a little bit smutty

which date? (Lily & Tyler)

I had never been so happy to finish work before, I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I waited at the bus stop. Not only did I not have to return to this place for the next forty... Continue Reading →

wrong words

I'm not counting but it's been sixty-two hours now. I had some issues, I'm hiding from trolls, but I can't let this passage of time go by unacknowledged. I wish I knew how to fix what I broke. I wish... Continue Reading →


trolls got me dragged me down excuse me while I go to ground

distorted heart

my distorted heart is beating erratic you took away the automatic it's been twenty three hours since our last mind fuck left high and dry I'm shit out of luck all that remains an echo of lust brain matter dried... Continue Reading →


seems like I found the liminal and crossed it my words weapons unintended target found acquired decimated now I'll be nothing not a footnote in your memoir just a repeated delete my presence you thought a pretense a game I... Continue Reading →

who needs friends part 2

On the screen Andrew McCarthy is telling Molly Ringwald he loves her and I'm thinking about John Cryer and how it sucks to be the best friend. Why the hell did I choose this movie? Matthew Broderick is next up,... Continue Reading →

when binge met purge (or when Ziggy got Insidious)

-start- Temptations and cravings What are these ravings Poetic frenetic Couplet coupling I saw it happen Well I read it you could say Feeling so sad when she went away Then triumphant return Ropes were earned Passion burned Hearts not... Continue Reading →

who needs friends?

Jay: Are you around? Just broke up with Roxie and could use a friend. I was a good friend. I really was. Need a lift somewhere? I can drive you. Going out of town? I can water the plants and... Continue Reading →

caught in the liminal

I'm in that place, on the cusp of sleep, or nearly awake. Not sure which one. "Threshold baby, the liminal state 'twixt sleeping and waking." I smile at the sound of his voice. Now I know I'm asleep. "Miss you,"... Continue Reading →

Dark desires redux

One last night, this was it. The beginning of the end. I watched Roxie in her black gown, drinking and laughing with her friends. As if she felt my stare she turned and looked at me so I lifted my... Continue Reading →

Dark desires

I've never been easy to please, it takes a lot to satisfy me. Sated? No I don't think I ever have been. Too much is never enough and I'll always, always want more. Call me a glutton, a fiend, a... Continue Reading →


Anticipation or trepidation I can't say for sure Nerves are all shredded As I stare at the door Watching and waiting Wishing for more Scared to believe It's me you adore Will my door ever open Will you ever appear... Continue Reading →


Not sure what you hope to elicit Your cloying sweet words leave me feeling quite explicit The things I want to do I'm sure are illicit You know my ass? Yeah you can kiss it Fuck off, go away, leave... Continue Reading →

standing static

I'm standing static Caught up in your aromatic Heartbeat's erratic Let me be your true fanatic Am I being too dramatic This reaction is so automatic Let's not get too acrobatic Tilt back your head Wanna rubble your stubble Getting... Continue Reading →


Filthy thoughts Dirty deeds In my head On my knees Read my mind Touch my skin Come with me Taste our sin Feel no shame Just love and lust Hold my heart Honour and trust Days go by There's you... Continue Reading →

one regret (rated S for smutty)

“Come here love.” Mark held out his hand to me and I sank down between him and Jay on the couch. “Thank you for tonight.” “Yeah it was a great party,” Tammy said from where she was draped over Adrian... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues Redux

I watched Dee leave with a sick feeling in my gut. The look in her eyes had burned away the pleasant alcohol induced buzz I had going on. She had to know it was just the stupid game. Had to... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues

I was almost to the door when I heard my name. The full Delilah too so I couldn't pretend I hadn't heard. I turned towards the bar, saw a tall gorgeous blonde man smiling at me. What was his name... Continue Reading →

The New Me

I'm feeding my fire Encouraging Internal combustion Flames stretch higher Determination grows Let it burn down to ash You wont know The new me You like the old me better ... Too bad you built the fire So sorry you... Continue Reading →

snog, marry, avoid

Boys night! Me, Adrian, Mitch and Ben. Drinking fucking Ilegal Mezcal because from experience we know we'll be pretty okay tomorrow. Unless we fall down, but that's a different story. "Alright you man hos," Adrian said with a grin at... Continue Reading →

the best ideas part 2 (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's lips brushed mine teasingly once then he leaned back in his seat. "We have about an hour until I have to get you to work," he said glancing at his wrist watch. "Do you want to some in for... Continue Reading →

the best ideas (Lily & Tyler)

I felt a little sad as I retreated to my bedroom after settling the boys for the night. At ten my oldest was starting to protest good night kisses and his little brother would follow suite. They were growing up... Continue Reading →

waiting for midnight

Every night around midnight I wait for you Heart beats faster Pulse races Anticipation builds Do you feel it? Do you notice? The effort I made To primp and preen Show you I'm keen Pupils dilate Lips are wet Desperate... Continue Reading →

you’ve got mail (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler, It's afternoon as I write this, my boys are doing their home work and my dinner prep is done so I have a few minutes to spare. I hope you've had a productive day and not been too tired... Continue Reading →

sweet dreams

I floated inside, my body buzzing with arousal from kissing Tyler. It seemed silly that I was this excited by a couple of kisses since we'd actually done a whole lot more than that all those months ago.  Okay, just... Continue Reading →

who’s counting? (Lily & Tyler)

With a low grumble of protest from the machine that wanted to run longer and faster, he brought the bike to a stop in a space near the exit. Not for the quick getaway, but because this was the way... Continue Reading →

not too late

everyday you try to chip away at my isolation with your recitation too many words none of them heard compliments wasted heart not tasted I don't care for your care but you seem unaware you push and you shove your... Continue Reading →

wish you were here (Lily & Tyler)

Lily, Good morning or is it afternoon? If it's morning, I hope you think of me when you go to bed. If it's afternoon, I hope you dreamed of me. Either way, how was work? Thanks for the email and... Continue Reading →

Lucky Me (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's face was cast in shadows as he opened the door for me. I swung my legs around to slide out but he didn't move back and with one hand holding the door and the other braced on the door... Continue Reading →

how patient? (Lily & Tyler)

I could feel Tyler watching me as I fiddled with the condiments on the table, taking the time to rearrange them by size, then by type. That job done, I folded my hands together in my lap and looked at... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors redux

I think I could be dreaming. I'm a little inebriated, relaxed on the couch with Ads watching Dee and Tammy dance. A little bump and grind here, a shimmy and a shake there. Yeah, this is the life. The front... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors

I looked at my watch for the third in as many minutes. I was always early so I still had a ten minute wait. Usually I relaxed, enjoyed the quiet time but tonight I was restless, anxious. Tyler hadn't replied... Continue Reading →

pardon the interruption …

If anyone sees the doctor, please send him my way ... laid low by a tiny bug, will be back with regular posts as soon as the room stops spinning so much!

Closer Lips brushed against the soft skin of her arched neck. Stubble scraped, making her gasp, her hands tunnelled into his hair, holding him close. His hand skated down the side of her body to grip her hip, fingers clenching... Continue Reading →

desolation heart

Feels like the words are being torn from my soul I'm sitting here with my desolation heart Can you feel it beating? I can't Been waiting here so very long Wanting Not feeling Tears don't fall any more Just blinks... Continue Reading →


"Were we ever that young?" Margie nudged me with her elbow and I looked away from the camera feed to the three twenty-somethings inside the store. I took in their painted on jeans and leggings, the tops that showed off... Continue Reading →

go away

Don't know what to write Can't find the words to say How bad you make me feel How I wish you'd go away Please don't take your time It's urgent that you go Yeah my foot is in your back... Continue Reading →

can we talk redux

I regretted the email as soon as I sent it, hated the passive/aggressive bullshit 'you looked happy with your girlfriend' line. I could blame lack of sleep since I hadn't gotten any while Paul had taken the boys grocery shopping.... Continue Reading →

can we talk?

Lily, I can't believe you got on that bus and left. I thought about driving to your house to wait for you but ... stalker much? Anyway, I know I stood there like an idiot staring at you, both in... Continue Reading →

all but gone

Don't light a candle for me I'm never coming back It's not me at all, it's really you There's something that you lack The capacity to care To see the other side I've had enough of all your crap I'm... Continue Reading →

night shift redux

"I so need this chocolate!" The woman's voice broke the spell and I turned away to shove the money in the register and grab Tyler's receipt. "Your sister is a great cook Ty but give me chocolate over creme brulee... Continue Reading →


There I go falling at your feet again Clumsy me Unravelled by your mere presence Mere? Don't look at me! I lose my ... Wait I'll get it Don't praise me You Unravelled by you Lost words Need Want Tell... Continue Reading →

no promises

I couldn't remember ever feeling this uncomfortable with Dee. That old 'cut the silence with a knife' crap? I was feeling it. I'd managed to catch Suzi before she said anything to anyone and explained ... sort of. I'd said... Continue Reading →

self service

Got RSI from too much self service Can't look at your face you make me too nervous You might see What I think about you The original sin That I want to do Me on my knees Then me on... Continue Reading →

time to talk

"Hey pretty." "Flattery will get you nowhere," I muttered, keeping my eyes closed stubbornly. "Come on now, we need to talk." "Need?" I sighed as I peeked at him, crouched beside my bed. "Things have to be said," he said... Continue Reading →


If I said you had a nice body, Would you hold it against me? In response to the daily prompt flattery

reality sucks redux

Sleeping next to Jay was a special kind of torture. Not that I was sleeping. I should have left but he was too much temptation, all sleepy eyed and offering me pancakes. At least the bed didn't reek of Roxie's... Continue Reading →

reality sucks

There was only one person who would text be before 10am on a Sunday. Dee: You alone? I have coffee and donuts! I didn't bother to answer, just pulled on some sweats as I made my way to the door.... Continue Reading →

night shift

The annoying chime alert I’d become so familiar with over the past five months drew my eyes from my book to the security screen. I took in the classic car sitting at a pump, watched as the driver climbed out... Continue Reading →

say goodbye

Poison drips From your lips An argument I just can't win My opinion Has no dominion Every word I say a sin There is no right In this fight Emotions running way to high Time to accept This crazy concept... Continue Reading →

too late

A line you can't cross To a heart you can't own Take note of the sign 'Leave Me Alone' Don't go south of the border You're not welcome there Can't you feel the contempt In the weight of my stare?... Continue Reading →

first date redux

Tyler took a step back to lean against the bench behind him. “First date,” he confirmed with a nod. “The second thing you need to know about me is that I mean what I say.” My mind supplied me with... Continue Reading →

first date?

“I was just going to go home,” I said, tearing my eyes away from his. “Home,” Tyler repeated, crossing his arms over his chest. “So you were just going to walk out?” “It’s not that far and i was going... Continue Reading →

Just a dream?

I've always been a vivid dreamer, my recall is not always great though. Some dreams stick with me for years, others disappear leaving just a drift of emotion. In recent times I have dreamed about a man. Is three times... Continue Reading →

guess what?

You found my tree And chopped it down Left me lying on the ground Waiting there my roots grew strong You thought I was broken? Guess what? You’re wrong

do it again?

I'd had good sex in the past. At least I thought I had. Until those stolen moments in a cramped maintenance cupboard with Tyler. I told myself it was the nature of the encounter, the forbidden tryst, so naughty, so... Continue Reading →

what you need redux

There should be a support group for fuckers like me. "Hi I'm Jay." "Hi Jay" "I'm in love with my best friend." Grumbles of assent, heads nodding, general support. "I don't know when it happened. I've always loved her. She's... Continue Reading →

what you need

Tyler had no idea the effect his words had on me. How could he? He didn’t know that the man I had married had said the same words to me all those years ago. He didn’t know how that knowledge... Continue Reading →

(not) shopping day 4

I didn't expect to hear from Tyler but that didn't stop me feeling disappointed and even a little abandoned each time I checked my email and found nothing. I guessed he had seen the truth in my words, realised I... Continue Reading →

all night long

My litmus test Your fitness test Can you bang me all night long Let's get it on Can't go wrong Can you match me hold me down Break of dawn Bodies warm Bruised and bitten one more time Tongue and... Continue Reading →


Look through me Not at me Don't want you To see The truth of The whole of The real heart Of me The pieces All broken All shattered Undone My soul waits My heart aches It wants only One in... Continue Reading →

another time

I didn’t go shopping this week. He meant it as a punishment but for me, it was a reprieve. I wasn’t ready to see Tyler again. I wasn’t ready to not see him either. His email remained unreturned still. I... Continue Reading →

ever waiting redux

he said ... some things are best left unfinished I will never be complete without you

ever waiting

she said will I ever be unfinished waiting for your completion

pretend redux (smutty)

"Come on Jay, you can pretend I'm her." "No. Roxie stop!" I shoved her hands away and started to re-button my shirt as Roxie pouted then retreated to the couch. "So I guess you don't want to hear about the... Continue Reading →


Feeling lazy so updated an old post for the daily prompt 'pretend' ... more new content soon ... Lazy Mornings (smutty)

coffee no cake redux

Running late as usual! With Mark in my bed, getting anywhere on time was a challenge. Especially on a Saturday when we usually had nowhere to be. I wouldn’t crawl out of bed for just anyone, but this was Jay.... Continue Reading →

coffee no cake

For a change I was the one waiting with coffee. It had been too long since we'd sat down and caught up, just the two of us. I was looking forward to it. "Babe!" I stood up and pulled Dee... Continue Reading →

Too what?

"You were always generous." His voice is a caress, a treasure I hold in my heart. "Too generous?" In tonight's dream I'm looking at some old photos, remembering good times with good friends. "No such thing is there?" He says... Continue Reading →

one more time redux

So today was the day I lost my mind. How else did I explain seeing my green eyed stranger, Tyler, everywhere? Yes, he was constantly in my thoughts, his unanswered email driving me to distraction. So maybe that was why... Continue Reading →

one more time

I want to dance with you Under the stars Barefoot in the grass You in your jeans and stylish grin Me in that dress you like Touch me, you'll whisper As our fingers entwine Kiss me, I'll say As your... Continue Reading →


We sat in silence as was our norm. Even before .. everything. He was watching one of the forensic science shows he favoured while I did my usual on the computer. Checking facebook, a couple of games, reading blogs, checking... Continue Reading →

go somewhere

Don't make me hike through the thorny brambles of your bitter rhetoric Don't want to hear the twisted tales from your forked tongue How about some honesty, clarity Maybe some hilarity Oh wait, no jokes aloud allowed Let's speak of... Continue Reading →

Well Deserved Redux

I woke up in the land of 'what was I thinking'. Not 'what have I done'. I knew exactly what I'd done. Slept with my ex. My night of a few drinks after work and an anonymous hook-up had taken... Continue Reading →

Well Deserved

Hands grasping Teeth clashing Bodies sliding Fingers gliding Passionate touch Never enough Tell me you want me I want you Tell me you miss me I miss you Kiss me like it's the last time It is the last time... Continue Reading →

Q and A Tag with bloggers

Thank you Sheryl at I wrote a book. Now What? for tagging me in the Q and A! It's a great day for a bit of fun so to those I tag I hope you join in so we can... Continue Reading →

never together redux

Jay tangled his hands in the dark hair of the woman licking down his chest to his stomach. Her hand was tight around his cock and he gently urged her lower, wanting her mouth on him. Her tongue flicked out,... Continue Reading →

never together

Composing an email had never been so difficult ... Dear Tyler, I'm sorry I couldn't talk Thank you for the note. I appreciate the explanation but it really wasn't necessary. What we did What happened was a mistake. I am... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day 3

Have you ever had one of those weeks? One where you are always wrong or in the wrong or just can't do the right thing? Punctuated with a two minute tirade over a box of teabags and a forty minute... Continue Reading →

heart broken

put your hand here can you feel it? my fragile heart metaphorically realistically? it's strong pumping my blood fuelling my fire actually it's broken shattered do you like jigsaws?

Doing it tough

Having a tough week but slogging through. This song is speaking to me is so many ways right now, enjoy!

Why me?

I am genuinely perplexed by this blogging thing, particularly by the concept of being 'followed'. It amazes me that anyone would be that interested in what I write. I say this not in an attempt to garner attention and praise,... Continue Reading →

Radical dreamer

"Here's a radical idea baby. Fuck off that asshole husband of yours and come find me." Fuck my dreams! "You deserve so much more than what he gives you." I shake my head, don't look at him. "Look at what... Continue Reading →

Can you feel it redux

Just for you baby I'm all about the yes and the more and the harder and the please You like it when I beg I like it when you bite Suck Bite Suck Feel the rhythm Taste my pulse Faster... Continue Reading →

Can you feel it?

Take a moment and think back ... To the last time you felt that elusive zing! Did you catch your breath? Did you lick your lips? Did you wonder? How would he taste? How would he feel? Did you imagine?... Continue Reading →

2am man love

Sometime after midnight, the house is quiet, everyone asleep but me. I'm feeling unsettled, it's been a tense week, so I decide a little play before bed might help me relax and sleep. I open my Kindle, not sure what... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day Prelude

I remember very clearly the first time I saw those eyes. It was the Saturday before Mother's Day so the shops were more crowded than usual. Dad's with kids, all looking uncomfortable and unsure. Us? We were doing the usual... Continue Reading →

Recharge redux

Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me, a kink in my wiring, a snag in my circuit board. I don't need to recharge, I need a refit or a replacement. A good rewiring. In my head, it's over and... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day 2

I woke up to the dulcet tones of an argument in progress. The children didn't want to go grocery shopping, their father was insisting we go as a family. Must keep up appearances after all. I went to the bathroom,... Continue Reading →

Guilt on rye

I've never really liked rye bread. I don't much like the taste of guilt either so it's a good combination for this sandwich. I've developed a taste for it over the last week though, seasoned as it is with the... Continue Reading →

The woman and the girl

I'll never be the woman In the elegant black dress I'll be the girl in combat boots That you just can't forget And I'll never be the woman You took home to meet your dad I'll be the girl who... Continue Reading →

DTF? (only slightly smutty)

He sat at the bar, a glass of amber liquid before him. Swirl, sip, repeat. Blue eyes swept the room, bypassed the blonde with the 'come get me' eyes, fixated on a dark-haired beauty instead. Her eyes held an invitation... Continue Reading →


I hear music playing, his voice singing ... "Stars fading but I linger on dear Still craving your kiss I'm longing to linger till dawn dear Just saying this Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you Sweet dreams that leave all... Continue Reading →

Cry Baby

I've never really cared for the sound of tears falling. Plop. Plop. Plop. Monotonous. Boring. Dull. Maybe it's because? Every time I cried, I was berated. Stop crying! Don't be a sook! Sympathy was ever lacking. So I save it... Continue Reading →

Can’t Forget You

"How was your cake?" Not again. I don't know if I can do it again. I blink away a tear, sigh. "It was okay," I say looking over, damn dreams. "Why are you sad babe?" He asks with a frown,... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day (rated ‘S’ for smutty)

I saw him as we cleared the top of the escalator. Wide shoulders stretching his drab olive tshirt tight across his chest, blue jeans and scuffed runners. I couldn’t see his eyes from this distance but I knew they were... Continue Reading →

walk with me

Three in the morning, a quiet whisper, "Walk with me." I must be dreaming. I turn my head, he smiles. "What?" "Walk with me," he whispers again. He slides out of bed, all lean muscles and flowing ink, pulls on... Continue Reading →

Sidewalk swagger

Another day of you walking away from me With your sidewalk swagger Your fuck you charm Heads turn, watching you go Long legs taking you away Can't say I blame them I watch them watch you Do you look back... Continue Reading →

It’s your party

I'm standing at your door I can hear the music already That low throbbing bass That hypnotic melody My blood throbs through my veins Feeling thick and luscious Just like I'll feel inside When I fuck you I want to... Continue Reading →

So sick of you …

Don't want to think about you today. That time we fucked in the car? Nope, not thinking about it. Not thinking about your mouth sucking. Not thinking about your fingers fucking. Sure as hell not thinking about your cock. You... Continue Reading →

Unsent letter

Dear E, Words are failing me today, I'm so overwhelmed by emotion. I just have this fierce need to write to you. I keep staring at the date, wondering if I've forgotten something. A birthday, an anniversary? It could have... Continue Reading →

A dirty mind once thought …

Contains a graphic sex scene between consenting adults In response to the daily prompt Vice “Baby that feels so good,” he groaned as I licked up the side of his cock then sucked the head. I opened my mouth and... Continue Reading →

Pick your vice …

When I see the word vice I don't think immoral, evil, depraved, or degrading. I think of guilty pleasures like chocolate, too much wine, these photos by Michael Stokes ...

I might need a drink …

“Fuuuuck,” Adrian drawled. “What?” I lifted the beer I was nursing and took a sip as he shook his head at me. “Sometimes I forget how fucking sexy Dee is,” he said with a chin lift and I followed his... Continue Reading →

Three little words …

"Come on Jay!" Adrian banged on the bathroom door. "Fuck off," I called back. "Next time give me some warning and you wont have to sit around waiting for me to shave." The door opened to reveal him holding a... Continue Reading →

My bad!

I'm not into sports, never been the sort of girl to take an interest just because the boys are watching a game. Instead, I'd play a game, read a book, go for a walk, whatever. I think I've made a... Continue Reading →

Liar Liar

In response to the Daily Prompt Witness "Don't look at me," I whispered as I stood behind her, my hands on her shoulders. "I can't do this if you look at me." "Can't do what? Jay?" She tried to turn,... Continue Reading →

so very very obvious …

Why do I hate you? Isn't it Obvious? Look at you ... With your fuck you eyes And your fuck me thighs Your wicked lips That whisper sins and lies Places to touch And places to bite Filthy thoughts That... Continue Reading →


In response to the Daily Prompt Obvious It was an insidious seduction right from the start. I was taken in by the romance of it all, enjoyed being cherished and protected. But it changed. My friends were the first casualty... Continue Reading →

Make-up mini-golf

In response to the Daily Prompt Miniature "Seriously Rox, miniature golf?" I shook my head at the sight of the entry; the loud music and flashing lights. This was a nightmare. "Come on Jay, it'll be fun," she said enthusiastically... Continue Reading →

Can You See Me?

Miniature That's me In the distance No I'm right here Only you don't see me As the person I am Strong Brave In your mind I am the person you want me to be Small Fragile To you I will... Continue Reading →

Is this a teachable moment?

In response to the Daily Prompt Learning So the picture I've chosen today is from the instagram account Hot Dudes Reading I thought he looked kind of scholarly ... would he inspire a blog post about around education, learning, teachers?... Continue Reading →

Wrong number?

In response to the Daily Prompt Jeopardize "Hello?" "Roxie I'm so sorry!" "Jay? Are you drunk? It's Dee." "No honey it's not, I swear Rox. Nothing has ever happened with Dee." "No Jay, you've called me; Dee." "I know I... Continue Reading →

Reasons I hate Travis DesLaurier

He has a cat named Jacob that he loves. That's great, he's an animal lover, yay! I'm allergic to cats, boo! I have no idea how old he is but he looks young. I feel a bit like a dirty... Continue Reading →

What he didn’t say

I loved it when he called me baby A simple 'hey baby' could melt me It was a sign of things ending When he started using my name This time around We never even started No endearments No deep connections... Continue Reading →

Can’t prove a thing

In response to the Daily Prompt Youth Imagine if you will, a karaoke bar Tight jeans, three inch heels A very bad rendition of {insert favourite song here} (No Celine Dion or Mariah Carey please Rock star chic At least... Continue Reading →

Close Your Eyes

In response to the daily prompt Eyes Close you eyes Pretend I'm there Just for a minute Or an hour Maybe a year Maybe it can all fade away The years without ... us Take a moment Remember that time... Continue Reading →

Blame it on the moon

In response to the daily prompt Moon "Really? The moon?" "What?" I shoved my hair out of my face to look into the blue eyes of the man taking up most of my bed. "It's a thing, people do crazy... Continue Reading →

Already gone

In response to the daily prompt Ghost Saturday found me alone at my usual coffee shop. Used to be our coffee shop but not so much lately. Not since that movie night. Adrian sent me a message letting me know... Continue Reading →


I don't want to be responsible anymore Not for his happiness Not for his sadness Not for his delusions How many times do I have to say it? I don't want this I don't want you I'm sorry Why can't... Continue Reading →

Fully loaded coffee

In response to the daily prompt Carry These days my coffee comes with a shot of guilt. That hideous emotion that we all carry in some form, right? For me, it's the guilt of wanting to be happy. I was... Continue Reading →

if I get lost, don’t find me

In response to the daily prompt Carry Sometimes I get carried away looking for the perfect picture to go with my post. Time becomes fluid, the words get lost... Who needs words?

That Movie Night

In response to the daily prompt Confused What the hell was I thinking, coming alone tonight? Yeah this wouldn't be awkward at all! Just me and two couples because everyone else had cancelled. Adrian and his new girlfriend Tammy had... Continue Reading →

Dream Man

Last night not sleeping, listening to Theory of A Deadman... Finally fall asleep then have dreams of doing bad, bad things with/to Tyler. Why did I wake up?

What’s my damage

In response to the daily prompt Complicated I'm not complicated. I have basic needs and wants. I want to be loved. I need to be wanted. The complication is the who. It's not getting old, it was old before it... Continue Reading →

Not Worthy

In response to the daily prompt Reach If I could walk away from everything I could take your hand Let you draw me into your world Listen to your heartbeat Share your glass Lick your lips No need to reach... Continue Reading →

Lazy Mornings (smutty)

Waking up alone is not my favourite thing to do. While I admit to liking the space, I miss the comfort of another warm body against me. More than that, I miss lazy morning sex. You know the kind. Bodies... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Obsessed I try to save my strongest feelings for inanimate objects. Chocolate I can consume Music I can enjoy I don't want to be obsessed by you I don't like the dark connotations Isn't... Continue Reading →

Here’s my sign

When did I start to hate the weekends? I feel so fake. Most of the time, I can hide at home and believe it's all over but on the weekends we go out. I hate the idea that people will... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Surface Don't you want to look beneath, stir the water a little? Or maybe go beyond the visual, delve deeper? Would you prefer the pretty pretence of masculine perfection or the reality? That he's... Continue Reading →

Maybe the next one

In response to the daily prompt Maybe Last night, not sleeping Thinking about you How did you know? How to hold me down? Where to bite me? What gave me away? No one since, has known Bite me ... harder... Continue Reading →


In response to the Daily Prompt Maybe yes or no? is it that hard? when you say maybe, I feel ... I feel like I'm not worth your effort Not worth a Decision Did you even listen to me? Maybe?... Continue Reading →

Take it off

In response to the daily prompt Joke Joke's on you babe, I love doing the laundry!

Tell me why

I still don't really know why it all fell apart, why things ended. I never wrote 'The End' for us you know? There's still a lot of blank pages in our story. I keep waiting for you to come back,... Continue Reading →

a little piece of paradise

In response to the daily prompt Luxury Do you remember The time we stayed in bed All day long You, me and a CD you made yourself I still can't listen to Radiohead without thinking about you

Nice work if you can get it

In response to the daily prompt Paint You are my favourite canvas A smear down your chest A dab on your cheek A smudge on your arm A more liberal application for your stomach Clean up will be a bitch

Never mine

Last night while I listened to your voice I closed my eyes and pretended you were mine Just for a little while

Maybe I am?

In response to the daily prompt Stubborn Am I headstong, obstinate, difficult? Aren't we all at some time? I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of being stubborn. Yeah, accused. Because that's how it feels. As if... Continue Reading →

Yours always

In response to the daily prompt Praise Him: Let me worship at your altar... Does that sound dirty to you? He laughs and I shake my head Me: You think everything sounds dirty, it's your dirty mind Him: Pot meet... Continue Reading →

Movie Night

We're doing a movie night tonight, pizza and drinks, popcorn and the latest action flick. I'm not overly enthusiastic. Sure I'll get to see all my friends, we'll have fun, a few drinks. Jay and Roxie will be there. No... Continue Reading →

Addicted to him

In response to the daily prompt Craving It's always been him I've been crazy for From the first moment I heard his voice Looked into his eyes Tasted his smile No wait, haven't done that yet Unrequited love is the... Continue Reading →

Feeling fake

Just want to acknowledge that today I gave in. I took the easy path, I was her, not me. I don't like her very much but others do, so I just went with it. Hard to break a habit of... Continue Reading →

(not) Feeling Inspired

In response to the daily prompt Muse Want to know what I think about when I'm alone at night? Want to hear my dirty little fantasy about you? Which one? I have a few you can choose from ... Hard... Continue Reading →

Dark days and dumb things

In response to the daily prompt Profound I didn't cry when you left. I told myself it was okay, it was just a casual thing. My life went on. I pretended I didn't care, I fooled everyone into thinking I... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Sham

Looking in the mirror At someone I can’t see Is this really who I am Or who others know as me A girl with short dark hair With smiling mouth and eyes A friend to everyone Or a beast just... Continue Reading →

double date

What the hell was I thinking? Oh wait, I wasn't. This was all Roxy's idea and Dee was happy to go along. I sit back and sip my drink while the two of them chat about clothes and shoes. Yeah... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Apology Sorry Five letters One word that says so much Sorry for that time I scratched your car Sorry for the way I leave my clothes lying around Sorry for burning dinner Sorry for... Continue Reading →

Coffee and Cake

You walk towards me with your usual smile, and I smile back. "Babe," you greet me with a kiss on the cheek and I do my normal gripe about your stubble. "What's with the sandpaper?" I cup your jaw and... Continue Reading →

I love it when she yells

In response to the daily prompt Dramatic she's yelling again don't know what I did wrong doors are slamming I think a picture just fell of the wall I'm taking of my shirt Before she rips it off here she... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Admire "Je t'aime ma chère," I whisper in her ear, my very basic French language skills making her laugh. "Vous êtes un enfoiré," she grins and I'm pretty sure she just called me an... Continue Reading →

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