Wish I could create something. I’m staring at my hands waiting…

It’s not writer’s block so much as writer’s can’t be fucked.

You ever have days (weeks…) like that?

The spirit is willing but the words wont come.

I know why; part of it is my creative energy is being used elsewhere on a different writing endeavour, but mostly it’s about what I have to write. Not have to as in am forced to, it’s the place each of my stories are at…

Lily & Tyler: I left Lily about to take a step forward into LIFE. Yeah, all capitals. She had a bad few days, moved out of the family home which meant leaving her sons behind, didn’t cope well with that. Yelled at the ever patient Tyler so he retreated. You can read the whole thing here.

Jay & Dee: You can read their last post here. It’s all about their first date… or maybe not as I left them with plans for a do over after an awkward evening.

Hot Teacher: The latest from Sascha and West can be found here. It’s a sexy read, they need to talk but as seems to happen with these two, reason falls to the side and lust takes over. But West owes Sascha, owes us all an explanation. Why did he go silent for three weeks?

They’re the three main stories. There are two ‘Watcher’ episodes so far (sometimes I like to watch… and sometimes we like to watch…), not sure if that will get a third. Then there was the popular unlucky for some… about a little love in an elevator during a power outage, there could be more on that I suppose…

What say you dear readers? Who would you like to see more of? Or would you like a new story? Jay and Dee’s friend Mitch is lurking in my mind but he is very NSFW with his fluid sexuality and love of life.

I appreciate the emails and the support I’ve had from some of you over the recent weeks while I’ve been so quiet, it’s really meant a lot to me to know I was missed in this corner of the bloggersphere 🙂