite time is?” I look over at her, she’s on her e-reader.

“Hmm? What time?” She doesn’t even look at me.

“Sex o’clock,” I say seriously.

“Is that because it’s dinner time?” she answers absently.

“Not six o’clock, sex o’clock,” I stress.

“Really?” I swear she isn’t even listening to me.

“Yep, I think it’s that time now.” I slide close to her, glide my hand under the blanket to stroke her leg.

“Well I guess if it’s 5 o’clock somewhere it’s probably sex o’clock somewhere.” She sighs as I move higher, find her hot and wet.

“Feels like it could be. What are you reading?” I want to know what has her this ready, make sure she reads it every single day.

“You know what comes after sex o’clock?” she asks as she places the reader on her bedside table.

“No, tell me.” I have no idea but I’m hoping it involves us both naked.

“Licks thirty.” she grins as she pushes me to my back.

I’m so fucking lucky!