Will you watch with avid eyes
As my hands slide down my thighs
Will you breathe a little deeper
When my fingers start to creep
Under satin sliding higher
Find the proof of my desire
Fingers wet will you forget
That one you haven’t banished yet
See my hair, see my eyes
I’m not her, it’s no surprise
But when you sleep and when you dream
It’s not my name that you scream
(They’re not tears, I’m not crying)
(You never can tell when I’m lying)
Touch me there I’ll lift my dress
Forget about her I’m the best
I’ll take you in, take your pain
You wont be alone again
Feel you throb, hear you groan
Bite me there, make me moan
Say my name, send me flying
Say you love me though you’re lying
I don’t mind, it’s okay
I’m thinking about him anyway…