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February 2018

It’s A Shoe Thing

Part 4 Delaney ended the call with a bemused smile and a shake of her head. “What the fuck was that?” she mumbled to herself. “You talking to me Del?” Brett’s voice preceded her by a few seconds before she... Continue Reading →

The Joker

Part 3 Dane Sanders sat alone in his usual spot on the coach lounge. The boys were still in their racks, he could hear the faint murmur of Tommy’s voice, no doubt talking to his family, but not much else.... Continue Reading →

waiting to fall

I'm not feeling any love For you tonight I'm holding on to the hurt Think I want to fight It's all your fault And you know it's true Who else makes up The way you do First we'll yell and... Continue Reading →

toxic heart

today my heart feels pulverised been marginalised been pushed aside got feelings no one recognised will never realise how I feel inside got a toxic heart got a desolate mind got nothing of worth got nothing to hide got a... Continue Reading →

*costume not required

Part 2 Delaney Cole was a self proclaimed fuck up, in the nicest possible way. Case in point, she couldn’t even dial a phone number right, then she was rude to the nice guy who’d answered. The really nice guy... Continue Reading →

Wrong Number

Part 1 Six Months Ago Backstage was a hive of activity, guitars were being packed and the crew was waiting to collect the instruments on stage then break it all down to move on to the next show. Quinn handed... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day @ The Void

We’d turned The Void red for Valentine’s Day, the music was sexy, the lighting low, the perfect place to bring your date after dinner. Unless your date was an amazing cook and insisted on cooking you a delicious meal, followed... Continue Reading →

The Real You

Quinn Kelly ignored the squeal and the sound of his name easily enough but the prod of an elbow in his side was harder to block out. As the lead singer of a moderately successful rock band who had been... Continue Reading →

Baby let’s ride

You sit down right beside me got that sparkle in your eyes I know you’re gonna say Baby let’s go for a ride Want to leave this all behind us this world ain't for you and me I know the... Continue Reading →

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