a little bit smutty

waiting to fall

I'm not feeling any love For you tonight I'm holding on to the hurt Think I want to fight It's all your fault And you know it's true Who else makes up The way you do First we'll yell and... Continue Reading →


toxic heart

today my heart feels pulverised been marginalised been pushed aside got feelings no one recognised will never realise how I feel inside got a toxic heart got a desolate mind got nothing of worth got nothing to hide got a... Continue Reading →

*costume not required

Part 2 Delaney Cole was a self proclaimed fuck up, in the nicest possible way. Case in point, she couldn’t even dial a phone number right, then she was rude to the nice guy who’d answered. The really nice guy... Continue Reading →

Wrong Number

Part 1 Six Months Ago Backstage was a hive of activity, guitars were being packed and the crew was waiting to collect the instruments on stage then break it all down to move on to the next show. Quinn handed... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day @ The Void

We’d turned The Void red for Valentine’s Day, the music was sexy, the lighting low, the perfect place to bring your date after dinner. Unless your date was an amazing cook and insisted on cooking you a delicious meal, followed... Continue Reading →

The Real You

Quinn Kelly ignored the squeal and the sound of his name easily enough but the prod of an elbow in his side was harder to block out. As the lead singer of a moderately successful rock band who had been... Continue Reading →

Baby let’s ride

You sit down right beside me got that sparkle in your eyes I know you’re gonna say Baby let’s go for a ride Want to leave this all behind us this world ain't for you and me I know the... Continue Reading →

sorrow falls

feels like you're here your melancholy heart painting my day in variegated shades of blue phantom arms embrace me a desperate touch as tears fall imagined wet smears on my shoulder the taint of pain in every breath sadness lingers... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

there's a space in my body where my heart used to be underneath my jacket there's a you shaped cavity got a tattoo on my chest a broken bleeding heart and all the world thinks it's just a work of... Continue Reading →

NYE @ The Void

Love sucks. Anyone who says otherwise has never had their heart broken. No, not just broken. Torn out and stomped on. Worst thing is, I did it to myself. Ripped that sucker out and kicked it until it gave up.... Continue Reading →

Born To Run

continues from Almost Heaven “You’re staring again,” Chess said softly and jabbed me in the side with his not so soft elbow. “Am not,” I denied and looked down at my glass, empty after all the speeches.. “Another?” He lifted... Continue Reading →


if you care to study the phenom of the thin line betwixt love and hate you need not search far just sit and wait because I love you today my heart overflows but by Friday I hate you can't say... Continue Reading →

summer’s end

I watched you with oblique glances my attention a gentle wave undulating and persuasive until you saw me watching you wanting you and in a moment I waited too long for you were mine for a time not ours to... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 8

Have you ever wanted to stop time? Had a moment so perfect, you wanted to just stay in that moment, right there, for eternity. Or a day that you would happily live over and over, like Bill Murray in that... Continue Reading →

Baby let’s drive

Baby let’s drive I whisper in your ear let's pack a bag we’re so out of here Baby let’s drive like we have somewhere to be but our only destination is you beside me Baby let’s drive until the road... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 7

So apparently, even Santa can't change the laws of physics and Remy was more than happy to tell me so. He yelled something about needing a tardis and a doctor  and since I didn't have either, I was out of... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

Because it’s the end Of this year any way Here are some words I forgot to say Thank you for your patience Thank you for your time Thank you for the thoughts You left behind I did a little search... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 6

For as long as I can remember Christmas Eve meant baking. Cookies for Santa and a gingerbread house for us. In retrospect I know it was my mother's way of keeping us busy but it became a tradition that I... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 5

Sometimes the songs almost get it right. There is a list, but it gets checked more than twice. Checked, adjusted, double checked, triple checked, more adjustments, more checks. Kids these days, though it's not their fault they have too many... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 4

I was dreaming. On my couch under the window. My quest to find Santa but then... images flashed through my mind, of a dark haired man watching me curiously, of another man, this one fair, frowning at me, and lastly... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 3

“Who the fuck calls their kid Ever?” "Really? That's your concern right now? Not how did she get here?" Will's annoyed question drew my attention from the small woman in my arms. "Big metal thing over there not enough of... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 2

When I was six I wrote a letter to Santa. My only request: a Rubik's Cube. He gave me a Barbie doll. When I was seven I asked for a telescope so I could look at the stars. He gave... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory

Do you know the Muffin Man? I hate that fucking song. I mean really, what does the Muffin Man even do for you? Give you a muffin? Thanks man, that’s awesome. Where’s the song asking if you know me? Forget... Continue Reading →


in the dark of night when I feel so alone I wrap myself in chords and chaos music soothing my ravaging beast in an aural overload of lyric excess so I slide sublime between treble and bass into chorus and... Continue Reading →


Love the way you look beneath me So hot and sweaty Eyes dazed with pleasure We’ve been playing this game too long I want to come You want to come But you wont Until I tell you And I wont... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Standing alone In the dark of night Feels like the world Is falling away With no one to catch me No one to hold me No one to lie About how we'll be fine Futile wishes Never changed a thing... Continue Reading →

Watch Me Bleed

I opened a vein Bled words onto the page For you to devour Read with avarice Reveling in my pain While scar tissue forms My body a road map Sketched in shades of black Of sins and tragedies Self inflicted... Continue Reading →

always on my mind

post midnight semi coherent rambling thoughts I can't contain I think I feel you but you're never there and I wonder are you there a heartbeat away one phase shift to the right are we ever so slightly out of... Continue Reading →

Almost Heaven

continues from and then there were three… As predicted the DJ was trotting out every sappy love song known to man, and I wondered if there was anything sappier as Bryan Adams crooned about heaven. Luc huffed a laugh, the... Continue Reading →

and then there were three…

continues from Home (not so) sweet home Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, full of love and laughter and bad toasts, but playing with Chess and his wedding band for a few weeks had shown me that wasn’t always... Continue Reading →

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