I shouldn’t be here but I am. This is the club Ben and Mitch thought they were walking into. Here sex wasn’t a glimmer of hope in a clubber’s eye, here if you wanted it you could have it. You could negotiate a scene, flog or be flogged. You could take to the stage if your kink was being watched. This club was expensive and exclusive and I only knew about it because I knew the owner, was only sitting at the bar nursing my one drink for the same reason. Yeah there’s a one drink limit here, no drunken orgies or non-consensual anything, ever.

Just sex in many varieties and combinations. If you looked close enough you would see it. At the booths around the room, the clusters of chairs, against the wall even. As I watched a man and a woman approached a lone man where he sat in a club chair. Words were exchanged before the woman straddled the seated man and her… companion sat down at a chair opposite them.

“Are you here to watch or play?”

I didn’t turn towards the soft voice since I had watched the owner of it walk up to the bar a few minutes earlier. She was on the small side and the black dress that matched her mask hugged her curves nicely. Didn’t I mention the masks? A little anonymity for those who wanted it, not mandatory but the majority wore them. Her hair was dark and shorter in the back than the front in what I considered a masculine style but it seemed to suit her.

“I haven’t decided yet,” I answered then turned to find dark brown eyes peering out at me that of course reminded me of Luc. I pushed the thought aside and focused on the woman. “You?”

“Same really.” Her lips tilted into a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Seemed like a good idea earlier. A way to see if I still liked sex without getting involved with anyone. You have beautiful eyes.” she added with an embarrassed laugh. “I didn’t mean to blurt that out but they distracted me.”

“That’s… wow.” I said with a grin. “Well first, thanks for the compliment. And second, why wouldn’t you like sex? With that body you must have them lining up.” I flirted a little and it felt good as her head dipped along with her eyes and she gave me a thorough once over.

She made solid eye contact when she was done and said, “If anyone has them lining up I think it would be you.”

With all the sex going on around me, arousal had been a low throb in my blood but the hunger in her eyes kicked it up more than a notch. I turned towards her and lifted one foot to rest on the rung of her stool effectively trapping her between the bar and myself. Would she notice?. Her eyes dropped and she licked her lips then lifted a hand to tuck a fall of hair behind her ear.

Forget any throbbing, lust roared through me. I wanted to clamp my teeth on her throat to mark her, wanted to hold her hands over her head while I fucked her. She was small and soft and vulnerable with all those nervous tells. She made me feel like an animal, reduced to one base desire. No feelings, no emotions, just want, need. Which was exactly why I was here. Sex, just sex, that’s what I was good at, that’s what I needed to remind myself.

I lifted my hand and tucked back the hair on the other side of her face. “So tell me? Why do you have doubts about liking sex. And more importantly, can I help you with those doubts. In any way.” My hand dropped to her nape, my thumb stroking her collar bone. “Fuck you’re soft,” I whispered.

Her fingers trembled the tiniest bit as she pressed her hand to my chest over my thundering heart. “You’re not soft.” My hand cupped her throat and I felt her swallow. “Not at all are you?”

It felt like she was asking about more than my body and those brown eyes were looking at my soul. Which I didn’t want. I was here for the physical release because I was telling myself that was all I needed. It had just been a while since I’d made the effort to get laid so here I was in the one place where it was all but guaranteed.

“There is one spot,” I whispered as I leaned forward slowly, giving her plenty of time to back away. But she didn’t, she tilted her head back and her eyes closed as our mouths touched, gently because she was so soft. Her lips tasted like rum and strawberries, her drink and her lip gloss, and I groaned as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. We kissed until I felt the bite of her nails then I eased back.

Her eyes opened slowly and she asked, “Have you decided?”

I dragged my thumb over her plump lower lip and watched her pupils dilate. “Mmm.” I pressed a little and she opened for me. “Do you really want to do this here?” I asked and stood up close to her.

“I ah…” Her voice trailed off as I cupped her hip and lowered my head to brush my lips against her ear.

“Tell me why,” I whispered and she shuddered.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I just want, oh!”

“This?” I asked as I pressed my erection against her thigh.

Her leg pressed back and she nodded her head jerkily.

“How do you want it? Here for everyone to see?”

I watched her look around, her nerves obvious. “A booth? A chair?” I gestured around us. “Tell me what you want.”

“I…” She looked past me and I knew she’d see a couple making use of a chair and there was a threesome on stage, a woman pinned between two men. Her eyes came back to mine and beneath the mask I could see a pink flush on her cheeks. “I’m not sure. But I don’t want to be watched.”

“You’ve come to the wrong place then,” I said with a laugh.

“Would you want to be watched? Is that your… thing?” she asked sounding shocked.

I tore my eyes from hers to look around then shrugged. “Not really. But I wouldn’t let a few voyeurs stop me doing what I wanted to you.”

“To anyone you mean,” she corrected me, her voice certain.

I turned back to her and shook my head as I reached for her hand. “No. Not anyone. Just you.” I pulled her to her feet and even in her sexy heels she just reached my shoulder. I had to lean down to reach her ear and I did so. “You’re the only one I want to do bad things to right now.”

“I thought I could, but now that I’m here…”

Disappointment felt like a weight on my shoulders for a moment then the ridiculousness of the situation hit me. Even in a fucking sex club, I pick the one person who doesn’t want what I’m offering.

“It’s okay.” I let go of her hand and stepped back but she followed me. I couldn’t even retreat with my dignity in tact.

“No! Please.” She grabbed my hand and I stopped then she was standing too close, pressing her body into me. “I want you too, just not here. I know this place is safe and anonymous,” she rushed to explain. “I know the vetting process to get in here so I’m pretty sure you’re not an axe murderer.”

“No, I prefer chainsaws,” I teased and she laughed.

“I just wouldn’t relax here, knowing people were watching. And…” she trailed off and looked down as she flushed then her shoulders squared and she lifted her chin. “And I want you naked, want to see all of you.”

She was right, here wouldn’t work. Because I didn’t want a quick fuck, didn’t want a surreptitious rendezvous, or clandestine sex. I wanted her naked and at my mercy but most of all, I wanted her to be mine alone. No one else to see her body or hear her moans.

I’d walked into this club tonight in search of sex, wanting to prove to myself that I wasn’t hung up on someone else’s lover. As my body throbbed for the woman in front of me, I wondered if that was proof enough. I wondered if I sated myself with her, would I forget anyone else. I looked into hopeful brown eyes and knew I was going to find out.