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(rated S for smutty)(NSFW)…

I didn’t get time to dwell on the whole friends with benefits thing as my cell beeped again.

West: When? We need to talk.

I huffed a laugh as I read his message thinking about the last time he’d sent a similar message. What did he want? Why after three week of nothing was he even bothering? I was already feeling low after taking Violet home so I may as well have a depressing conversation too I decided and hit call.

“Hey you called,” West sounded surprised.

“You said you needed to talk,” I replied, proud of how calm I sounded.

“Yeah, just… I didn’t expect you to call,” he said with an awkward sounding chuckle.

“I’m sorry, is this a bad time?” I felt myself flushing with embarrassment. I shouldn’t have called, people didn’t do that anymore did they? It was all texting.

“No, no, no, it’s fine. I was just considering dinner. Have you eaten?”

I looked at my half eaten plate of cakes and hummed and agreement. “Yeah, I guess.”

West laughed softly and said, “You don’t sound certain Sascha?”

I really didn’t want to discuss my bad nutritional choices.

“What do we need to talk about West? After three weeks?” I cringed as I heard the censure in those last words, but screw it! Did he really think he could just text me after three weeks and have me fall at his feet? I closed my eyes and his face, his body flashed before me and I thought yeah, he probably did.

“Fuck,” he breathed the word softly but the wonders of modern technology delivered it to me. “I can explain,” he said with a heavy sigh.

Emotions tumbled through me, relief, disbelief, anger, excitement, guilt. I didn’t need to hear anything really, what was the point?

“It’s fine West, I get it,” I said in a rush. “In the heat of the moment, things were said.” I shrugged to myself. “They don’t mean anything.”

“What?” He sounded confused. “Maybe I don’t get it then, you better explain it to me.”

“The whole dinner thing and whatever,” I said with a sigh. “I’m not… I don’t have any expectation, we can just forget about the whole thing.”

I felt a twinge of sadness at the thought but it was for the best. It was obvious I wasn’t cut out for these casual flings.

West didn’t answer straight away but I could hear him breath so I knew he hadn’t just hung up on me.

After a minute the silence grew uncomfortable and I considered just hanging up but I couldn’t be that rude. “I should go,” I said softly.

“Gina saw me.”

It took a moment for his words to sink in and even then they didn’t make any sense. I was saying goodbye and he was telling me about who he was seeing?

“What does that mean?”

“We’ll have to be more careful.”

“Of what? Who is Gina?”

“Miss Green,” he said with a humourless laugh. “She saw me leaving your house.”

The slightly bitchy Miss Green? I had no idea what to say to that, what did it mean? “What does this mean?” I muttered.

“Well,” he sighed. “That’s the thing.”

It was? “What happened? What did she see?”

I thought back to that night. Had we kissed in the doorway? West was speaking as I thought.

“She saw you closing the door as I walked away so nothing really.”

I wondered why, why me, why was she there, but all that came out was, “How?”

By some miracle West spoke my shorthand. “She said she lives in the neighbourhood and was out walking. She was… hell Sascha she was fishing for information and I panicked.”

Panicked how? Told her what we’d done? “What?”

“That’s why I cut you off, didn’t text or call or even look at you,” he said sounding angry.

“West this is…”

Ridiculous? Yes. Not worth the effort? I couldn’t lie to myself, couldn’t deny that I had been looking forward to spending more time with him. Sneaking around though, was it worth that effort? Worrying about being seen together to the extent that he couldn’t even look at me?

“I know it’s a pain,” he said as my thoughts churned. “And I know I over reacted and I’m so sorry. You don’t know how much I wanted to call you.”

My heart jumped at his confession but I didn’t let myself get carried away because talk was easy and actions spoke louder than words right? Plus, three weeks of nothing?

“So why didn’t you?”

He sighed and said, “Sascha there’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

A laugh escaped at that statement because I knew basically nothing but that was true for both of us. I had thought that had been the plan with ‘dinner in three weeks’ and the time in between. I thought to myself ‘and whose fault is that’ but I didn’t say it because the truth was I could have called him right? Why was it all on him to make contact. Because I’d sent the last text message that night so it was his turn? Way to be an adult! So I didn’t say that.

“West we don’t know each other at all and maybe it’s for the best,” I said then was surprised by his vehement rebuttal.

“No! Sascha please, I fucked up but I can fix this. Can I come over?”

“I really don’t think-”

“No you’re right, what am I thinking,” he interrupted. I’d been about to say it wasn’t a good time but I wasn’t thinking as clearly as he was. “That’s part of the problem isn’t it, being seen?”

“Oh well,” I stammered because that had been the last thing on my mind. I’d been thinking about how I was dressed and the fact that I couldn’t remember if I’d shaved my legs last night.

“Unless… I can still park in your garage right? I’ll use the bike I’ve been fixing up, Gina doesn’t know it.”

“Oh,” was all I managed but I don’t think West heard me.

“So I’ll be there in ten minutes and we can talk. Bye Sash.”

I waited near the front door, listening for the sound of a motorcycle, and watching for the sweep of a headlight. I didn’t have to wait long to use the remote opener before I hurried to the kitchen to open the connecting door. I had the garage door closing before the sound of the engine died then I stood and watched West as he turned off the engine and eased the cycle to the side.

His head turned in my direction but the light reflecting off the helmet visor prevented me from seeing his expression. Was he tense, angry, upset?  He stepped off the bike and stood with his head canted in my direction as he pulled off his gloves then the helmet and rested them both on the seat of the bike.

I followed his hands rather than look at his face because I didn’t know what I’d see but then he lifted one and raked it through his hair and I was caught by his eyes. He was smiling just a little and I smiled back and wondered if he could hear my heartbeat in the quiet of the garage. I bit my lip and his head dropped and he took a step towards me. I took one back, going deeper into the kitchen. I only had two more steps before my back was against the kitchen counter and then I could only stand and watch him stalk towards me.

He came through the door and pushed it closed with a quiet thud, then there was the measured steps of his boots on my tiled floor. My heart was racing, my body reacting to his presence in the most basic of ways. I was wet, my nipples hard, and as he came to a stop in front of me a moan escaped me.

Reason fled in the face of his allure, the chemistry between us undeniable. I lifted my hands to his chest, grabbing handfuls of his tshirt to pull him closer as his hands cupped my face then finally, finally his lips were on mine. There were no words, only lips and teeth and tongues. Kissing, licking, biting, sucking.  My hands were in his hair while his roamed down my body, cupping my butt, lifting me into his body then lifting me onto the bench. Our kiss broke as I gasped at the shock of cold beneath me, hazily wondering when he took my pants off.

Then that thought was gone as he slipped a hand inside his jacket, pulling out his wallet. I reached between us and was impressed with my own dexterity opening his belt before he brushed my hands aside. I clutched at his leather clad shoulders as I watched in perfect lighting (since this was my kitchen) as he eased the zipper down, I saw the black of his boxer briefs for a moment before they were pushed down, revealing the hard length of his cock.

I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped me, or maybe it was more of a moan, but West’s eyes lifted to mine for a moment and if I hadn’t already been hot and wet for him, the look in his eyes would have melted me.  His eyes dropped and mine followed, watching as he rolled on the condom then one hand holding himself in position, the other gripped my hip and pulled me forward.

This was insane, out of control. We hadn’t said a word to each other, we had kissed, that was it, and now we were about to, no we were having sex as he penetrated me, a slow delicious push, the almost pain as I stretched around his girth. Both of his hands were on my hips as he tugged me to the edge of the counter, both our heads were still down, watching as he withdrew then slid back in.

He did it again and again and on the third stroke I tipped my head back and arched my hips into him, wanting more, harder, faster. He gave me harder, pulling almost all the way out then slamming in with a grunt, again and I groaned as my pussy convulsed in a precursor to the orgasm he was pushing me towards. Another hard thrust and a roll of his hips and I was lost but he was too, his strong body shuddering against mine as he clamped his arms around me and we clung to each other.

So much for talking, I thought as our breathing returned to normal. West’s heart beat slowed beneath my cheek that I somehow had against the soft cotton of his tshirt, his leather jacket pushed to the side. I felt him sigh, the rise and fall of his chest, his breath fluttering against my temple, then he pressed his lips there in a soft kiss. He slid a hand between our bodies then stepped back, breaking our connection and I wordlessly pointed to the trash can in the corner.

While he took the few steps to dispose of the condom I hopped off the bench and stepped back into my flannel PJ pants then padded to the refrigerator and grabbed a couple of bottles of water. West’s footsteps let me know he was behind me as I turned off the kitchen light and headed for my bedroom. We might still need to talk but we might as well be comfortable while we did so…


to be continued…