a little bit smutty


June 2018

Baby I

Baby I Can't live without your touch Anything you want It will never be too much Sinking in To your arms your heart your kiss Take it all There's not a moment I want to miss Because Baby I Need... Continue Reading →

sweet truths

I wont miss you when you're gone We can never ever be just friends It's all over dusted done You know I can't pretend I still care You wont really understand Say I didn't even know you anyway Tell your... Continue Reading →

The Name Game

Part 31 Not for the first time Dane grabbed for the hand on his ass and moved it back to his waist. “Oh you spoil all my fun,” Harper protested with a pout but left it there. For now. “Ah... Continue Reading →

Shut Up And Dance

Part 30 Laney watched Quinn and Dane arrive from the relative privacy of a booth and from that same vantage point she watched Harper drag Dane onto the dance floor while Quinn stayed talking to Zander. She’d only met the... Continue Reading →

nocturnal muse

nocturnal muse sing me a lullaby I can't take any more I don't want to cry just make me forget all the lies and the pain help me believe in true love again nocturnal muse wont you hold my soul... Continue Reading →

A Night To Forget Part 2

Part 29 “Laney! Fuck!” Quinn pulled his phone from his ear and went to hit the call button. “Don’t be an idiot,” Dane said and plucked it from his hand. “I need to call her back,” Quinn insisted and made... Continue Reading →

A Night To Forget

Part 28 “Max looked amazing and Mitch was so handsome, wasn’t he? And the food was amazing and the cake-” “Was delicious! We heard you the first fucking time Harper. Does she always talk this much?” Delaney demanded of Brett... Continue Reading →

love you

I couldn't love you any less But please don't put that to the test You know I get a little shaky When you do that thing you do When they finally play that song You've been waiting for so long... Continue Reading →

a day to remember part 2

Part 27 Quinn stood behind a curtained off area with the wedding party his bandmates and his parents. Kerry and Siobhan were cooing over Tommy and Sandra’s baby while Max was edging away from the giggling cherub, a look of... Continue Reading →

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