(continues from Lunch Date?) (rated S for smutty) (NSFW)

I woke up alone, my alarm buzzing again. But this wasn’t groundhog day, this was just another ‘Zander you’re an idiot’ day. This was the morning after the day before, after lunch with Luc and Levi, after staying late at The Void in case they came in, then even later at the club looking for Sugar. I wished it was like the movie, but I’d go back a day, or a night. Back to that moment when I stopped outside my building. If I could do it over, I would have kept walking, gone to her hotel, skipped the whole waking up alone bit.

Except then I wouldn’t have the sweet scent of her on my pillows still,  or the memory of her in my bed…

“You can’t do that here.”

Her hands covered mine and I followed her startled look at the windows we stood in front of.

“It’s one way glass,” I assured her as I took a step backwards. “But you’re right, we’ll be more comfortable in bed.”

“Bed?” she repeated and her voice quivered.

“Or the couch.” I changed direction and a few moments later I was sinking down, guiding her into my lap, her knees hugging my hips, her hands braced on my chest.

“This is nice,” she said as her hands stroked up to my shoulders then down to my stomach.

“It’ll be nicer if you sit your sweet ass down,” I said and her eyes flared wide then narrowed.

She slid her hands back up to grip my shoulders as her legs bent, “Like this?” She was teasing me as she sat on my thighs, a sly smile on her lips.

“Mmm, perfect.” I reached for the bottom of her dress and started to bunch it in my hands revealing her creamy skin.

Her voice was breathy as she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I said absently as I let go of the material to press my hands to her thighs. “So soft Sugar.” My hands skated higher and I looked up into her face to find her watching me, her eyes slumberous as her teeth pressed into her plump lower lip. “Ah fuck,” I breathed the words as my hands settled on her bare hips, and I couldn’t resist sliding my hands around to cup and squeeze her bottom. “I did not expect that.” My voice was rough with lust and I felt light headed for a moment as all my blood went south. “Fuck Sugar, you can’t walk around like this,” I growled.

She laughed softly. “I thought it would be easier at the club. You know, save me worrying about losing my panties.”

“If I’d know you were like this at the bar…” my voice trailed off as I moved one hand forward to slide between her legs. “Fuck…” I was reduced to basics as I touched hot wet flesh and her hands tightened on my shoulders as I found her clitoris with my middle finger and rubbed it.

“What?” she gasped and rocked into my hand.

“I would have gone to my knees.”  My hand dipped, my middle finger rubbing against her entrance as her eyes closed. “Pushed your dress up, pushed your legs wide open, and done this.” I slid my finger inside and her pussy clamped down. “Then I would have licked you Sugar, licked all your sweet juices.” I used my thumb to rub her clit as I drew my finger out slowly.

“Zander?” she sounded uncertain and her eyes fluttered open. “I think I…”

“Yeah,” I agreed roughly as I pushed inside her again and flicked my thumb over her clit. “You are Sugar. On my hand, on my cock, on my tongue. Can’t wait to fuck this sweet pussy.”

She gasped and looked genuinely surprised as her internal muscles clenched hard on my invading finger and her whole body shuddered. “Oh, oh, ahhh, no!”

I couldn’t contain my grin or the low laugh at her last word but I took the hint and stopped. For a moment. This time I gave her two fingers and rubbed all around her clitoris as she squirmed and tried to get me to do what she wanted.

“Please,” she whispered and brushed her lips against mine.

“Please what?” I filled her mouth with my tongue so she couldn’t answer as I finger fucked her slowly.

“Touch me,” she breathed against my ear when I let her up to breathe.

“I am,” I assured her and lifted my free hand to grip her neck as I kissed her again.

“Please, more,” she begged the next time.

“My fingers in your pussy not enough Sugar?” I teased and lowered my mouth to her neck.

“No I… yes… oh please…” she moaned as I sucked on her neck.

This time when she came it was with a breathless, “Oh fuck,” and her hips jerked hard away from me, leaving my fingers cold and lonely.

Her fingers tugged at my hair and I lifted my head reluctantly.

“I think it’s your turn.” She didn’t hesitate to reach between us but her fingers faltered and her eyes went wide as she found my leaking cock. “Oh! Have you already…”

“Does it feel like I have?” I asked with a groan as she brushed her thumb over the head.

“You’re all wet though,” she said with a frown then pressed her open palm over the front of my boxers and my cock flexed. “But no, it doesn’t feel like you have…”

“Come? No I haven’t.” Her face was flushed, her hair tousled and she had my bite mark on her neck but she managed to look innocent and embarrassed all the same. “It’s pre-cum Sugar, but if you keep rubbing like that you’ll make a liar out of me in a minute.”

Her hand went still but she didn’t lift it. “Is that what you want. Like you did to me?”

“No, I thought we’d go practise your favourite position.”

“Go? You mean to bed?” she asked nervously.

“It would work best there,” I said and her lashes fluttered as her head dropped forward. I wasn’t an idiot so I knew she was reacting to ‘bed’. “But we can stay here, try a different position. I just need to go grab the condoms.”

“No! I want to… do it in bed.” Her voice quivered but when her eyes lifted she was determined.

“We can stop, you can leave, any time you want to,” I reminded her and she nodded. “When I stand up wrap your legs around me.”

“What?” Her eyes widened and then she let out a little shriek as I stood up but she did what I said and her legs circled my hips.

I sat up and shoved my hands through my hair as the alarm sounded again.

“Shut up,” I muttered and I wasn’t sure if I was talking to the alarm or to my memory. Both of them probably. I climbed out of bed determined to hit the gym before work. I grabbed my phone and fired off a message to my friend and fellow club owner to see if he wanted to meet for a sparring session. Maybe he’d knock some sense into me…