Part 21

Laney hung up and pulled her pillow over her head to smother the string of curse words she was muttering. Then her phone beeped and she emerged to read the short message from Kelly who she was terribly afraid wasn’t just Kelly at all but someone else. And if she was completely honest with herself she was fairly certain she knew exactly who that someone was. And she was terrified by the thought because the time she had met the man he might be, he had been polite but utterly disinterested.

“It can’t be,” she said a little desperately but her inner voice asked why not. That little voice reminded her of all the little clues she had ignored, the biggest one being his oh so familiar voice. It also whispered that there was an easy way to find out. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said even as she slid out of bed and cracked open her bedroom door.

All was quiet as it should be at two in the morning after a day of shopping and a home movie marathon. Brett had been in bed since midnight and her door was closed, but that was good since what Delaney needed would be in the kitchen. She had never been so thankful that Brett was one of those people who didn’t sleep with her phone by the bed. She said it helped her wake up since it meant she had to not just get out of bed but leave her bedroom to turn off the alarm in the mornings.

Delaney used the light from her own phone screen as she crept through the house and was in parts relieved and dismayed to find Brett’s phone in its usual spot. She woke the device up and tapped in the same passcode Brett used everywhere then with trembling fingers accessed the contacts.

She scrolled quickly to his name then stared at the very familiar number. “No,” she breathed and did the same on her phone, calling up Kelly’s details. “Fuckity fuck!” she scowled down at the matching numbers. There was no more denying it. Her late night chat buddy, occasional flirting partner, and recently pushy friend wasn’t just some guy. He wasn’t a roadie, or an asshole manager, which might even have been preferable, no crew member, assistant, driver. None of the auxiliary jobs that went on a tour. He wasn’t some behind the scenes suit either. No, he was the main event, the fucking talent, the reason for all of those other jobs. Her Kelly was Quinn Kelly, lead singer of the award winning, chart topping, hard rock group Sign of Life, and her slightly secret crush.

Feeling a little numb she exited Brett’s contacts and put the phone back then moved slowly back to her bedroom. What was she going to do? She couldn’t talk to Brett about it now, Kelly, no Quinn, was Brett’s friend, she could hardly say ‘hey you know your buddy Quinn Kelly? He wants to meet me in a dark room so we can see what happens, cool right?’ Or how about ‘remember when I brought you a change of clothes that night you’d hung out with your friends after the party and how Quinn barely looked at me? Well funny story, he’s the guy I’ve been flirting with all these months on the phone and now he wants to meet me. I know he didn’t seem attracted then so we’re going to meet in the dark so I can dazzle him with my personality since my looks obviously didn’t work on him.’ Yeah, either or those would be awesome! It was a fair assumption that Brett would be less than thrilled.

But that also raised the question that she had to answer for herself. Was she going to go through with it? Meet him in a dark room. She should just tell him that they’d met already and he hadn’t been interested. But the next day when he sent through a message she couldn’t do it, while she was sleeping that little voice encouraged her to ‘just have fun, just one night’ it whispered…

Kelly: Still yes?

Me: Are you fucking kidding me? It’s the literal crack of dawn!

Kelly: Literally 10am

Me: Ass. Crack. Of. Dawn.

Kelly: So that’s a yes. Dec 14 sound good?

Me: If that’s the day you choose to do penance for disturbing my sleep, so be it!

Kelly: Penance? Sounds kinky! Wait, it’s too early for that! We’ll hammer out the details later.

‘Tell him you need to talk’ a little voice whispered but it was faint and the other voice in her head was louder; ‘just one night, he’ll never have to know it was you’ that sneaky little voice whispered. So she replied…

Me: Yes

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