*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead…

Waiting was not my thing. I sighed as I shot the closed elevator doors a dirty look because that would totally work! The next look went to my cell that had the audacity to suggest I was going to be late if those doors didn’t open in the next thirty seconds.

“Come on,” I muttered beneath my breath but obviously not low enough as I heard an almost snort from behind me. I refused to look at the snorter though, wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing I’d heard him. I knew it was a he from the smell of his aftershave but since I hadn’t heard the tap of dress shoes as he approached, I was guessing he was either a delivery man or a visitor. Maybe someone was planning a late lunch.

Finally there was a muted ding and the doors slid open. I, and my snorting companion, were far enough back that the elevator emptied around us then I was striding in, my three inch heels a quick staccato as I crossed the threshold and turned to hit my floor. Knowing how slow the trip could be if we stopped a few times, I stepped to the back of the car and sent a quick text to my friend and co-worker Bianca to let her know I was on my way up.

In lift, back ASAP

Then, knowing we’d lose reception as soon as the doors closed, I tucked my cell into my bag and looked up to see if the snorter had selected his floor so we could begin our amazing journey. My floor was lit up as was the highest business floor where some internet technology type business was located. So the snorter possibly was an employee then, the people who worked there were often dressed casually and kept odd hours.

As the doors closed my eyes drifted over to the level twenty-niner taking in broad shoulders covered in a dark blue hoodie and long legs encased in faded blue jeans. On his feet were a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars which cemented it in my mind. He was probably some geeky programmer on his way up to pull an all nighter.

He had probably been at work until late the night before, I could almost picture him hunched over a keyboard, muttering at the screen, empty coffee cups, no cans of energy drink strewn around, a half eaten pizza on a nearby table.

The lights blinked and the elevator car lurched, interrupting my little fantasy. Forget computer geek, I was suddenly hoping this guy was McGyver as the lights went out and there was a shudder and screeching sound that had my heart racing, a whimper of fear escaping me.

“Well fuck me.”

A deep voice sounded in the darkness, of course the snorter had a late night radio voice.

A deep sigh sounded then there was a flare of light that my eyes locked onto as it moved a foot. A thump was followed by a soft swishing sound then a click sounded as a soft ring emitted from the wall. The emergency phone I realised but I couldn’t move. I had to stay where I was and prop up the back wall, it was vitally important! Luckily level twenty-nine didn’t have the same problem and I listened avidly to the conversation he had with our lifeline.

“Yeah? It is. I don’t think so.” The light swiveled towards me and I blinked but still didn’t move. “No. Just two of us and we’re fine. Yeah, thirteen. Okay. Sure. Thanks.”

There was a clatter of plastic on plastic then the light blinked out.

“Battery wont last forever,” his voice said softly but clearly and even though I knew he couldn’t see me I nodded. “As you might have guessed, the power is out. All of the lifts are stuck and they’ll get to us when they can.”

I nodded again and focused on my breathing. It wasn’t fear of being stuck, it wasn’t claustrophobia, it was just that I hated to be late. That was the only reason I was freaking out. It wasn’t the dark either. Especially not as my eyes adjusted and I realised there was a dim glow around the door, the control panel, and the floor.

Another soft symphony of sound and the air stirred just in front of me then there was an almost inaudible groan and a soft exhale.

“What,” I breathed the word so stopped to try again, clearing my throat first. “What are you doing?”

“I sat down. It may be a while, might as well be comfortable.”

“Oh.” I nodded because that made sense but still didn’t move. The wall needed me still. “Good idea.”


I stood there and counted my heartbeats, trying to track time, how late was I now? Five minutes, ten? Bianca would be worried, wouldn’t she? Probably not. No power meant no work meant flirting in the break room. She wouldn’t spare me a thought. I could perish here and she wouldn’t even miss me. Who would? Was I spiralling? Why couldn’t I stop? Or could I? Denial was good. Deny I was trapped. Deny I was late. Deny I –

“You okay up there Thirteen?”

He sounded amused and relaxed which gave me something to focus on. That and the cutesy nickname he’d chosen for me.

“Fine thanks Twenty-nine,” I snapped and crossed my arms over my chest to demonstrate how annoyed I was at him.

“You sure are,” his amused voice floated up to me.

“What?” I frowned in his direction since his comment didn’t make sense.

“You sure? Your legs look amazing in those heels but they must be hell on your feet.”

Well of course my legs looked great but it was so rude of him to notice. “Hmmph,” I hmmphed and turned my head away from him.

“And your dress does amazing things for your body but can you even sit down in it?”

My dress wasn’t tight, it was fitted. “I can sit just fine,” I defended myself but honesty compelled me to softly add, “In a chair.”

Twenty-Nine chuckled and I heard a dull thump, his head leaning on the wall probably.

“I can help you sit if you like.”

I shook my head. “I can just hike my skirt up a little if I want to,” I demurred and he groaned as there was another thump.

Was he having a seizure or something? Did I need to call for help? “Are you okay?”

“Yep,” he answered shortly, not sounding so amused now.

“Are you sure?” I persisted because I didn’t want to be stuck with someone who wasn’t well.

“Not really,” he admitted and I started to reach into my bag for my cell, thinking I could use it to light the way to the emergency phone the same way he had. “I’m stuck with a gorgeous woman who smells like sin and she’s talking about lifting her skirt up. Other than that, I’m fine.”

By the end of his statement that thread of amusement was back and I would almost bet he was smirking except I’m not the type to gamble. I felt heat wash over my cheeks at his words and all I could think to say was, “Sorry.”

“For which part? Being stuck, being gorgeous, or teasing me?”

“I wasn’t teasing,” I protested immediately.

“Oh so you really are going to lift your skirt and join me on the floor?”

“Could you make it sound any dirtier?” I said incredulously.

“Hmmm… I don’t think so actually.”

“You’re unbelievable,” I said huffily as he laughed, a low chuckle that I would never admit sent a shiver up my spine.

“Give me a chance, I’ll make you a believer,” he said, his voice deep and intense, all humour gone.

“You…” I didn’t know what to say to that but as I tried to think of a response I realised that I’d stopped my spiral, that he’d stopped my spiral with his banter. I took a deep breath and didn’t feel any panic and my mind cleared. “I bet you say that every time you get stuck in a lift,” I teased.

“Last time I got stuck with Tim from  seventeen, so no,” he said with a chuckle. “What do you say Thirteen?” He tapped his foot against mine. “Want to sit down yet?”

I really did because he was right, standing in one spot for an extended period wasn’t great fun for my feet. Besides, it was dark, he wouldn’t see anything.

“Okay, but no looking,” I said warningly and hiked up my dress enough that I could sit down.

My companion groaned at my words and this time I knew why so I didn’t comment but I couldn’t control my grin or my sigh of relief as I slid down to the floor.

“Better?” he asked and I looked towards his voice, seeing just a dim bulky dark shape where he leaned against the side wall.

“Yes, thanks.”

“How far did you have to push your dress up?”

Did he really ask that? “Sorry?”

“Come on Thirteen, I can’t see but I have a hell of an imagination. Do you have stockings on or are your legs naturally that silky smooth looking?”

How did he not sound sleazy asking that? Why did his voice send awareness and if I was completely honest, arousal, coursing through my veins.

“No stockings,” I whispered and he groaned again.

“So, all silky smooth skin, all the way to what? Cotton, lace, silk? Thong, brief, nothing?”

I laughed nervously. “Who goes around without underwear?”

“You should. I’d love knowing you were naked under your tight dresses, waiting for me to lift your skirt and have my way with you,” he said huskily.

I squeezed my thighs together at the images that produced in my mind. A man, broad shoulders, narrow hips, one hand on my waist as he bent me over his desk, while the other lifted my skirt.

“Who says I’d let you?” I barely recognised my own voice as I taunted him.

“Let me? You’d be begging me,” he said confidently.

“Cocky aren’t you?” I said and we both laughed.

Then the laughter died as he ordered, “Come over here and let me show you why you’d beg for it.”

Was he serious? An anonymous hook up in a stuck elevator. And hello, a stuck elevator! What was I thinking even considering doing what he asked? We could be rescued at any moment.

“We could be rescued at any moment,” I echoed my thought, my voice was weak though, a little voice inside my head whispering, ‘it’s been a while for you, it could be quick and dirty, the way you love it.’

“Then you better hurry Thirteen,” he urged, his voice an invitation to sin.

“I couldn’t,” I whispered, to him, to myself, to that voice.

“Sure you could,” he countered. “Stand up and walk over here and ride my mouth. Then you’ll be begging me to fuck you.”

I swallowed back a whimper at his invitation. It was like he’d read my mind, found all my dirty fantasies and picked out a favourite.

“Those heels will put you at the perfect height,” he added then I felt his hand on my leg, a light touch up the side of my calf until he met my hand where it rested above my knee.

His fingers caught mine and tugged and my heart raced as I let my handbag slip from my lap to the floor.

“It’s just a few steps,” he urged and I found myself rising to my knees then to my feet. His hand held mine and tugged and I took a small step then stopped as I felt his other hand on my ankle closest to him. “Here, step over me.”

His hand guided my ankle then both of his hands were on the backs of my calves urging me forward. I felt his breath on the front of my thighs as his hands tightened and he said, “Stop.” I did and he said, “Lift your dress.”

I set my hands on my hips and gathered a handful of material, then another one and another one until my dress cleared my pussy and my hips flexed forward, desperate to feel his mouth on me.

His hands slid up the backs of my legs to cup my behind and he swore at what he found. Or rather didn’t find.

“Fuck me Thirteen you naughty girl,” he said with approval, his breath a tickle against my naked flesh.

“Not yet,” I said breathlessly. “You said something about making me beg for it?”

“Mmm,” he said approvingly and I felt the brush of his face on my thigh a moment before his tongue found me.

My hands slammed against the wall above his head as my knees went weak at the first delicious rasp against my clit then as his tongue flicked and circled it was all I could do to keep still, to not grind against his mouth.

“Fuck that’s sweet,” he growled then his tongue slid down, lapping at the wetness he’d drawn from me then he pushed his tongue in just a little, two short jabs and he was licking up the other side and back to my throbbing clit.

“Suck it,” I urged as I pushed against his face and he complied with a low dirty groan. He was good at this, I probably would beg him but for now I didn’t need to as his tongue swirled and his lips sucked, pushing me closer to the edge. I just needed… “Fingers,” I gasped as he lick lick licked. “Please Twenty-Nine, fuck me with your fingers.”

His hungry growl vibrated against me and I felt myself get wetter, juices leaking from my pussy. Then his hand was there, a finger stroking then pushing in slow and steady, curling and rubbing and I didn’t care that the lights were flickering. I didn’t care that the doors could open at any moment.

Except maybe I did as I rocked against his mouth and chanted, “Hurry up, so close, lick me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck…”

I broke off as pleasure spiralled, my pussy convulsed on his finger and I shuddered against his mouth. And he, fucking sex god Twenty-Nine read my body like a book as he moved his mouth lower, his finger left me but his tongue was there instead, fucking into me as a last tremor wracked me and I gasped for breath.

He eased back and his hands squeezed my ass as he growled, “Fucking delicious,” then pressed an open mouth kiss to my mound and I was ready to beg him for it, just like he said I would.

But before I could speak there was a soft ring and the lights flickered again.

“Oh come on!” His deep voice was filled with frustration and I heard the thud of his head against the wall as I swung my leg over his body and stepped away.. My legs were shaky but I managed to take a couple of steps to lean against the back wall again and smooth my skirt then reach down for my bag.

I felt him brush by me then the ringing stopped. “Yeah? Obviously. Great. Thanks.”

Before he had hung up the lights came back on and with a gentle jolt we resumed our journey.

He didn’t turn to face me, didn’t say a word, just stood in front of the panel, his legs slightly spread, his hands resting on his hips. He still had his hood up too so I couldn’t even see the colour of his hair. I had no clue as to his identity and as we stood there, the silence heavy, I wondered if I wanted to know who he was.

As the seconds ticked by his lack of interest fuelled mine so that by the time the doors opened on my floor I could almost forget anything had even happened. Almost forget the feel of his mouth, the low rasp of voice, his fingers… yeah I could totally forget that!

There was a security guard waiting as the door opened and he glared around the car with such menace my step faltered and I froze in place.

“Everything okay in here?” The guard asked and I saw the hoodie move in a nod then the guard was looking at me, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Isn’t this your floor?”

I nodded and darted one last look at Twenty-Nine but he still hadn’t moved and as I stepped by him he didn’t speak either.

As for me, what could I say? ‘Thanks for the orgasm.” No, it was better to follow his lead and say nothing, so that’s what I did. I stepped out of the elevator and the guard stepped in and it took all of my will power but I walked away without looking back.