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The following day I covered the bruise West had left on my neck with concealer, not wanting to explain it to Cheryl but I couldn’t hide my good mood as easily. I was humming along to the radio when she walked in and made her way to the hooks where we hung our aprons and hair nets. Yes, we looked stunning but there was nothing worse than a hair in your cupcake was there?

We exchanged out usual morning pleasantries but we were too busy to chat. The morning passed swiftly and it wasn’t until we were done loading up for our deliveries that we had the chance to do more than call out orders or request help.

“Do I have your hot teacher to thank for your good mood?” Cheryl asked as we stood by the van and I checked off the delivery list.

“What? Aren’t I always in a good mood?” I teased back.

“Oh come on, dish it chick,” she said in her no-nonsense way.

“Nothing to dish,” I replied, bursting her bubble. “I saw West last night and we talked about possibly seeing each other again.” I shrugged, feeling shy about the whole situation.

“Well that’s great Sash!” Cheryl bounced in the spot and clapped her hands, a huge grin on her face.

“Well,” I hesitated, looking down at the list in my hands. “I’m not sure.” I looked back to find her frowning. “We both have other commitments. As it stands, we wont see each other for three weeks.”

“You mean your kids? Surely you can work around that?”

“Of course,” I agreed quickly. “There’s also the whole keeping things quiet. For our kids and for us. I don’t want to be the latest gossip at school.”

“Well of course not.” Cheryl nodded and held out her hand for the list. “This is good,” she said. covering my hand with hers and squeezing it. “You actually doing something for yourself. The secret bit will just add to the excitement. As if your hot teacher isn’t excitement enough,” she muttered. “You’ll see, it’ll be great.”

The following week Violet kept me happily busy, so much so that I was able to ignore the fact that I hadn’t heard from West. At all. Or maybe I wasn’t ignoring it so much as dwelling on it. He’d said he would text me, and he had. Was that all he had meant? Maybe he wasn’t big on texting? Or maybe in the light of day he’d changed his mind?

I saw him at school from a distance a couple of times as I waited to walk home with Vi and once we walked by each other, a mere foot apart and he didn’t acknowledge me. Not a smile, a nod, nothing. Which was fine, I told myself, it was what I wanted, right? Except he smiled at and greeted other parents. Was he trying to send me a message?

And if he was? So what! That’s what I told myself. I wasn’t invested, I hadn’t been interested in more than a one night stand in the first place. It had just been sex with a hot stranger to break my drought. Outstanding, exceptional sex. But still, just sex. And then, the lure of more sex, that was all I had agreed to. And it hadn’t been much of an agreement at that.

By the end of the week I was sure I’d only said yes because of pheromones and lust and now that I’d had time to think, it was for the best. He was too good looking anyway, and not my type. Tattoos had never been a turn on for me and I preferred men clean shaven.

And who had time for men anyway? Extra orders meant I could work longer hours and go home too tired to think of anything beyond the following days orders. Then when the orders ran out, I worked on new designs and flavour combinations and just like that another week flew by and I was back on Violet time.

I didn’t think about West at all. Except when Cheryl would remind me of how many days there were until we were meant to be able to see each other. I didn’t have the heart to tell her he hadn’t been in touch, or maybe I was too embarrassed to admit it.

Violet week was crazy busy. She spent some of the days with my parents and some at work with me. We watched movies together, painted our nails, tried out new hairstyles, typical girl stuff. I was sadder than usual to say goodbye to her when I took her home Sunday afternoon so when I got home I changed into my pyjamas and curled up on the couch with a book and a plate of mini cupcakes we’d made earlier in the day.

My cell beeped two hours later and I reached for it absently, expecting to find a text that Violet had left something behind and could I drop it off tomorrow. I was wrong.

West – Dinner?

I stared at the one word message for ten minutes then nearly dropped the device as a second message beeped in.

West – Too early? Is Violet still with you?

I frowned as I considered how to reply. Was I meant to ignore the fact that I hadn’t heard from him for three weeks? Did I want to ignore it? Or did I want to ignore his message, a little spiteful payback? No, that wasn’t a game I would play. I looked down at my pyjamas and then at the plate of cakes and realised I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to make any decisions.

Me – Some other time.

I set my cell down and picked up my book but for some reason the story couldn’t hold my attention . I put it aside, picked up my tablet instead and loaded my ereader app. The book I was reading there was a friends to lovers story where the friends had a friends with benefits arrangement, calling on each other for sex when they were between relationships. I looked over at my cell and wondered if that’s what West’s message had really been; a booty call, and if it had been, was I okay with that?


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