(continues from here) (rated S for smutty) (NSFW)

I ate my cake and we locked up then I walked Max to Mitch’s building and waited for her to go inside. Then I waited a few minutes more because while I knew Mitch wouldn’t kick her out, there was a chance Max might try to run away. I should have gone home after that but instead I found myself in front of Luc’s door, wondering if I should knock or walk away. It was late and he would probably be asleep. If he was even here. He’d probably gone to Levi’s. So it wouldn’t matter if I knocked.

“Just knock already,” I muttered to myself and rapped twice. Then I waited. Thirty seconds would be long enough for him to answer if he was there right? I started to count and got to fifteen before the door swung open.

“Zander?” Luc frowned as he pushed his hair back from his face.

He was in boxers and a tank and the room behind him was dimly lit. “Fuck, sorry, I didn’t think…” I took a step back but he reached out and grabbed a handful of my tshirt stopping me.

“I wasn’t expecting you,” he said with a grin. “But that doesn’t mean you get to wake me up and run away.”

He tugged and I moved forward over the threshold as he moved back and before I knew what was happening I was inside his apartment, the door closing with a soft snick.

“Who were you expecting?” I asked as we stopped moving.

“No one. My best friend Jace lives in the building and he has been known to turn up in the middle of the night looking for food.”

“Oh,” was all I managed to articulate as Luc’s body pressed against mine then the overhead light flared and I realised he had been reaching for the switch.

“Is that why you’re here? You hungry Zander?” His eyes met mine as he crossed his arms over his chest then pulled his lower lip between his teeth and gave me a slow once over. “I’m feeling suddenly famished.”

I knew he wasn’t talking about food but I pretended otherwise. “I didn’t come here for food. Why did you come to The Void tonight?”

“To see you. Why else?”

I shrugged and looked away, but my eyes snagged on his bed and I had to swallow back what I really wanted to say. “You didn’t stick around?”

“You were busy flirting,” Luc said with a sneer.

“What?” That surprised a laugh out of me. “I was working.”

“Yeah, right,” he scoffed and started to turn away from me.

“Were you jealous?” I taunted and he spun back with a glare. “Or was I in your way? Were you looking for someone to take home to Levi?”

“Was I..” Luc’s glare faded to confusion and he shook his head. “Is that what you think of us? You turned us down so went looking for someone else to fuck?”

“Pretty much,” I said with a smirk. And that was why I had come here tonight. To get the truth, get closure, move on. To at the very least piss him off enough that he’d kick me out before I did something really dumb.

Luc’s jaw dropped open and disbelief washed over his face. Then he closed his mouth with a snap and surprised me again when he asked, “Are you part of the kink scene?”


“I saw you at a gym with the owner of DV8.”

Which meant he’d seen me at Mitch’s gym with André. “I didn’t see you.”

“I was just passing by, saw you from the back,” he explained. “So are you?”

“Are you?” I shot back. “You recognized André so…?”

“We’ve been a couple of times, Levi got us visitors passes from a client of his. I don’t know the owner but I recognized him. So are you?”

“Would it bother you if I was?”

“No but… there are parts of that world that I’m not comfortable with so we should discuss it.”

I starred at Luc, taking is his long lashed brown eyes, the way he bit his lip when he was nervous, like now. I tamped down the urge to soothe him and lifted one shoulder in a careless shrug. “We don’t need to discuss anything since we wont be doing anything that would make you uncomfortable”

“What does that mean? You don’t want me?” Luc’s eyes dragged down my body and stopped below my waist where my interest was obvious. Fuck my lack of control around him.

“I don’t want to be part of some game you and Levi have going.” I stepped back as Luc stepped forward until my back hit the door.

“You’re so good at telling me what you don’t want,” he said softly as he stopped an inch away from me. “What about what you do want?”

I sucked in a breath that was all Luc and I wanted him. I blinked and Jorja flashed behind my eyes, her eyes wide with shock as she came apart underneath me and I wanted her. My head hit the door with a soft thump and I remembered Levi pushing me against the door as he kissed me and I wanted him too.

What did I want? Jorja and Luc and Levi. I was a greedy hedonistic bastard and I wanted them all. I had so many filthy fantasies of all of them, with me, with each other, the four of us together. Not that it mattered. Jorja had walked away without looking back. Luc and Levi just wanted an occasional third.

I opened my mouth to say it didn’t matter, that I wanted nothing, but what came out was, “I want you.”

Luc didn’t wait for a second invitation, his body pressed mine into the door and his fingers slid into my hair, tugging my head to the side as he pressed his lips to my neck. “I’m yours,” he whispered the lie then bit me and pleasure cascaded. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to him, lost myself in the taste and feel, let myself live for the moment.

Our clothing disappeared somewhere between the door and the bed where Luc gave me a shove so I sprawled over his mattress while he reached into his bedside table for supplies.

“No running away this time,” he said as he crawled over me then sat on my thighs and ripped open a condom.

I didn’t argue the point as he sheathed my cock. “Shut up and fuck me,” I said and pulled him down so I could take his mouth. I didn’t need his words, I needed his groans of pleasure, his moans as I pushed inside his tight body, I needed him under me, wanted the hot length of his cock pressed between us.

“Fuck,” I panted against his neck as I felt myself getting close. I didn’t want to hold back but I needed him to come first. “Come for me now Luc.” It was an order not a request and he groaned a protest, like he didn’t want it to ever end. “Now,” I said again then I sunk my teeth into his shoulder and he gave me what I wanted. Feeling his release against my stomach as he shuddered and called my name was all that I needed to push me over the edge.

I left Luc sprawled on the bed still gasping for breath while I cleaned up in the bathroom. He hadn’t moved when I came out but he sat up when I bypassed the bed and started to get dressed. His satisfied smile changed to a frown when I sat on the couch to pull on my socks and boots.

“You’re just going to leave then?”

I nodded but didn’t say anything as I stood up. I should never have come here, this should never have happened, and it sure as fuck shouldn’t happen again, no matter how much I wanted it to. So I made sure it didn’t. I took the few steps to the door and grasped the handle then I looked back and gave him a deliberate once over before meeting his eyes.

“Thanks for the fuck,” I said and gripped the handle so hard I expected it to break. “Don’t come around The Void anymore.” I didn’t wait for a response but the look of hurt on his face stayed with me all the way home and was waiting when I closed my eyes to try to sleep.