a little bit smutty


November 2017


Love the way you look beneath me So hot and sweaty Eyes dazed with pleasure We’ve been playing this game too long I want to come You want to come But you wont Until I tell you And I wont... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Standing alone In the dark of night Feels like the world Is falling away With no one to catch me No one to hold me No one to lie About how we'll be fine Futile wishes Never changed a thing... Continue Reading →

Watch Me Bleed

I opened a vein Bled words onto the page For you to devour Read with avarice Reveling in my pain While scar tissue forms My body a road map Sketched in shades of black Of sins and tragedies Self inflicted... Continue Reading →

always on my mind

post midnight semi coherent rambling thoughts I can't contain I think I feel you but you're never there and I wonder are you there a heartbeat away one phase shift to the right are we ever so slightly out of... Continue Reading →

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