I like control, it’s kind of my thing, I can’t give it up.

So when I walk in to see your ropes on the table, goosebumps race up my arms and I shiver.

I know what you want, what you need, and I give it to you freely.

I kneel before you, my hands behind my back as you bind me.

For your pleasure but more for mine.

I close my eyes and bow my head as your hands caress, touching with reverence.

I am bound and at your mercy and you have none.

You are ruthless in your quest.


And all you want is my submission.

You want me to give in to the pleasure you are gifting me.

You want me to shudder under your mouth.

You need me to convulse in your arms.

That’s why I can do it.

Because I have the control.

I have the power.

You need me.

That’s why I can do it.