Shopping Day (rated ‘S’ for smutty)

Guilt on rye

Shopping Day 2

Shopping Day Prelude

Shopping Day 3

never together


one more time redux

another time

(not) shopping day 4

what you need

do it again?

first date?

first date redux

night shift

night shift redux

can we talk?

can we talk redux



smoke and mirrors

how patient? (Lily & Tyler)

Lucky Me (Lily & Tyler)

wish you were here (Lily & Tyler)

who’s counting? (Lily & Tyler)

sweet dreams

you’ve got mail (Lily & Tyler)

the best ideas (Lily & Tyler)

the best ideas part 2 (Lily & Tyler)

which date? (Lily & Tyler)

date night[mare] (Lily & Tyler)

The night after the night before (Lily & Tyler)

Moving on (Lily & Tyler)

Moving On Redux (Lily & Tyler)