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January 2018

The Blame Game

there's a space in my body where my heart used to be underneath my jacket there's a you shaped cavity got a tattoo on my chest a broken bleeding heart and all the world thinks it's just a work of... Continue Reading →

NYE @ The Void

Love sucks. Anyone who says otherwise has never had their heart broken. No, not just broken. Torn out and stomped on. Worst thing is, I did it to myself. Ripped that sucker out and kicked it until it gave up.... Continue Reading →

Born To Run

continues from Almost Heaven “You’re staring again,” Chess said softly and jabbed me in the side with his not so soft elbow. “Am not,” I denied and looked down at my glass, empty after all the speeches.. “Another?” He lifted... Continue Reading →


if you care to study the phenom of the thin line betwixt love and hate you need not search far just sit and wait because I love you today my heart overflows but by Friday I hate you can't say... Continue Reading →

summer’s end

I watched you with oblique glances my attention a gentle wave undulating and persuasive until you saw me watching you wanting you and in a moment I waited too long for you were mine for a time not ours to... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 8

Have you ever wanted to stop time? Had a moment so perfect, you wanted to just stay in that moment, right there, for eternity. Or a day that you would happily live over and over, like Bill Murray in that... Continue Reading →

Baby let’s drive

Baby let’s drive I whisper in your ear let's pack a bag we’re so out of here Baby let’s drive like we have somewhere to be but our only destination is you beside me Baby let’s drive until the road... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 7

So apparently, even Santa can't change the laws of physics and Remy was more than happy to tell me so. He yelled something about needing a tardis and a doctor  and since I didn't have either, I was out of... Continue Reading →

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