Words are meaningless.

We can’t and we shouldn’t are wasted when you’re hard in my hand and I’m wet in yours.

You say don’t as you thrust and grind, whisper stop as you penetrate.

We both know it’s wrong, is that what makes it so right?

I wont tell if you wont, I wont come if you don’t.

We say it doesn’t count because you haven’t fucked her yet.

We say we’ll stop when I give in to him.

We’re both such liars.

I whisper don’t stop and fuck me harder and I love your cock in me.

You grunt and the hand that’s holding my leg up, pressing it against the wall, squeezes tighter as you fuck me faster.

You whisper, gotta hurry baby, before someone comes.

Then you’re staring at my mouth like you want to kiss me so I lick my lips.

You groan and your cock gets bigger, we’re so close now.

Your eyes drop and I know what you want. I reach for the hem of my tshirt and pull it up then the cups of my bra down. Fuck yes, you groan when I pinch my nipples for you. Another fuck escapes you as I strangle your cock, my pussy trying to hold you inside.

Then it’s out of control thrusting and grinding, both of us gasping for breath as I shatter, those cock kisses sucking the orgasm from you, flooding my pussy, breaking my heart.

You clean up quickly then wash your hands and slip out. I take a little bit longer, amazed when I stare at myself in the mirror that I look so normal. My top is back in place and I smooth down the skirt that you pushed up in such a hurry. My panties are ruined since you ripped them off so they go into my handbag.

I make my way back to the table and he smiles at me, asks if I’m okay, I say I’m fine.

Words are meaningless.