“Want to get messy?”

I don’t care for your grin or nonchalant demeanor

“Body paint, see? Chocolate.”

You tease and tempt and I hate you a little more

“We can work off the calories.”

The sound of your voice,  a velvet stroke on my soul, I shiver and I hate me even more

My mind wanders, illicit thoughts, dreams that will never be

Make me wish I never heard your voice

Make me wish I didn’t know your face

“We’ll take this one.”

She smiles, her cheeks flushed, and I wonder what you whispered in her ear

Then comes your casual greeting and smile of recognition; we’ve done this dance before


I nod and smile but don’t dare speak

Too afraid that I’ll scream out how much I hate you

Or maybe how much I love you

Then you’re gone and I can breathe again

Until the next time