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October 2017

Almost Heaven

continues from and then there were three… As predicted the DJ was trotting out every sappy love song known to man, and I wondered if there was anything sappier as Bryan Adams crooned about heaven. Luc huffed a laugh, the... Continue Reading →

and then there were three…

continues from Home (not so) sweet home Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, full of love and laughter and bad toasts, but playing with Chess and his wedding band for a few weeks had shown me that wasn’t always... Continue Reading →

Home (not so) sweet home

“Bite Me. Really” I looked at the logo on the window, the cartoonish disembodied open mouth biting into a cupcake, and shrugged. “It’s the name it came with,” I told Chess. “But Max loved it anyway.” “Not to doubt your... Continue Reading →

The High Road

When I walked away from The Void nearly six months ago, the last place I expected to find myself was at a wedding in central London. As if the sea of pastel dresses wasn’t jarring enough, seeing my brother in... Continue Reading →

not so pear shaped (Mitch)

It took a lot of pressure to make a diamond, Mitch figured it was why they were the choice for engagement rings. A reminder of how strong the relationship was, the pressure it had withstood, to become the shining treasure... Continue Reading →

an apology of sorts (Mitch)

(rated S for smutty) (NSFW) Not for the first time Max stood in front of Mitch’s door, her heart racing with anticipation. Her trembling fingers were new though, making it difficult as she tried to line up the key to... Continue Reading →

All Hallows Write

So over at Mind of Nox, Nox has done a fun tag for Halloween and since I am doing such an exceptional job at procrastinating, I thought I'd join in... The Rules: #1 – Provide a BRIEF description of your... Continue Reading →

smile :)

They tried so hard to tame her Break her spirit, change her style She didn’t know how to conform But she failed with a smile Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

the three effs

I'm the superficial type It's not hard to please me Just take off your clothes Now come close and tease me First we're gonna flirt Then we'll fuck then we'll fight Or is it fight then fuck? I can never... Continue Reading →

can’t deny

I keep tripping over random thoughts in my head images of you naked in bed I want to be with you trapped in your stare tasting your skin breathing your air I know what you want you know what I... Continue Reading →

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