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The Right Time (Mitch)

This was going to hurt, Mitch thought as he saw the blow coming. Adrian telegraphed his moves terribly, but his brain to body connection was lagging and he moved a fraction of a second too late. “Fuck,” he growled as... Continue Reading →

wasted wishes

(continues from here) “What do I want?” Luc grinned as he stopped before me. “Did you want a list or a demonstration?” I didn’t want to be charmed by him so I ignored him to look at Levi instead. “You... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk (Mitch)

Every time Mitch’s phone rang he thought he should change the ringtone from the generic burbling sound. Then he answered it and he forgot about it. But when it rang after midnight and he had a training session at six... Continue Reading →

Lunch Date Redux

(continues from here) André and I sat in silence as Mitch walked out, both of us hurting a little and catching our breath. "Your friend okay?" he asked when we were both breathing normally again. I looked towards the open... Continue Reading →

another round (Mitch)

Mitch had just finished the rosters for the next week when his desk phone beeped, the line from reception lit up. "Hey Carrie," he said absently as he stacked the printouts neatly. "Sorry to disturb you, I'm trying to organize... Continue Reading →

you wont find me

you wont find me in your path as you amble through your life I wont be lurking in the shadows of your mind you wont find me on the pages of the books you read each day I wont be... Continue Reading →

not Groundhog Day

(continues from Lunch Date?) (rated S for smutty) (NSFW) I woke up alone, my alarm buzzing again. But this wasn't groundhog day, this was just another 'Zander you're an idiot' day. This was the morning after the day before, after... Continue Reading →

Lunch Date?

(continues from The Morning After) I had every intention of doing a quick grocery shop then cooking myself a meal but when I walked outside the only thing I wanted was a burger. Since I'd skipped my morning workout already... Continue Reading →

The Morning After

(continues from What Zander Did) I woke up alone, my apartment empty, my mystery woman gone. An annoying buzz sounded and I realised that was what had woken me, my alarm going off. Which meant I had two hours before... Continue Reading →

shallow thoughts

I keep you in my shallow thoughts Can't let you get too deep Only think about you when I wake And when I go to sleep I dream of things that could have been Of days that might yet be... Continue Reading →

Got cake? (Mitch)

"So it's a dark chocolate fudge cake with milk chocolate ganache." "It looks amazing Dee, are you sure?" Mitch's mouth was watering looking at the cake in question. "Of course." She stood up with a triumphant cry with what looked... Continue Reading →

this heart

this heart isn't mine to give as I chase the fragrance on her skin a soft caress, a breathless gasp this heart beats not at my request this heart isn't hers to hold as fingers grasp and hair is pulled... Continue Reading →

What Zander Did

I shouldn't be here but I am. This is the club Ben and Mitch thought they were walking into. Here sex wasn't a glimmer of hope in a clubber's eye, here if you wanted it you could have it. You... Continue Reading →

Call Me (Mitch)

"Will you yell and call us maggots?" "Ah no. That's not my training style," Mitch said with what he hoped was a friendly smile. "But this is boot camp, that's what they do isn't it?" He shook his head, smile... Continue Reading →

Zander and Max (Mitch)

It was almost dawn when Zander locked the door behind the last employee to leave then went back to join Max at the bar. "Next time I say we can fill in, remind me I'm an idiot would you," Max... Continue Reading →

Into The Void (Mitch)

"Wow," Mitch's mouth formed the word but he made no sound. "Not quite what you were expecting eh?" Zander asked with a smirk. "Despite the rumours, this isn't a sex club." "Not even close," Mitch murmered as he looked around.... Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated (Mitch)

Mitch woke to a groan. Not a good, don't wake me groan either. This one sounded... tortured was the only word that fit. He frowned as he waited for the next sound trying to place the movie... was someone dying?... Continue Reading →

Wingman (Mitch)

"Next on the block of the annual Beauties and Bachelors Auction we have Mitch!" The emcee paused as the slow dirty sounds of Closer played through the sound system. She turned a little to watch the approach of the bachelor... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 17

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher Sometimes you have to bury your feelings, try to forget the possibilities and just get on with life. That's me right now, focusing on work not on feelings. There are cup cakes to bake,... Continue Reading →

Slow dancing (this one’s for you xxx)

Slow dancing to Lana Del Rey So many things I wish I could say Don't wanna kill the mood with my sad refrain I tilt back my head and you kiss me again Barefoot swaying in the middle of my... Continue Reading →

Baby will you

Baby will you let me hold you (One last time before we say goodbye) Baby will you let me love you (One last kiss to last the rest of my life) Baby will you let me leave you (One last... Continue Reading →

try not to cry

Picture me on the couch alone Playing candy crush on my phone I’m trying not to think of you I know you’re hurting but what can I do When I close my eyes I feel you there You’re running your... Continue Reading →

please don’t read this

If this was a test you just failed. Run along now, scamper away... Embarrassed? What were you expecting? A heartfelt plea? A witty poem? Sorry to disappoint you. It's just me. With my sorrow. I'm sure I'll be better. Tomorrow...... Continue Reading →

sad refrain

it's not your fault I can't explain it's in my heart a sad refrain what we nearly had what we could have been echoes of my utopian dream a love embraced a life entwined a fantasy of you being mine... Continue Reading →

sometimes it hurts

sometimes it hurts... when you feel so close but you're so far away and I just can't find the words to say sometimes it hurts... when I want to touch your face or just hold your hand but we're living... Continue Reading →

What am I waiting for?

Wish I could create something. I'm staring at my hands waiting... It's not writer's block so much as writer's can't be fucked. You ever have days (weeks...) like that? The spirit is willing but the words wont come. I know... Continue Reading →


I have this distant thought I keep it far away If I bring it too close Who knows what I might say Something about want Maybe need and desire A confession of love How I'd walk through fire To be... Continue Reading →

forget about me

I guess I will survive When you eventually decide I'm not worth your time anymore I guess I'll get along Forget I felt that I belonged There in your life Sometimes I may act strange Maybe I get a bit... Continue Reading →

Bound for You

I like control, it's kind of my thing, I can't give it up. So when I walk in to see your ropes on the table, goosebumps race up my arms and I shiver. I know what you want, what you... Continue Reading →

if we knew

If we knew it was the last time Would we stare a little longer Would we hold a little tighter Or would we just let go If we knew it was the end Would we wish for the beginning Would... Continue Reading →

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