*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead…

I got your invitation. A date, a time, a web link. I clicked it immediately of course. The image of your gravatar appeared overlaid by a countdown timer. 2 days 6 hours 17 minutes, the seconds ticking down.

2 days 6 hours and 2 minutes later I clicked on that link again and this time I found an empty room with that counter ticking down. A tingle of anticipation spread from my mouse hand through my body. I was hyper aware of my blood rushing through my veins, flushing my skin, warming my extremities. If I looked in a mirror I knew my eyes would be dilated, I could hear myself breathing.

I wondered how many other women were in the same state all over the world, waiting for whatever it was you were going to show us.

“Tease,” I muttered as I stared at the screen, my eyes flicked to a framed print on the wall to the side, a skyline of some city, its lights reflecting on a body of water. Beyond that was the door in the centre of the frame, the focus point of this little tableau.  There was a small table beside the door, a decorative glass bowl in shades of blue and purple on it.

The walls were pale, a soft lemon maybe? Hard to tell in the subdued lighting but that would be lovely with the dark timber floors. As the countdown hit two minutes I feel parched so I crack open my bottle of water and take a sip. I feel so nervous it’s ridiculous, almost like I’m on a first date. Wondering, what he’ll look like, what will he be wearing, will he like me?

“Ridiculous,” I say with a laugh, breaking my own tension. I take another sip as the countdown reads 1 minute 32 seconds, then nearly spit it out as the door opens.

Your head is down as you step over the threshold, one hand on the door handle, the other holding your cell. Your voice is distant but clear as you say, “I’ve gotta go, I’m home and have a hot date tonight.” The timer reaches zero and disappears as your head lifts and I can see the smirk on your face as you wink then turn to close the door.

This is no hardship, the back view is pretty spectacular, the way you wear a suit is… well I’m not quite drooling but it’s a close thing. I hear the rattle of keys and see your hand move, dropping them into that glass bowl by the table. Then you walk out of shot but a soft beep makes me picture you plugging in your cell to charge. I hear your footsteps before I see you again and this time I sigh as you walk towards me, the screen, hell me!

Might as well immerse myself into the fantasy here…

“Hey,” you say with a smile as you come to a stop. “Glad you could make it.”

“Me too,” I agree as I sit back in my chair, ready to enjoy the show.

“So tonight, I thought we could get to know each other a little better.” You look so earnest, even a little nervous as you lift a hand and push it through your hair.

“Sounds good,” I say because you look like you’re waiting for an answer.

You nod and that hand drops to rub over your chin, the rasp of your stubble an audible tease. “So, you know my name, what’s yours?”

I laugh as you grin and your eyes sparkle. “Oh you’re funny and clever,” I praise softly. “I bet there’s dozens, no hundreds of women yelling their names at their computers right now. Kudos sir.”

“Hmmm, think I’m just going to go ahead and call you Kitten. Is that okay?” you say with a slight pout of your sexy lips.

“Yeah, because that’s not at all obvious” I scoff. “On with the show pretty boy.”

“Well, I guess I know what you want Kitten,” you say with a smirk and a roll of your shoulders that has your jacket sliding off. You catch it in one hand and shake it out then drape it over a chair that sits in front of you and I realise your computer is sitting on a table.

“That’s a good start,” I say softly.

“Glad you approve,” you murmur with a smile as you stare down the camera.

I shiver as goosebumps race up my arm. You are good at this, making me feel like you’re actually talking to me, looking at me.

“Can’t see me,” I whisper. “Can’t hear me.” And I poke my tongue out at you for good measure.

On the screen you lift your hands to your tie as you tilt your head to the right slightly. “You’ll have to speak up Kitten,” you say as you undo the knot and leave the tie hanging. “I wish I could see you watching me.” You undo the top two buttons then your right hand drops below your waist and you adjust yourself. “Getting hard just thinking about it,” you say as you lick your lips.

“Yeah? Show me,” I challenge.

You laugh a little raggedly as your hands go back to your shirt buttons. “Thought we were getting to know each other here.” You arch a brow and undo another button. “I had a busy day but knowing you would be here now kept me going.” You smile and the next button opens. “How about you Kitten, what did you get up to?”

Your fingers toy with the next button as you seem to be waiting for an answer. This is my first time watching something like this, is this normal? You look down at your hands then back up at the camera, the look on your face expectant.

“Oh same old stuff,” I say with a wave of my hand. “So boring. I bet some of your other… fans? Are telling you how they thought about you all day, blah blah.”

“Hmmm,” you say non-commitedly. “Maybe you can tell me more later.”

“Smart and pretty,” I say with a sigh. “Now, get that shirt off and show us how perfect the rest of you is.”

You tilt your head back and laugh as you abandon the buttons to pull your shirt from your pants then make short work of the rest of the buttons.

“Is this what you want Kitten,” you ask as you lean forward to brace your hands on the table, bringing your face so close I can count your eyelashes. Except my eyes are drawn lower, down to that V of flesh revealed by your open shirt. The defined pecs and abs are drool-worthy and I swallow hard, thinking about touching you, running my hands down your chest then back to your shoulders to push that shirt off because… truth is I’m an arm girl. Can’t wait to see your arms, biceps and triceps and strong forearms.

“Nearly,” I say a little breathlessly. “Take it off now.”

Your face serious you stand up and lift your right hand to your left wrist and flick open the buttons then repeat the process with the other hand.  I can’t look away as you shrug, muscles rippling across your chest as the snowy white material drops and it is totally worth the wait.

“Wow,” I breath as you lift both hands to brush through your hair, everything is defined and I want to pause this moment, save this image.

“So,” you say as you link your hands behind your head. “Happy?”

I wonder if you’ve practised this pose, if you know how hot you look right now. Your hair a little messy from your hands which I could easily imagine were my hands. The V shape of your torso drawing my eyes down to that happy trail below your naval…

“Hmmm,” I consider your question seriously. “After waiting two days I don’t think I’m the only one expecting more.”

“I thought you might say that Kitten.” You grin and drop your hands then lean in close to the camera again. “Come on, I want to be more comfortable for this.”

There’s movement and I realise you have picked up the laptop and are walking into another room. More movement then you step back and a couch comes into focus, the dark chocolate toned material looks plush as you sit back against it.

“That’s better,” you sigh then lean forward and reach down as you smile into the camera. “I hope you’re comfortable Kitten. I’m just going to kick off my shoes.”

Thuds sound then you stand up and your hands go to your waist.

“And these should go too, right?”

“Right,” I agree hoarsely, wondering when it got so hot in here!

I don’t know whose breathing I am hearing, yours or mine, as your belt jingles softly then there’s the soft rasp of your zipper lowering. My eyes flick up to your face to find you with your head down, watching your hands.

I hold my breath as you hook your thumbs into the side of your pants then push.

“Oh fuck,” I exhale on a gust and I think I even groan as you stand there in black boxer briefs that only serve to enhance your beauty. Beauty? I’m staring at your cock and thinking the outline of it is beautiful? Am I under a spell, this is ludicrous!

“There,” you say softly and I look up into your eyes. You’re biting your lip, looking a little uncertain then you ask, “Is that what you wanted Kitten?”

I can imagine women crowding their screens, yelling ‘yes’ or ‘no, take it all off’. Me? I’m torn. Yeah I want to see you naked but do I want everyone else to see you naked?

I sigh and lean forward, reaching out to touch your face on the screen.

“I think some things are best left to the imagination,” I say. “More would be good,” I admit as I sit back and my hand drops to my lap. “And I know you’re an exhibitionist, but I’m not great at sharing.”

On the screen you’re nodding your head, your hands are resting on your hips and I can’t help but look at your amazing body. Those muscles, that bulge…

“Okay,” you say with a grin and reach towards the screen. “Sorry ladies, this will be a private show from here. Thanks for tuning in.”

You wink and blow a kiss then look down and your hand moves, presumably killing the feed. Except you’re still there.

“Okay, now we’re alone, tell me what you want to see,” you invite, staring straight down the camera.

“Oh that’s very good,” I say softly. “Well played. I guess now you pretend I’m asking you to get naked.”

“Naked I can do,” you say with a smirk and your fingers tease at the edge of your briefs. “But you have to ask nicely.”

I don’t breath, I don’t blink, I wait. You wait. You scratch your stomach idly as you arch a brow.

“Oh come on!” I say, a little annoyed that you’re taking so long.

“I said nicely,” you say with a frown and cross your arms over your chest.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I mutter. “Show me your fucking cock already,” I grumble, crossing my arms over my chest with a huff.

You sputter a laugh. “Kitten, such language! Lucky for you I consider that nice,” you say and a moment later you’re naked.

“Oh god,” I breath as you wrap a hand around your erection.

“See what you do to me,” you say and I nod. “You make me so hard Kitten. I hope you’re all hot and wet for me.”

I was I realised as I squeezed my thighs together, had been for some time. But I had been so focused on you I’d barely noticed.

“Me and the rest of the world,” I say as I shift in my chair.

You smile and take a step back to sit on the couch. “You make my knees weak Kitten. Thinking about your pussy all wet for me. Are you touching yourself?”

“Hah, now who’s the voyeur,” I say as I resist the urge.

You stretch your arms along the back of the couch as you grin. “I would love to watch you Kitten, love to hear you gasp and moan as you come for me.”

“You’re the one putting on the show,” I say softly. “Sitting there on display, I bet there’s girls lining up to watch you, touch you, suck you.”

You groan and grip your dick again, stroking it once. “You want a show?” Your hand moves again, up and down in a slow slide. “Watch closely,” you say breathlessly as your head drops back against the couch.

“Oh fuck, you’re really going to…” I trail off to bite my lip as your hand speeds up, your thumb swipes across the bulbous head and then you stroke faster.

“Yeah Kitten, all for you,” you say then groan. “Squeezing tight, hard and fast,” you pant out the words as your hand flies.

“Oh my god.” I’m breathless as I lean forward, my eyes locked on your hand.

“Gonna come Kitten,” you warn as your hips lift a little and you lower your head until your chin is resting on your chest. “Watch me,” you breath and you look into the camera for a moment before your eyes close and you groan, “Oh fuck.”

I watch as your hand strokes then stops as you release over your stomach and I can’t believe how sexy I find it as globs of cum spurt out in one, two, three heavy pulses.

After a minute you lift your head, a smirk on your lips. “Well, that was intense,” you say, sounding breathless.

“That’s one word for it,” I mutter as I collapse back into my chair, my chest heaving as if I’m the one who just had an explosive orgasm. “Hell of a show,” I add as I pick up my bottle of water.

“Hmmm, maybe next time I can watch you,” you say as you look away and you reach to the side then you look down as you clean yourself up with a handful of tissues.

“I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers for you,” I say with a shake of my head, really impressed by how you’re playing this whole thing.

“You’re the only one I want to watch though,” you say as you shift on the couch and those boxer briefs appear, covering you from my eyes, from everybody’s eyes.

“Haha,” I scoff with a smirk. “Sure thing sweetie, just send me an invitation.”

“Oh I will.” You scoot forward on the couch and reach for the laptop, bringing it closer to your face. “And Kitten? Maybe next time you’ll tell me what same old stuff you get up to.” You wink and say, “Sweet dreams sweetie,” then the screen goes black and I sit there in shock.

What the hell just happened?