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That night (part 6)(rated S for smutty)(NSFW)…

I woke surrounded by heat. A hard body against my back, a muscled arm draped over my waist. I think I sighed, heard a murmur in reply. For a moment I wondered where I was, then I breathed in his scent and knew. Memories cascaded, from seeing West before the PC meeting, to drinks with Nic and her friends, West flirting then ignoring then flirting then bringing me to his home. Where we had the most amazing, supernova kind of hot, hot sex.

What then? I remembered him folding my jeans, walking out of the room and returning with the rest of my clothes folded over his arm. He’d walked over to a chair in the corner and set them down while I stood next to the bed with my arms crossed over my chest.

“Why don’t you get comfortable,” he said with his back to me. “I’m going to grab a drink. Can I get you something?”

He turned back to face me and my mouth went dry. “Water please,” I said hoarsely and he nodded and walked out. I scrambled to use the bathroom and raced back to the bed to stand there nervously. Which side should I get in? My panicked gaze touched on the bedside table where his cell and a digital clock sat, his side. Seeing his cell made me think of mine and I dashed across to my clothing to find it in my jeans pockets. I checked that it was on and that there were no messages then slid it back in place.

Then it was back to the bed and I wondered if I should get in his side. Would that be presumptuous? Or would I seem distant if I chose the other side? Not wanting him to come back and find me hovering naked and indecisive I split the difference and curled into the middle, pulling the comforter up to my shoulders. I’d felt so nervous laying there that I did a bit of yoga breathing to try to calm myself down.

The next thing I knew I was blinking my eyes open to a dimly lit room, the numbers on the alarm clock told me it was just after five, way too early to be awake. Except doing the walk of shame in the dim pre-dawn light was probably a better option than sleeping for another hour or two and attempting it in broad day light. Plus, wasn’t that how these things were meant to go? Have sex and leave? I couldn’t believe I’d fallen asleep, talk about embarrassing! Now, I just had to get out of bed, tear myself, I mean ease myself away from West’s body and sneak out, I mean leave. I tentatively gripped his wrist to lift it and his arm tightened on my waist and what I could only describe as a growl sounded from behind me.

“Stop wriggling woman,” he mumbled.

So much for sneaking! “I should go,” I whispered.

“Why? You have somewhere you need to be at.” I felt him shift behind me, presumably looking at the time. “Fuck. Five in the morning Sascha?”

“Not really,” I admitted. “I just thought you’d want to be alone.”

“Mmm, nope,” he breathed after a long moment, his hand slid to my hip and then I heard his breathing deepen.

I watched three minutes click over then I shifted forward an inch before West’s voice stopped me.

“If you really want to go I’ll take you,” he spoke in a lazy tone. “But it’d be a pity. I really wanted to fuck  you again, get inside that tight cunt of yours.”

My whole body flushed at his words and that body part he’d spoken so casually about clenched hungrily. All I could manage to say in reply was a hopeful, “Oh.” But I reached back to place my hand on his.

“Wanted to do it last night but you seemed to need the sleep,” he said and I winced in embarrassment, glad he couldn’t see my face.

“Sorry.” My apology ended in a gasp as his hand slipped from beneath mine and arrowed between my thighs, his fingers  brushing my clitoris and sliding over my labia in a teasing caress.

“Mmm, feels like this pussy wants to get fucked Sascha.” He teased me with the tip of his finger, slipping it inside me then pulling it out to stroke up to my clit and rub slow circles over it. “Let’s see,” he rasped and his hand drifted lower. I groaned and shifted to give him better access as he pushed his finger inside me then added a second. “Oh yeah, tight, and hot, and greedy,” he praised.

“More,” I gasped and rocked my hips, torn between wanting to push into his hand or back against his erection, so I tried to do both, gripping his hip to pull him against me at the same time.

“So fucking tight,” he growled as he pumped his fingers slowly in and out. “Maybe you should come before I fuck you, get you all relaxed and juicy. Fuck feel that, feel how wet that made you. I think I could talk you into an orgasm,” he said with a husky laugh.

He probably could but that wasn’t what I wanted. “No,” I protested. “I want…”

“What?” He pulled his fingers out of me and I groaned. “Tell me,” he urged, his breathing a little ragged as he reached to the bedside table and I realised he was getting a condom.

“You,” I said quickly. “I want you West. Please.”

“Hmm, that’s a good start,” he said as his body shifted away from me and I heard a ripping sound. “You want me to do what?” he prompted as he moved back and I felt the glide of his cock between my legs.

“West…” I stalled and my eyes closed. He gripped my leg and lifted it then I felt his other hand brush against me and he was there, ready, not moving. I could feel the expectation in the air, it was as tangible as his hard chest against my back. His jaw scraped mine, his lips touched the shell of my ear, and his cock flexed against me. I bit my lip and sucked in a breath. How hard could it be to say two words. I’d said fuck plenty of time before after all, why was it so different in this context? I breathed out, “Fuck me,” my words barely audible.

“Ah fuck,” he muttered and his hand tightened on my leg as he moved, pushing slowly into me. “That’s so sexy, your pretty mouth asking me to fuck you.”

I couldn’t talk, it was all I could do to breathe as his thick cock stretched me, feeling so incredibly good. I moaned and pushed back trying to take more as he muttered encouragement.

“That’s it… take me… fuck woman… so hot… so wet…”

We both groaned when he stopped, his cock lodged deep, then he shifted, pushing me so I was almost on my stomach, his weight against my back, his hand tugging my leg higher.

“Hold on,” he rasped against my ear. “Gonna fuck you hard now,” he said and my pussy clenched on his hard length. “Gonna rail your sweet cunt.” He pulled nearly all the way out then slammed back in hard and fast.

I cried out and my hands clutched at the sheet beneath me as he did it again and again. His breathing harsh in my ear he whispered, “Fuck that’s good, love your cock kisses.” And that was it for me.

“Coming,” I gasped then shudders wracked me. West groaned as my pussy clamped down, he shoved deep and his cock kicked inside me then he turned his head and bit my neck, setting me off again. He pulsed his hips against me, riding me through my second orgasm then collapsed against my back.

I managed to breathe then sighed with disappointment when he pulled out. He gave my hip a squeeze as the bed shifted and his heat left me. I couldn’t move, I was boneless, nearly brainless. I had really forgotten how great sex was and how great really good sex was.


I opened my eyes to West’s smiling face. He was crouched by the side of the bed, a mug of steaming coffee in his hands.

“Morning,” he murmured and I frowned.

“I fell asleep again,” I said bemused.

“Yep.” West nodded and sipped his coffee then lowered the cup to scratch his whiskery chin. “Either you were really tired, or I was really good. I’m going with the latter,” he said with a wink and I laughed a little.

“Good choice,” I agreed and he grinned. We stared at each other for a long moment and I would have loved to have known what he was thinking. My thoughts were basic. Man, coffee, yum, or something similar. Plus a little wondering what now? One night stands weren’t my norm.

“So, I’m going to hit the gym, I’ll be about an hour then-”

“Oh, I’ll get dressed and go.”

“We can get breakfast.”

We finished talking at the same time and West tilted his head to the side a little as his grin faded.

“Okay.” He sipped his coffee again and I tracked the motion of the cup rather than meet his eyes. “I’ll drop you off and go the gym then pick you up for breakfast?”

Breakfast? I was pretty sure one night stands didn’t include breakfast. “I’ll just grab something at home, I have work,” I said with a quick glance at his face.

He had that emotionless expression on his face that he’d worn at the pub the previous night as he rose to his feet. He nodded once, said, “Right,” then turned and walked out of the room. He was wearing  low slung shorts and nothing else and I was struck mute by the view as he left. I was still staring at the doorway when he reappeared, at least his head and shoulders did as he asked, “Five minutes?”

“Sure,” I agreed and he nodded then was gone. I slid out of his bed and moved quickly across the room to grab my clothes, then dashed to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I got dressed and after a moment of hesitation picked up the brush that sat on the vanity and ran it through my hair. There was nothing I could do about the whisker burn or the love bite on my neck but I used my finger and a dab of toothpaste to freshen my mouth at least.

Figuring I was as good as I was going to get I opened the door and only paused for a second as I found West sitting on the still messy bed in his gym gear waiting for me, my shoes on the floor near his feet.

“Sorry,” I muttered feeling my face flush as I walked over to slip them on.

He said nothing, just watched me with that bland expression that I was really coming to dislike, then when I was ready he stood up and led the way from his room and to his garage. A light came on as he opened the door and paused for me to step by him then the door clicked shut and he brushed by me to open the car door.

“Thanks,” I said, my voice sounding loud in the silence and again, he only nodded then closed the door and circled the vehicle to slide behind the wheel.

The streets were quiet as he drove at a sedate pace out of his estate then rolled to a stop at the first intersection. “Which way?” he asked as he slanted me a bland look.

“Towards the school,” I said then added my address and he nodded.

We completed the drive in uncomfortable silence and I couldn’t contain my sigh of relief as he pulled into my driveway. I fumbled with the seatbelt and his hands brushed mine aside to release the catch with ease.

“Sascha,” he began, his voice even as his hands held mine. “About last night-”

“It was great,” I interrupted not wanting a dissection or to hear I’d done something wrong. I pulled my hands away with minimal effort and opened the car door. “Thanks for a nice night,” I added then cringed at how ridiculous I sounded.

West looked surprised then he smiled that crooked smile and just as politely as I had he said, “You’re welcome.”

I smiled back because, how could I not? Then sat there staring into his eyes for the longest moment until a dog barked in the distance breaking the spell. What was I doing? Waiting for the whole neighbourhood to wake up and watch me walk inside? I swung my legs around and slid out of the car, quickly closed the door and trotted up the driveway to my front door. I looked back as I slid the key in and West lifted a hand then the car started to roll back.

I didn’t stand there and watch him leave but I did lean against he closed door and listen as the engine noise faded away. Then I made my way through the empty house to my bathroom and started the shower. I hadn’t lied, I did need to get to work and an early start wouldn’t be a terrible thing. At least then I wouldn’t sit around thinking about what I’d done, wondering if I’d made a mistake. It was pointless anyway. I wouldn’t know until the next time I saw West, no, Mr Austen, if he was going to be discreet. I could only hope that my instincts had been right, and that what had happened between us would stay just that, between us.

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