a little bit smutty

sad refrain

it's not your fault I can't explain it's in my heart a sad refrain what we nearly had what we could have been echoes of my utopian dream a love embraced a life entwined a fantasy of you being mine... Continue Reading →

sometimes it hurts

sometimes it hurts... when you feel so close but you're so far away and I just can't find the words to say sometimes it hurts... when I want to touch your face or just hold your hand but we're living... Continue Reading →

What am I waiting for?

Wish I could create something. I'm staring at my hands waiting... It's not writer's block so much as writer's can't be fucked. You ever have days (weeks...) like that? The spirit is willing but the words wont come. I know... Continue Reading →


I have this distant thought I keep it far away If I bring it too close Who knows what I might say Something about want Maybe need and desire A confession of love How I'd walk through fire To be... Continue Reading →

forget about me

I guess I will survive When you eventually decide I'm not worth your time anymore I guess I'll get along Forget I felt that I belonged There in your life Sometimes I may act strange Maybe I get a bit... Continue Reading →

Bound for You

I like control, it's kind of my thing, I can't give it up. So when I walk in to see your ropes on the table, goosebumps race up my arms and I shiver. I know what you want, what you... Continue Reading →

if we knew

If we knew it was the last time Would we stare a little longer Would we hold a little tighter Or would we just let go If we knew it was the end Would we wish for the beginning Would... Continue Reading →

Wasteland Mind

You should spend your nights Running through my dreams Finding the dead ends And oubliettes Leaving your marks Breadcrumb trails While you’re lost in the maze That you created All those times When you baffled and amused When you entertained... Continue Reading →

do you repent?

In honesty, do we repent When you write your sins do you feel purged Are words shared a burden shed Do you feel better When the world knows you have strayed From the safety of your anonymity Being ‘truthful’ and... Continue Reading →


Wish I could be Better for you The me you think I am Guess we could Bypass reality Embrace the virtual I’ll write the girl You think you want Maybe she Can make you happy

Hot Teacher 16

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher (rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I didn’t get time to dwell on the whole friends with benefits thing as my cell beeped again. West: When? We need to talk. I huffed a laugh as I... Continue Reading →

sometimes we like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… “Are you watching porn?” “What? No!” I laughed and looked back at the screen. “It’s an empty room, why would you think it’s porn?” “It’s obviously a web cam,” he said with a smirk as... Continue Reading →


Will you watch with avid eyes As my hands slide down my thighs Will you breathe a little deeper When my fingers start to creep Under satin sliding higher Find the proof of my desire Fingers wet will you forget... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 15

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher The following day I covered the bruise West had left on my neck with concealer, not wanting to explain it to Cheryl but I couldn't hide my good mood as easily. I was humming... Continue Reading →

let it go

Sorry for... Nothing new in... Ten days and climbing They pass in blurs of thoughts Fragments of ideas Things I could write Things I might say But in the end I am silent Nothing coalesces I feel trapped In a... Continue Reading →

unlucky for some…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… Waiting was not my thing. I sighed as I shot the closed elevator doors a dirty look because that would totally work! The next look went to my cell that had the audacity to suggest... Continue Reading →

tell me yours

What's your kink I want to know I'll write it down If you tell me slow Do you like to watch Or be tied up Like a gentle spank Or a riding crop I'll tell you mine If you tell... Continue Reading →

not prudent

Your eyes are cascading Colours bleeding From blue to green to gold to brown You always were the chameleon Hiding in plain sight Whispering warnings I always ignored If I were smarter I would have walked away the second time... Continue Reading →

sometimes I like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead... I got your invitation. A date, a time, a web link. I clicked it immediately of course. The image of your gravatar appeared overlaid by a countdown timer. 2 days 6 hours 17 minutes, the... Continue Reading →

wish you were here

Would I... Would you... Could we? If fortune smiled upon us, could we find a way? Could you mend my broken heart? Could I find your lost soul? Don't want to be comfortably numb anymore.

drink to forget

Some days I wish there was an elixir that would make you forget about me. Then I wouldn't have to wonder if I was ever going to hear from you again. My heart full of hope could deflate. And any... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 14

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher What did I want? What did I want? Images flashed through my mind, West smirking at me as he'd flirted that first night, West frowning at me as I'd walked out of his home... Continue Reading →

Words are meaningless

Words are meaningless. We can't and we shouldn't are wasted when you're hard in my hand and I'm wet in yours. You say don't as you thrust and grind, whisper stop as you penetrate. We both know it's wrong, is... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 13

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher I walked through to the kitchen where I'd left a light on, the dim illumination enough to guide us past the bulky shadows of furniture. My house was similar in size to West's but... Continue Reading →

Flying Solo

today started as most days do lying in bed thinking of you a symptom of my obsession I guess so I did that thing that I do best

Hot Teacher 12

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher A week after Cheryl and I had a drink and a chat with Gina and Gigi I had another meeting with the 'Concert Squad'. This one took place at Nic's house though and I... Continue Reading →


In my dream last night, we were sitting too close to be merely friends. You had your body turned to the side, your legs wide so you knees bracketed my chair. One arm draped along the back of the chair,... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 11

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 6)(rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I woke surrounded by heat. A hard body against my back, a muscled arm draped over my waist. I think I sighed, heard a murmur in reply.... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 10

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher "This is the place." I looked at Cheryl who was all but bouncing with excitement as we stopped outside the noisy bar. "I'm not sure about this," I said nervously. What had seemed like... Continue Reading →

You Never Did

I never asked to be your everything I never asked you for anything But you gave and I took Was it so wrong to want your desire Was it so wrong to feed your fire With the ashes of his... Continue Reading →

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