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nocturnal muse

nocturnal muse sing me a lullaby I can't take any more I don't want to cry just make me forget all the lies and the pain help me believe in true love again nocturnal muse wont you hold my soul... Continue Reading →


A Night To Forget Part 2

Part 29 “Laney! Fuck!” Quinn pulled his phone from his ear and went to hit the call button. “Don’t be an idiot,” Dane said and plucked it from his hand. “I need to call her back,” Quinn insisted and made... Continue Reading →

A Night To Forget

Part 28 “Max looked amazing and Mitch was so handsome, wasn’t he? And the food was amazing and the cake-” “Was delicious! We heard you the first fucking time Harper. Does she always talk this much?” Delaney demanded of Brett... Continue Reading →

love you

I couldn't love you any less But please don't put that to the test You know I get a little shaky When you do that thing you do When they finally play that song You've been waiting for so long... Continue Reading →

a day to remember part 2

Part 27 Quinn stood behind a curtained off area with the wedding party his bandmates and his parents. Kerry and Siobhan were cooing over Tommy and Sandra’s baby while Max was edging away from the giggling cherub, a look of... Continue Reading →

a day to remember

Part 26 “Someone get the phone!” Max pointed at the ringing device then turned away to continue the conversation on her cell. “Got it,” Shawn called out and picked it up. “Welcome to the The Void, what’s your pleasure?” “Can... Continue Reading →

Just A Crush

Part 25 “You know it’s ridiculous right?” “How good looking I am? I know, it’s a hard life,” Dane mocked as he glanced at Quinn who was focused on the game on the screen in their hotel room. Quinn huffed... Continue Reading →

Days Go By

Part 24 Me: You up? “No.” Quinn frowned and tried again. Me: Where the hell are you? Thought you were calling an hour ago? “Fuck no,” he muttered and dropped the phone on the bed beside him with a heavy... Continue Reading →


I'm stuck in this moment Blue on repeat I know every lyric I feel every beat Can't help think that you Could be stuck here with me But we're worlds apart We're not meant to be I see you around... Continue Reading →

Game Over

Feeling kind of gutted that after 275 collaborations the Daily Prompt has decided to leave me to own devices. Kind of irresponsible of it really, where will I find direction and inspiration now, who will feed my word addiction? Well... Continue Reading →

Halloween @ The Void

Part 23 All of the bar staff at The Void were dressed as ghouls which meant their usual attire teamed with some very well applied make up. Delaney stared at Max’s painted face, appreciating the details of the stitches across... Continue Reading →


I don't know how to love you while I hate you so I hurt you until I can't tell if you're bleeding or I'm crying but know I love to put you through hell because I don't know how to... Continue Reading →

feeling cakey

got cake red wine ready for a good time frosting flavoured birthday kiss save the moment don't want to miss smeared smiles skin for miles can't disguise lust filled eyes crave your touch can't get enough treasure trail we prevail... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Game

Part 22 “No,” Jonah said unequivocally. “That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” “I think it’s romantic,” Tommy protested then took a bite of pizza. “I don’t care what you think,” Quinn said with shrug. “Jesus Christ! So... Continue Reading →

freak for it

I'm a freak I must confess Inside my head Is quite a mess I like to watch Those famous boys Sing and dance And make some noise But at this point I digress My mind goes places You'd never guess... Continue Reading →

written in the stars

tell me she whispered, that you'll love me forever that our love is eternal, for worse or for better say it's archaic and ancient, primitive and arcane it's written in the stars, in the blood in my veins tell me... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Part 21 Laney hung up and pulled her pillow over her head to smother the string of curse words she was muttering. Then her phone beeped and she emerged to read the short message from Kelly who she was terribly... Continue Reading →

a man with a plan

Part 20 The hotel room wasn’t set up for four people so while Tommy and Dane sat at the small table Quinn and Mac occupied the couch. Their post show dinner had long since been consumed and they were debating... Continue Reading →

Shop Talk

Part 19 “What do you think?” Delaney held up a dark brown wig styled into an ultra short bob. “Or that one?” she pointed at a red one in the same style. “I’m so confused,” Brett said as she sifted... Continue Reading →

Date Night: Kelly?

Part 18 “I don’t get it.” Tommy lay flat on his back staring up at the ceiling. “I mean you know nothing about this woman. Not what she looks like or… anything.” “It’s like Cyrano de Bergerac,” Dane said from... Continue Reading →

(no) Vacancy

...sometimes I want to scream at you to just FUCK OFF with all your true love twin flame rhetoric when I'm sitting here with my heart at full capacity and it feels so huge and all consuming I can barely... Continue Reading →

my mind is skewed

my mind is skewed fixated on your mouth I will never touch your touch I will never know my mind is skewed thinking about your body thinking about your hands thinking about your lips I want to know I wonder... Continue Reading →

Date Night: Brett

Part 17 Delaney dropped her pen into her apron pocket and smiled at the cute family. “I’ll get those drinks right out to you and your meals wont be long either,” she promised. She crossed to the pass and slapped... Continue Reading →

a close shave

Part 16 “Hey it’s Dezi and on the couch with me today I have Quinn and Dane from Sign of Life. Hey guys, how’s it going?” “Great,” Dane said with an enthusiastic grin. “Thanks for having us,” Quinn said with... Continue Reading →

(wont) bloom

Until I knew you I never knew heartbreak. I wished I could take it from you as you lay sobbing in my arms, knew I would gladly take that pain for you if I knew how. Now, every time I... Continue Reading →

Date Night: Harry

Part 15 “Why do I feel like you’re not totally with me?” “Um…” Delaney sighed and shifted closer as Henry pressed a kiss to her neck and her phone buzzed in her pocket. “I am, it’s just…” Henry laughed and... Continue Reading →

my my my

don't you know? wasn't I clear? come a little closer let me whisper in your ear I want your hands I crave your touch one more kiss is never enough got a carnal thirst you can never satisfy baby the... Continue Reading →

I’m resigned

words keep circling in my head all those things I wish I'd said to let you know I needed you and I never wanted to let you go but the truth is that life got in the way we never... Continue Reading →

I want candy

Part 14 “What are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing?” “It looks like you’re taking a picture of a… what is this? A romance novel?” Dane reached by Quinn to pick up the paperback and flip it... Continue Reading →

something to talk about

Part 13 Delaney pulled the sleeve of her hoodie over her hand then pushed the call button for the elevator as Brett said her goodbyes. She snorted softly at her friend’s teasing comment about Dane being hotter. Quinn was attractive... Continue Reading →

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