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August 2017

Magnetic Attraction

magnetic attraction I can't deny each day we're apart try not to cry baby think about us how we used to be those times together just you and me and take of your clothes baby take it down to skin... Continue Reading →


tears don't fall no graceful glide eyes are dry from the pain I hide it's a visceral thing I can't define but loving you was so sublime I can't forget I'll never move on I'll wait for you... Everlong

The Setup

(continues from here) I hadn’t slept much so when I got off the phone from Max I thought about just staying in bed and trying to sleep again. After I’d gotten in the lift I couldn’t banish the thought of... Continue Reading →

The Right Time (Mitch)

This was going to hurt, Mitch thought as he saw the blow coming. Adrian telegraphed his moves terribly, but his brain to body connection was lagging and he moved a fraction of a second too late. “Fuck,” he growled as... Continue Reading →

wasted wishes

(continues from here) “What do I want?” Luc grinned as he stopped before me. “Did you want a list or a demonstration?” I didn’t want to be charmed by him so I ignored him to look at Levi instead. “You... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk (Mitch)

Every time Mitch’s phone rang he thought he should change the ringtone from the generic burbling sound. Then he answered it and he forgot about it. But when it rang after midnight and he had a training session at six... Continue Reading →

Lunch Date Redux

(continues from here) André and I sat in silence as Mitch walked out, both of us hurting a little and catching our breath. "Your friend okay?" he asked when we were both breathing normally again. I looked towards the open... Continue Reading →

another round (Mitch)

Mitch had just finished the rosters for the next week when his desk phone beeped, the line from reception lit up. "Hey Carrie," he said absently as he stacked the printouts neatly. "Sorry to disturb you, I'm trying to organize... Continue Reading →

you wont find me

you wont find me in your path as you amble through your life I wont be lurking in the shadows of your mind you wont find me on the pages of the books you read each day I wont be... Continue Reading →

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