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Game Over

Feeling kind of gutted that after 275 collaborations the Daily Prompt has decided to leave me to own devices. Kind of irresponsible of it really, where will I find direction and inspiration now, who will feed my word addiction? Well... Continue Reading →

Halloween @ The Void

Part 23 All of the bar staff at The Void were dressed as ghouls which meant their usual attire teamed with some very well applied make up. Delaney stared at Max’s painted face, appreciating the details of the stitches across... Continue Reading →


I don't know how to love you while I hate you so I hurt you until I can't tell if you're bleeding or I'm crying but know I love to put you through hell because I don't know how to... Continue Reading →

freak for it

I'm a freak I must confess Inside my head Is quite a mess I like to watch Those famous boys Sing and dance And make some noise But at this point I digress My mind goes places You'd never guess... Continue Reading →

written in the stars

tell me she whispered, that you'll love me forever that our love is eternal, for worse or for better say it's archaic and ancient, primitive and arcane it's written in the stars, in the blood in my veins tell me... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Part 21 Laney hung up and pulled her pillow over her head to smother the string of curse words she was muttering. Then her phone beeped and she emerged to read the short message from Kelly who she was terribly... Continue Reading →

my mind is skewed

my mind is skewed fixated on your mouth I will never touch your touch I will never know my mind is skewed thinking about your body thinking about your hands thinking about your lips I want to know I wonder... Continue Reading →


I'm aching to feel Your lips on my skin Your teeth scraping down Can't wait to begin I'm counting the hours I'm biding my time For you to come over For you to be mine Don't want to wait For... Continue Reading →

A Room With A View

Part 11 It was far too early when Delaney’s phone rang, she could tell by the lack of light in the room when she cracked one eye lid open. She considered ignoring the infernal device but that was the kind... Continue Reading →

Party Games @ The Void

Part 10 They downed their shots and Mitch refilled their glasses but before they could drink again a woman in a short red dress was asking them to dance. Quinn declined, using his drink as an excuse but after handing... Continue Reading →

Sink In

Thought I had you all wrapped up In my life no matter what Some days you seem to slip away Can't bring you back with what I say You're in my heart You're in my mind You're everything I hoped... Continue Reading →

Love In Four Parts

heart pounding pulse is racing need you want you can’t wait to hold you first fight lonely night I love you I hate you I hate that I love you True love blooms Love you to the moon Wedding day... Continue Reading →

(can’t) forget you

Gonna make your memory hard to find Gonna make you faceless in my mind Forget your eyes Forget your smile Your hypnotic voice Your careless style Just for tonight or maybe all week Just for the chance of a dreamless... Continue Reading →

Party @ The Void

Part 9 Delaney stared at the phone screen and had the same internal struggle she’d had for the last few days. “Just delete his number already Del,” Brett said without looking up from her screen. “You said it yourself, asshole.”... Continue Reading →

Post Midnight Madness

Part 8 “Why the fuck is it that you are related to all of these gorgeous women?” “I didn’t say a thing,” Quinn protested with a smirk at Dane’s under the breath comment as they watched Brett walk away. “And... Continue Reading →

Backstage Banter

Part 7 Delaney looked around at the stacks of black cases, the row of instruments, the crates of drinks, and grinned. Backstage at a freaking ‘Sign of Life’ concert was just the pick me up she needed after her crappy... Continue Reading →

After The Show

Part 6 “Come on, make some noise!” A halfhearted cheer went up as the opening act started to play their last song, then the cheer changed to a roar as a guitar riff wound through their melody. “Hah, that lit... Continue Reading →

the coffee date

Part 5 Peter was right on time which was a good sign Delaney decided as she watched him walk towards the coffee shop they’d agreed to meet at. She was early and raised a hand to get his attention as... Continue Reading →

make me wish

"Want to get messy?" I don't care for your grin or nonchalant demeanor "Body paint, see? Chocolate." You tease and tempt and I hate you a little more "We can work off the calories." The sound of your voice,  a... Continue Reading →

It’s A Shoe Thing

Part 4 Delaney ended the call with a bemused smile and a shake of her head. “What the fuck was that?” she mumbled to herself. “You talking to me Del?” Brett’s voice preceded her by a few seconds before she... Continue Reading →

*costume not required

Part 2 Delaney Cole was a self proclaimed fuck up, in the nicest possible way. Case in point, she couldn’t even dial a phone number right, then she was rude to the nice guy who’d answered. The really nice guy... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day @ The Void

We’d turned The Void red for Valentine’s Day, the music was sexy, the lighting low, the perfect place to bring your date after dinner. Unless your date was an amazing cook and insisted on cooking you a delicious meal, followed... Continue Reading →

Baby let’s ride

You sit down right beside me got that sparkle in your eyes I know you’re gonna say Baby let’s go for a ride Want to leave this all behind us this world ain't for you and me I know the... Continue Reading →

NYE @ The Void

Love sucks. Anyone who says otherwise has never had their heart broken. No, not just broken. Torn out and stomped on. Worst thing is, I did it to myself. Ripped that sucker out and kicked it until it gave up.... Continue Reading →


if you care to study the phenom of the thin line betwixt love and hate you need not search far just sit and wait because I love you today my heart overflows but by Friday I hate you can't say... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 8

Have you ever wanted to stop time? Had a moment so perfect, you wanted to just stay in that moment, right there, for eternity. Or a day that you would happily live over and over, like Bill Murray in that... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 4

I was dreaming. On my couch under the window. My quest to find Santa but then... images flashed through my mind, of a dark haired man watching me curiously, of another man, this one fair, frowning at me, and lastly... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 3

“Who the fuck calls their kid Ever?” "Really? That's your concern right now? Not how did she get here?" Will's annoyed question drew my attention from the small woman in my arms. "Big metal thing over there not enough of... Continue Reading →

Almost Heaven

continues from and then there were three… As predicted the DJ was trotting out every sappy love song known to man, and I wondered if there was anything sappier as Bryan Adams crooned about heaven. Luc huffed a laugh, the... Continue Reading →

Home (not so) sweet home

“Bite Me. Really” I looked at the logo on the window, the cartoonish disembodied open mouth biting into a cupcake, and shrugged. “It’s the name it came with,” I told Chess. “But Max loved it anyway.” “Not to doubt your... Continue Reading →

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