a little bit smutty


March 2018

Love In Four Parts

heart pounding pulse is racing need you want you can’t wait to hold you first fight lonely night I love you I hate you I hate that I love you True love blooms Love you to the moon Wedding day... Continue Reading →

(can’t) forget you

Gonna make your memory hard to find Gonna make you faceless in my mind Forget your eyes Forget your smile Your hypnotic voice Your careless style Just for tonight or maybe all week Just for the chance of a dreamless... Continue Reading →

Party @ The Void

Part 9 Delaney stared at the phone screen and had the same internal struggle she’d had for the last few days. “Just delete his number already Del,” Brett said without looking up from her screen. “You said it yourself, asshole.”... Continue Reading →

Post Midnight Madness

Part 8 “Why the fuck is it that you are related to all of these gorgeous women?” “I didn’t say a thing,” Quinn protested with a smirk at Dane’s under the breath comment as they watched Brett walk away. “And... Continue Reading →

Backstage Banter

Part 7 Delaney looked around at the stacks of black cases, the row of instruments, the crates of drinks, and grinned. Backstage at a freaking ‘Sign of Life’ concert was just the pick me up she needed after her crappy... Continue Reading →

After The Show

Part 6 “Come on, make some noise!” A halfhearted cheer went up as the opening act started to play their last song, then the cheer changed to a roar as a guitar riff wound through their melody. “Hah, that lit... Continue Reading →

the coffee date

Part 5 Peter was right on time which was a good sign Delaney decided as she watched him walk towards the coffee shop they’d agreed to meet at. She was early and raised a hand to get his attention as... Continue Reading →

make me wish

"Want to get messy?" I don't care for your grin or nonchalant demeanor "Body paint, see? Chocolate." You tease and tempt and I hate you a little more "We can work off the calories." The sound of your voice,  a... Continue Reading →

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