Mitch woke to a groan. Not a good, don’t wake me groan either. This one sounded… tortured was the only word that fit. He frowned as he waited for the next sound trying to place the movie… was someone dying?

“No… you can’t… no!”

He jumped at the sudden yell and in an instant was wide awake and staring at the man beside him on the couch who seemed to be in the grip of a nightmare. What to do? Did you wake someone or was that bad? No, that was sleep walking he thought and said the man’s name in a firm voice. “Zander. It’s okay, it’s just a dream.”

“No! Stop!” Zander yelled then his body jerked and he suddenly sat upright, his eyes wide open as he looked around frantically. “Ah fuck,” he muttered as his shoulders slumped and he buried his face in his hands. “Sorry. Nightmare,” he muttered and though he couldn’t be seen Mitch nodded.

“No need to be sorry,” he muttered and pushed to his feet with a groan.  “Guess we both feel asleep,” he said needlessly as Zander stayed hunched over.

“Sorry.” Zander lifted his head and looked around a little blankly. “I should go.” He stood up and took a couple of steps towards the door before he realised he didn’t have his shoes on and stopped with a frown.

“Look, I know we don’t know each other very well but you don’t seem like you should be alone right now. Let me make some coffee-”

“No,” Zander interrupted and shook his head. “I’ll go.” He went back to the couch and sat down to put on his shoes. “I need to get some proper sleep anyway,” he said without looking up. “Or I’ll be useless for work.”

“Yeah of course. Just let me grab my jacket and I’ll take you home.” He didn’t wait for a response as Zander stood to pull on his jacket, just strode into his bedroom where he’d left his jacket on his bed. “What is it you do anyway?” he called out as he shrugged into the jacket and tucked his phone into an internal pocket. He grabbed his boots from his closet and walked out to find the room empty.

Later that day Mitch was finishing up some paperwork for a new client when there was a soft knock on his office door.

“Hey, you ready? What the hell Mitch?”

He looked up and arched a brow as he grinned at his friend. “Wow Ben. You getting married or something?”

“Me?” Ben stabbed a finger towards him and shook his head. “You need to get changed, Dee will have a fit if you show up like that.”

“Dee? Did we have plans?” He closed the folder on the paperwork and turned to store it in his filing cabinet then stood up to stretch. “I must have forgotten. I’m wiped out from last night still,” he added as he yawned.

“Idiot,” Ben scoffed as he leaned a shoulder against the door jamb. “You’re meant to be well rested for tonight. You never know who could buy you after all.”

“Wait.” Mitch held up a hand then waved it up and down. “You’re dressed like this for Dee’s auction thing?”

“Yeah. Why else? And why are you stalling, you need to change. Come on, I don’t want to be late.”

Mitch looked over at his completely clueless friend, thinking it was amazing that he was studying to be a doctor. Tall and good looking with a passing resemblance to Prince Harry he was never without female attention for long. “You planning to buy someone Ben?” he asked with a frown as he opened a drawer and took out his phone, wallet and keys then stood up to pocket the first two items and palm the last.

“Not me.” Ben grinned and rubbed his hands together. “I figure there’ll be a few ladies who miss out that might need a little consoling.”

“Right.” Mitch huffed a laugh and headed to the door as Ben straightened up and stepped back. He locked the door then clasped his friend’s shoulder. “Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it was last night.”

Ben’s grin faded and he reached inside his suit jacket to pull out his phone and tap at the screen. “No,” he muttered. “I had a reminder set…”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Mitch said as he started towards the exit. “See you tomorrow,” he called out towards the reception area but didn’t stop to chat.

“This is… hold up.” Ben stopped a few steps outside the door and grabbed Mitch’s arm. “I’m dressed like this for nothing?” he complained and Mitch laughed.

“Oh I’m sure we’ll find someone to appreciate your outfit. Where do you want to go?”

“Actually, a couple of the nurses saw me leaving and invited me to join them at a club.”

Mitch looked down at his boots, blue jeans, and black shirt he’d changed into after his last client. “I don’t think we’re dressed for the same club. Want to eat though?”

“Neither of us are dressed for the club but what the hell. Let’s eat and then we’ll go check it out.”

Two hours later Mitch was staring at  Ben in disbelief. “You want to go to the The Void?”

“Hot nurses Mitch,” Ben said seriously as he kept walking.

The Void,” Mitch repeated. “You know it’s a,  a… gothic sex club right?”

“No it’s not! Is it?” Ben stopped and looked down towards the club entrance in the distance.

Mitch stopped beside his friend and looked around noting a couple in the shadows against the wall of the building just ahead of them. “I’ve heard it sort of is. Lots of leather, black clothing, a bit of a 50 Shades vibe.” A low groan drew his eye back to the couple for a moment. “Look at the people waiting outside Ben, what do you think?”

Ben’s head moved as he looked around but Mitch’s attention was back on the couple who had drawn apart then one of them shoved the other and took a step away. Between one blink and the next the one who’d started to walk away was pinned against the wall by their shoulders.

“Did you see that?” Ben asked softly and Mitch nodded as they waited to see what happened next.

To their relief a laugh sounded and the two forms merged into one as they apparently kissed and made up. “Fuck, thought that was going to go wrong,” Mitch muttered.

“Yeah me too. I think I need a drink after that. You?”

“Definitely, so what the hell?  Let’s go check out the sex club.”

“Yay,” Ben said with a laugh as they drew even with the passionate couple.

“Fuck stop. I have to get to work,” a low voice sounded then a groan.

“Fuck work. No, fuck me,” the reply came with a groan then another one and Mitch looked over just as they broke apart again.

“Later pretty boy,” a breathless voice said as a familiar figure stepped out of the shadows.

“Zander?” Mitch said with surprise as he stopped in his tracks.

Zander turned with a grin and nodded. “Oh hey Mitch.”

He broke off as the other person joined them. The man was the same height as Zander but slender, built more like a dancer. He had blue tipped hair, well groomed stubble, and a grin on his swollen lips as he slid his arms around Zander’s waist in a clear statement.

Mitch could understand the other man’s possessiveness because Zander had looked amazing in his suit but tonight he was positively edible. His body was on display in painted on black jeans and a sleeveless black shirt that showed off his arms and the ink along one bicep. Mitch had seen seen how well defined he was at the gym but it was always different away from that environment and he let himself enjoy the view.

“Hot date?” Zander asked with a friendly smile towards Ben who had stopped a few steps away.

“No, on our way to a club,” he gestured over his shoulder and Zander’s eyebrows went up.

“You’re going there?” He pointed at The Void.

Mitch grinned and shrugged. “Ben works with someone who was headed here so he wants to check them, err it out,” he explained.

“Yeah?” Zander looked at Ben who nodded and took a step closer.

“Hot nurses. I’m a doctor in training.”

“Ah, okay. Well that’s where I work so give me a minute and I’ll walk you in.” Mitch nodded and stepped away as Zander turned to the man who had stood silently against him. “I’ll talk to you later…”

“How do you know him?” Ben asked as the men said their goodbyes.

“From the gym and he’s the one from last night,” Mitch said quietly, not having to elaborate since he’d told Ben everything over dinner. From the attraction he’d felt at the start of the night to Zander leaving so abruptly at the end.

“Ready?” Zander’s hand landed on Mitch’s shoulder and they started moving.

“Your friend isn’t going in?” Ben asked looking back at the retreating figure.

“Nah, he has a date with his boyfriend,” Zander said casually.

“Oh, I thought you two were…” Ben seemed to realise he was about to put his foot in it and shut up.

“Oh we are,” Zander said with a grin. “Don’t worry about it man, it’s complicated but they have an understanding.”

“And you?” Mitch asked remembering how Zander had been over dinner the night before.

“I’m not so understanding but we’re working on it,” Zander said as they reached the door and the doorman smiled in welcome.

“They with you?” he asked giving Mitch and Ben a once over.

“Yeah. Meeting some friends apparently.”

With an amused snort the door was opened and they stepped into a quiet anteroom.

“First time here for you both?” Zander stopped just inside the door.

“Is it that obvious?” Mitch knew they looked out of place though at least Ben’s suit was black. The people outside had been mostly in black, leather, lace, and velvet. Neither of them wore any makeup like a lot of the men outside and even Zander had eyeliner on and a trail of teardrops had been drawn under his left eye.

“Your clothes are fine, it’s more…” he waved a hand in the air then shrugged. “You’ll be fine. Just a couple of rules. Don’t touch anyone wearing a collar and be careful who you accept drinks from.” Shock must have shown on their faces as Zander laughed. “Don’t worry, no one will hurt you unless you want them too. I’ll be behind the bar if you need me.”

Mitch laughed nervously and raked his fingers through his hair. “Suddenly I’m not so sure about this,” he admitted.

“Me too,” Ben muttered.

Zander smirked as he reached for the door handle and said, “Gentlemen, welcome to The Void.”