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Daily Prompt

Game Over

Feeling kind of gutted that after 275 collaborations the Daily Prompt has decided to leave me to own devices. Kind of irresponsible of it really, where will I find direction and inspiration now, who will feed my word addiction? Well... Continue Reading →

Halloween @ The Void

Part 23 All of the bar staff at The Void were dressed as ghouls which meant their usual attire teamed with some very well applied make up. Delaney stared at Max’s painted face, appreciating the details of the stitches across... Continue Reading →


I don't know how to love you while I hate you so I hurt you until I can't tell if you're bleeding or I'm crying but know I love to put you through hell because I don't know how to... Continue Reading →

freak for it

I'm a freak I must confess Inside my head Is quite a mess I like to watch Those famous boys Sing and dance And make some noise But at this point I digress My mind goes places You'd never guess... Continue Reading →

written in the stars

tell me she whispered, that you'll love me forever that our love is eternal, for worse or for better say it's archaic and ancient, primitive and arcane it's written in the stars, in the blood in my veins tell me... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Part 21 Laney hung up and pulled her pillow over her head to smother the string of curse words she was muttering. Then her phone beeped and she emerged to read the short message from Kelly who she was terribly... Continue Reading →

my mind is skewed

my mind is skewed fixated on your mouth I will never touch your touch I will never know my mind is skewed thinking about your body thinking about your hands thinking about your lips I want to know I wonder... Continue Reading →


I'm aching to feel Your lips on my skin Your teeth scraping down Can't wait to begin I'm counting the hours I'm biding my time For you to come over For you to be mine Don't want to wait For... Continue Reading →

A Room With A View

Part 11 It was far too early when Delaney’s phone rang, she could tell by the lack of light in the room when she cracked one eye lid open. She considered ignoring the infernal device but that was the kind... Continue Reading →

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