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What did I want? What did I want? Images flashed through my mind, West smirking at me as he’d flirted that first night, West frowning at me as I’d walked out of his home the second time, West smiling at me hopefully a few minutes ago, West looking at me expectantly right now.

“Um, an end to poverty? World peace?” I joked feebly as West shook his head the tiniest bit. “I…” I stalled again. I wanted to be honest with West but how much was too much when we barely knew each other? Did I take the risk and get to know him, possibly build a relationship then when the truth came out, end up shattered. Or did I tell him everything first, give him the option to walk away before he got any more involved.

“You look so serious Sascha. Is the question that hard to answer?”

It was, but did it have to be? After all, I had been upfront with Corey and look how that had ended. Why not spend time with West like he wanted, see what happened before I bared my soul to him?

“I guess I’m thinking about how this would work. Do we sneak around or…”

I trailed off as West slumped down, crossed his arms on my bench then put his head down on his arms.

“Christ, I thought you were going to say no.” His voice was muffled but clear, his relief evident.

If nothing else, the man was good for my ego. “I probably should,” I said, amused at his theatrics.

“Oh?” he lifted his head to look at me curiously.

“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but neither or us want anyone to know what’s going on?”

West sat upright again and nodded then he started rubbing his lower lip again, his thinking tell.

“Or for our kids to find out?” I added and he nodded again. “I know you said you had no plan West but it kind of seems like we need one.”

“We do,” he mumbled and nodded then dropped his hand from his mouth. “How do you feel about me parking my bike in your garage?”

“Your bike?” Was that an euphemism I wondered?

West nodded. “The most obvious sign that I’m here is my car or in this case my bike out front.”

“Oh right,” I said with a smile, he meant an actual bike. “Sure, there’s plenty of space for either, that’s a good idea.”

“Good then.” West smiled back at me then he laughed for a few seconds. “This is ridiculous, planning to sneak around like this, but totally worth it,” he said, his smile fading. “You know I’m only doing this to avoid gossip right?”

“Or course,” I agreed, matching his serious tone. “What are you thinking?” I asked as I watched him stroke his lip again.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I stroked my lower lip once, copying him.

“Oh.” He grinned and dropped his hand. “Bad habit of mine.”

I shrugged. “It’s pretty sexy actually.”

West grinned and lifted his hand back to his mouth. He hesitated for a moment then covered his mouth and chin and rubbed, making a rasping sound. “I might have noticed that you enjoyed the feel of my beard on your skin,” he teased and scraped his hand over his jaw again.

He was completely right but I wasn’t going to tell him so. I shrugged and said casually, “It’s okay.”

“Huh.” He scraped one last time then dropped his hand and stood up. “Well, it’s late, I should go,” he said as he took a step away from the bench.

“Late?” I echoed dumbly, my confusion obvious as West smirked.

“What? You thought you could lure me in, share a glass of wine then have your way with me?” he said with mock affront.

“I offered you a glass,” I protested, totally charmed by his teasing.

“Trying to get me drunk so I couldn’t drive?” he gasped.

Shaking my head at him I walked towards the front door. “You’re a funny guy,” I said as I stopped and turned to face him.

He grinned and bowed with a little flourish then stepped closer to me. “When can I see you?” Another step and he was crowding me against the door, one hand braced against it over my head, the other cupping my hip as he leaned in.

“Ah.” I lifted my hands to his chest as I tried to think but my mind was hazy, his scent, the heat of his body, overwhelming me.

“When Sascha?” He ducked his head and rubbed his jaw along mine.

My head tipped back to lean against the door, giving him access to my throat. “Soon?” I breathed as his lips brushed against me in the lightest of kisses.

West groaned and pushed his full weight against me, pinning me to the door, his erection pressing into my stomach, his face buried against my shoulder. “I have the kids tomorrow night then you have Violet next week,” he said with a sigh, sending a shiver through me. “Then it’s Spring Break.”

“So three weeks,” I said as my fingers slid through the cool silk of his hair and tugged slightly to lift his head.

“Mmm,” he agreed, his eyes locked with mine then dropped, his lashes fanning over his cheeks as his eyes closed.

His lips brushed mine lightly and on a sigh I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I flicked my tongue out to touch his lower lip then rubbed my lips against his teasingly and eased back. “Good night West,” I said softly and lowered my hands to his shoulders.

The hand on my hip squeezed then his eyes opened slowly. “I should go.” His voice was husky as he rocked his hips gently against me.

“It’s late,” I reminded him as I lifted to my toes to try to make better contact with the hard ridge he was rubbing against me.

“It is,” he agreed as he bent his knees and pressed his erection against my clit, the thin material of my skirt and panties doing nothing to protect me from his heat. “Fuck you’re soft woman,” he growled. “And this skirt.” His hand contracted, bunching the silky purple material in his fist. “All I want to do is get under it, get at your sweet pussy.”

My whole body clenched in reaction and a strangled laugh escaped me as he smirked. “Didn’t think I’d forget how much you liked my filthy mouth did you?”

“Weren’t you going,” I said on a gasp as he ground against me.

“Yeah, any minute now.” He twisted his hips and I throbbed, clenched, groaned. My head dropped back against the door and a moment later he pressed his forehead against the cool wood beside me, his mouth close to my ear.

“In three weeks, I want you to come for dinner,” he spoke softly, his voice hoarse as he pulsed his hips, rubbing his hard cock against my throbbing clit. “Then after we eat, I’m going to spread you out on my table and eat you.” I groaned and bit my lip as my pussy fluttered.”Suck your clit,” he gritted as he humped against me. “Fuck you with my fingers, fuck you with my tongue.”

He turned his head and bit my neck. “Oh fuck,” I exhaled the words then groaned something that may have been his name as I rubbed myself frantically against him as I came.

West growled against my throat as his hips thrust hard twice then he went still. “Fuck,” he panted as he lifted his head. “Sorry,” he added as he lifted his hand from my hip and rubbed his thumb over the spot he’d bitten.

“Hmm?” I smiled lazily up at him and he grinned.

“Think I might have bruised you.” He moved his hand and kissed me there instead. “Did you?” He looked at me in surprise then did it again. “You purred!” he said with delight.

“Did not,” I disagreed and managed to lift my hand to block his attempt to kiss me there again. “Did you…?” I looked down to where out bodies were pressed together at the groin.

“Come in my pants?” West said wryly and nodded while I giggled. “I haven’t done that since…” He arched a brow. “Hell I don’t think I even did it in high school.”

We stood there grinning at each other for a few moments then he said, “I should go.”

“Did you want to clean up first?” I offered and West grimaced.

“Nah. I’ll jump in the shower when I get home.”

“Okay,” I agreed as he leaned in and kissed me softly. “Thanks,” I added when he pulled back then stepped away. I turned away to open the door and he slipped his arms around my waist and hugged me.

“Three weeks,” he murmured and brushed a kiss against my ear then let me go and slipped out the door. “I’ll text you,” he said and when I nodded he turned and walked away.

I watched him cross my yard and disappear into the shadows. I stood there with the door ajar until I heard a motorbike roar to life then the dark bulk rumbled by, the headlight flashing as he passed my house.

I locked the door then headed to bed. I changed, smiling as I dumped my damp panties and wrinkled skirt into the hamper. I couldn’t believe we’d made out and dry humped like teenagers when I had a perfectly good bed right here but I couldn’t deny it had been hot and fun.

I crawled into bed and was starting to edge toward sleep when my cell buzzed from the bedside table. I picked it up and a smile spread over my face even as I groaned.

West – Night Sascha, look after my pussy πŸ˜‰

Me – You should have stayed and looked after it yourself πŸ˜›

West – I’m not that easy!! Didn’t have protection and didn’t think you would either?

Me – Nope, sorry!

West – No need for that. I loved what we did and I’ll be better prepared next time πŸ™‚

Me – That’s confident! πŸ˜›

West – lol! Night Sash πŸ™‚

Me – Night West πŸ™‚

I set my cell down and snuggled back into my pillow ready for sleep, but my brain had other ideas. It had been the perfect opening for me to casually say ‘oh I can’t get pregnant. Bit of an issue when I had Violet.’ If only he had said it earlier, not texted it later. Still, it was too soon for such revelations really and there were other reasons to use a condom anyway. I tried to think of different ways to have that conversation but fell asleep before I came up with any great ideas. Maybe Cheryl would have an idea…

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