a little bit smutty


May 2017

forget about me

I guess I will survive When you eventually decide I'm not worth your time anymore I guess I'll get along Forget I felt that I belonged There in your life Sometimes I may act strange Maybe I get a bit... Continue Reading →

Bound for You

I like control, it's kind of my thing, I can't give it up. So when I walk in to see your ropes on the table, goosebumps race up my arms and I shiver. I know what you want, what you... Continue Reading →

if we knew

If we knew it was the last time Would we stare a little longer Would we hold a little tighter Or would we just let go If we knew it was the end Would we wish for the beginning Would... Continue Reading →

Wasteland Mind

You should spend your nights Running through my dreams Finding the dead ends And oubliettes Leaving your marks Breadcrumb trails While you’re lost in the maze That you created All those times When you baffled and amused When you entertained... Continue Reading →

do you repent?

In honesty, do we repent When you write your sins do you feel purged Are words shared a burden shed Do you feel better When the world knows you have strayed From the safety of your anonymity Being ‘truthful’ and... Continue Reading →


Wish I could be Better for you The me you think I am Guess we could Bypass reality Embrace the virtual I’ll write the girl You think you want Maybe she Can make you happy

Hot Teacher 16

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher (rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I didn’t get time to dwell on the whole friends with benefits thing as my cell beeped again. West: When? We need to talk. I huffed a laugh as I... Continue Reading →

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