a little bit smutty

Bound for You

I like control, it's kind of my thing, I can't give it up. So when I walk in to see your ropes on the table, goosebumps race up my arms and I shiver. I know what you want, what you... Continue Reading →

if we knew

If we knew it was the last time Would we stare a little longer Would we hold a little tighter Or would we just let go If we knew it was the end Would we wish for the beginning Would... Continue Reading →

Wasteland Mind

You should spend your nights Running through my dreams Finding the dead ends And oubliettes Leaving your marks Breadcrumb trails While you’re lost in the maze That you created All those times When you baffled and amused When you entertained... Continue Reading →

do you repent?

In honesty, do we repent When you write your sins do you feel purged Are words shared a burden shed Do you feel better When the world knows you have strayed From the safety of your anonymity Being ‘truthful’ and... Continue Reading →


Wish I could be Better for you The me you think I am Guess we could Bypass reality Embrace the virtual I’ll write the girl You think you want Maybe she Can make you happy

Hot Teacher 16

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher (rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I didn’t get time to dwell on the whole friends with benefits thing as my cell beeped again. West: When? We need to talk. I huffed a laugh as I... Continue Reading →

sometimes we like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… “Are you watching porn?” “What? No!” I laughed and looked back at the screen. “It’s an empty room, why would you think it’s porn?” “It’s obviously a web cam,” he said with a smirk as... Continue Reading →


Will you watch with avid eyes As my hands slide down my thighs Will you breathe a little deeper When my fingers start to creep Under satin sliding higher Find the proof of my desire Fingers wet will you forget... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 15

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher The following day I covered the bruise West had left on my neck with concealer, not wanting to explain it to Cheryl but I couldn't hide my good mood as easily. I was humming... Continue Reading →

let it go

Sorry for... Nothing new in... Ten days and climbing They pass in blurs of thoughts Fragments of ideas Things I could write Things I might say But in the end I am silent Nothing coalesces I feel trapped In a... Continue Reading →

unlucky for some…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… Waiting was not my thing. I sighed as I shot the closed elevator doors a dirty look because that would totally work! The next look went to my cell that had the audacity to suggest... Continue Reading →

tell me yours

What's your kink I want to know I'll write it down If you tell me slow Do you like to watch Or be tied up Like a gentle spank Or a riding crop I'll tell you mine If you tell... Continue Reading →

not prudent

Your eyes are cascading Colours bleeding From blue to green to gold to brown You always were the chameleon Hiding in plain sight Whispering warnings I always ignored If I were smarter I would have walked away the second time... Continue Reading →

sometimes I like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead... I got your invitation. A date, a time, a web link. I clicked it immediately of course. The image of your gravatar appeared overlaid by a countdown timer. 2 days 6 hours 17 minutes, the... Continue Reading →

wish you were here

Would I... Would you... Could we? If fortune smiled upon us, could we find a way? Could you mend my broken heart? Could I find your lost soul? Don't want to be comfortably numb anymore.

drink to forget

Some days I wish there was an elixir that would make you forget about me. Then I wouldn't have to wonder if I was ever going to hear from you again. My heart full of hope could deflate. And any... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 14

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher What did I want? What did I want? Images flashed through my mind, West smirking at me as he'd flirted that first night, West frowning at me as I'd walked out of his home... Continue Reading →

Words are meaningless

Words are meaningless. We can't and we shouldn't are wasted when you're hard in my hand and I'm wet in yours. You say don't as you thrust and grind, whisper stop as you penetrate. We both know it's wrong, is... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 13

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher I walked through to the kitchen where I'd left a light on, the dim illumination enough to guide us past the bulky shadows of furniture. My house was similar in size to West's but... Continue Reading →

Flying Solo

today started as most days do lying in bed thinking of you a symptom of my obsession I guess so I did that thing that I do best

Hot Teacher 12

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher A week after Cheryl and I had a drink and a chat with Gina and Gigi I had another meeting with the 'Concert Squad'. This one took place at Nic's house though and I... Continue Reading →


In my dream last night, we were sitting too close to be merely friends. You had your body turned to the side, your legs wide so you knees bracketed my chair. One arm draped along the back of the chair,... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 11

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 6)(rated S for smutty)(NSFW)… I woke surrounded by heat. A hard body against my back, a muscled arm draped over my waist. I think I sighed, heard a murmur in reply.... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 10

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher "This is the place." I looked at Cheryl who was all but bouncing with excitement as we stopped outside the noisy bar. "I'm not sure about this," I said nervously. What had seemed like... Continue Reading →

You Never Did

I never asked to be your everything I never asked you for anything But you gave and I took Was it so wrong to want your desire Was it so wrong to feed your fire With the ashes of his... Continue Reading →

Sex o’clock

"Do you know what my favourite time is?" I look over at her, she's on her e-reader. "Hmm? What time?" She doesn't even look at me. "Sex o'clock," I say seriously. "Is that because it's dinner time?" she answers absently.... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 9

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 5)… “Tell me,” he said again. “Let me make you come.” Tell him what? I couldn't think, I just wanted him to move. "West please," I breathed and used my internal... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 8

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher For about the millionth time I regretted agreeing to meet West at his house to talk. In the heat of the moment, amid the flurry of text exchanges it had seemed reasonable. It still... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 7

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher The following week I was back at school for the first meeting of the 'Concert Squad' as it had been labelled. Apparently it was all about squads these days or so Violet had told... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 6

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher "Sascha?" Nic's voice dragged me back to the present and I wondered how long I'd been standing there thinking about West. "Are you okay?" she frowned. "You look-" "Fine, I'm fine," I interrupted not... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 5

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 4)… "More what Sascha?" His eyes dropped from mine as he licked his lips. "More of me sucking your tits, or more of my cock in your mouth?" A strangled laugh... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 4

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 3)… Was that what I wanted? My lust hazed mind yelled a resounding 'yes' but I was more than just my urges. Sure, if I was counting the time since my... Continue Reading →

I wish redux

I wish I could speak to you With the brush of my skin With the touch of my lips I wish I could make you feel The rush of my blood The shiver of awareness I wish I could hold... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 3

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 2)… After the toast Nic leaned her elbows on the table, a serious expression on her face. "So it was a pretty normal meeting," she said and I realised she was... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 2

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher That night (part 1)... "Eat up you lot," West said as he picked up a napkin and a piece of chicken for himself. The conversation died down as everyone followed orders so I did... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher

The first time I saw him was at a Parent Council meeting. I was there for a couple of reasons; first, I had nowhere else I needed to be, and second, I wanted to know what was happening at my... Continue Reading →

First Date (Plan A) (Jay & Dee)

"Would you like to see the dessert menu?" The look of surprise on the waiters face, the way he fumbled the menus when Jay said, "No thanks," was almost funny. Like this whole evening really. We had started at awkward... Continue Reading →


Still thinking those thoughts Still crushing my crush Not looking your way I just can’t trust My eyes not to roam My fingers to twitch Aching to touch Do all that I wish A secret desire A forbidden lust I... Continue Reading →

wouldn’t it be nice redux (Jay & Dee)

Anger propelled me out of Dee's apartment and to the stairs where I stopped and sat down. What the hell had happened? How had we gone from an amazing night where I would have sworn we had connected emotionally to...... Continue Reading →

I would…

If you were standing before me An invitation in your eyes My breath would quicken My thoughts would race I wound wonder if... If we were thinking the same thoughts If we were wanting the same wants If we were... Continue Reading →

dry spell

Arid. What a beautifully apt word for the state of my mind right now. If my mind were a landscape, it would be a desert with mounded dunes concealing... all. The next chapter, the next episode, all there, waiting to... Continue Reading →

a little cream

the keys blur my words slur as I apologise for what I didn't... so sorry I didn't love you any more so sorry I didn't say no loud enough so sorry I didn't pretend I was okay I take another... Continue Reading →

Wouldn’t it be nice… (Jay & Dee)

Jay had turned me to mush. My body, my mind. My mouth. Three orgasms in thirty minutes would do that to a person I guessed, make them accidentally vocalise their thoughts. At least I hadn't professed my love I thought... Continue Reading →

pj party redux (Jay & Dee)(smutty)

When Dee asked me to stay the night I doubt she expected this. "I can't," she panted as I shifted my hips, grinding against her clit with every deep thrust. "Jay please," she begged, but I had no mercy in... Continue Reading →

happy valentine’s day

it's Valentine's Day so shout hooray think of your honey spend lots of money chocolate and flowers they'll love you for hours you know it's worth it they really deserve it add a hallmark card to show your regard you... Continue Reading →

pj party (Jay & Dee)

Maybe I was changing. I couldn't believe I had actually said that to Tam and Adrian. Who was I trying to fool? For me to change, I'd have to get over Jay. "So everything is moving right along," Trent said... Continue Reading →

Moving On Redux (Lily & Tyler)

Rain lashed the bus stop as I huddled in the corner, mostly dry. It was a miserable night which matched my mood perfectly. I was miserable, had been miserable for days. Sunday had been bad but that hadn't been the... Continue Reading →

drinks with friends (Jay & Dee)

"What about him Dee?" "Hmmm?" I wasn't really eavesdropping. I just happened to be sitting close enough to hear the conversation. I was at a table with Mitch and Ben while behind us, Adrian and Tammy were sitting with Dee.... Continue Reading →

crushed redux

spent last night not sleeping thinking of you day(night) dreaming eyes closed imagining the feel of you the touch of your hands your mouth your teeth your body hard above me strong beneath me reality sucks as I recognize my... Continue Reading →


It's the sound of your voice It's the flash of your grin It's the look in your eyes Makes me want to sin Want to touch your body Want to taste your sweat Want to do bad things You'll never... Continue Reading →

too much redux (Jay & Dee)

"Why do you do this?" "Hmm?" I looked over my shoulder at Jay, a sheet across his hips, his hair messy from my hands. "Pretty sure it's required by law if I want to go outside." I finished buttoning my... Continue Reading →

too much

he wants to know why I'm down on my knees awaiting his words, so eager to please he knows the hard limits, no questions, no lies he knows my reactions, my moans, my sighs his hands in my hair are... Continue Reading →

second hand heart

got a second hand heart got a dime store soul got emotions that you left I keep them in a bowl got nothing to lose got no chance to win when you look at me you see nothing but sin... Continue Reading →

Moving on (Lily & Tyler)

It had been two weeks since my disastrous date with Lily then my run in with her soon-to-be-ex. I’d known who he was, had seen him at soccer week after week flirting up a storm. My sister had actually felt... Continue Reading →


Unexpectedly today We had eye contact And almost more My body reacted My heart raced Did you reach for me As I leaned towards you Acting like strangers Not even a smile As I remembered The touch of your lips... Continue Reading →

Friends with benefits redux (Jay & Dee)

Plan B. Break the rules. All of the rules. I stared at myself in the mirror. "All dressed up with no place to go," I murmured as I turned to try to see the back of my dress. It was... Continue Reading →

Do The Thing (Jay & Dee)

Plan B. Do the thing, be the buddy. Stick to the rules. Do the thing. "Just do it," I muttered to myself as the door to Dee's apartment opened. A slow smile tipped up her lips as one eyebrow arched.... Continue Reading →

Ten Lines of Love

ten lines of love is never enough the look in your eyes is melting my thighs the brush of your lips the grind of your hips the touch of your hand a loving demand the stroke of your tongue and... Continue Reading →

Ten Lines of Smut

Ten lines of smut will you bust a nut if I tell you I'm wet and I want you to get down on your knees use your tongue to please use your fingers to fuck use your mouth to suck... Continue Reading →

snake eyes

a glance in the mirror can't look too long wondering where it all went wrong haunted eyes show devastation living her life in isolation blood and tears well and fall can't bring herself to make a call no one can... Continue Reading →

Plan B Redux (Jay & Dee)

There should be a support group for people like me. "My name is Dee." "Hi Dee." "I'm in love with my best friend." "Me too!" someone else yelled and laughter rippled through the room. Strained and sad, but there we... Continue Reading →

Plan B (Jay & Dee)

My parents are amazing, no other word for it. When highlights of the sex talk your dad gave you include; 'not every woman likes to cop a load in the face' and 'deep throat isn't a natural thing', you know... Continue Reading →


What's the other side of privacy? Someone reading your diary? No invitation Just an invasion? I told you a secret But you couldn't keep it Such a betrayal So much for loyal I suppose hurt feelings Are the least of... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wish the world could see The truth in you that you show to me I'd shine a light and make you glow But they're too blind, they'll never know They'll never see your wings so pure They'll never... Continue Reading →

uncultured me

don't look to me for culture it's really not my style that's not a lust for knowledge that you see within my eyes just some dirty, filthy thoughts of what I want to do to you wont you be my... Continue Reading →

will you

Words are tingling on my fingertips They're tangled in my mouth So much I want to say to you But I just can't spit them out I can't seem to articulate The way I feel inside My emotions are in... Continue Reading →

tell me redux

Tell me Can you Hold me Need me Use me See me Are you capable? Tell me Can you Kiss me Want me Keep me Free me Are you ready? Tell me Will you Take me Have me Trust me... Continue Reading →

Maybe someday…

Maybe someday things will change You and me together wont seem so strange Maybe someday we'll be together Whispered words will end with forever Maybe someday but not today Too many obstacles stand in our way Maybe someday but not... Continue Reading →

snog, marry, avoid redux (Jay & Dee)

There's a man in the bar and he owns my heart but he has no idea. He knows I love him, but he thinks it's 'like a friend', and right now, like a friend you fuck. He doesn't realise it's... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaker reprise (Jay & Dee)

There's a girl at the bar and I can't look away. She shines like a diamond ring in a little blue box, all pretty and perfect and holding the hopes and dreams of some sap who's gonna mortgage his heart... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaker (Jay & Dee)

"So Jay, how's your friend with benefits going?" Adrian tossed a towel  to me. "My what?" I swiped the towel over my face then chugged some water. "Told you he'd deny it," Mitch said with a snort. So my subtle... Continue Reading →

nothing to say

I want you to tell me all the things you want to do to me, with me, for me. You can't be too specific, I promise. I love to hear all those dirty words, love to feel them whispered against... Continue Reading →

Rule breaker redux (Jay & Dee) (smutty)

Did I mention that Jay was a great kisser? Our lips moved together as if we'd been kissing for years, not mere days, his head tilted for a better angle as my hands slid up to grip his shoulders. I... Continue Reading →


my inhibitions float like smoke blown from your lips your mouth an invitation to a sin I can't resist your body is my canvass with teeth and nails I'll draw with mouth and tongue I'll paint have you begging me... Continue Reading →

standing static redux

Should you be tempted to look my way Here's a sample of what I might say ... ... Static silence is what you'll find But listen and I might blow... your mind ... ... Can you read between my lines... Continue Reading →

Rule breaker (Jay & Dee)

I was screwed, totally screwed. Watching Jay talking to a pretty blonde and wanting to scratch her eyes out? That wasn't part of the 'friends with benefits' plan. Watching the clock tick closer to midnight and knowing I wasn't going... Continue Reading →

You and me

I'm crossing my fingers I'm counting each kiss I'm hoping for more Than short lived bliss I'm tracing my fingers To your ticklish spot Wont stop until You give all that you got I'm licking a vein I'm sucking the... Continue Reading →

tell me

tell me tell me will you be gone will I wake in the morning all alone promise me promise me you'll hold me tight fight my demons through the night tell me tell me I own your heart together forever... Continue Reading →


if you look inside you're going to find a broken down heart and a restless mind got nothing good to say tonight so I'll zip my lip and say goodnight I wish you sweet dreams and a bright new day... Continue Reading →


last year you found me in a state of uncertain grace lost and unaware I was looking for a place not a cage to be confined in no parameters to meet just my freedom and you gave it and I... Continue Reading →


I'm not hopeful, I'm hopeless Such a red hot mess I want it, I need it Your attention and I confess I crave you and I'll chase you But you aren't my one and only There's always another When your... Continue Reading →

the rules redux (Jay & Dee) (smutty)

Another boy's night. Me, Mitch, and Ads. Ben is out on date three with his latest. I'm feeling mellow and sated. So fucking satisfied you would not believe it. I can hardly believe it. Dee. Fuck. That girl. I close... Continue Reading →

the rules (Jay & Dee)

I knew it was too early to go to see Dee but I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait. Coffee, she had said, and we usually met around nine. But I figured the conversation we were going to... Continue Reading →

A man with a plan (Jay & Dee)

Could I have fucked things up any more? As the door closed behind Dee I groaned and thumped my head against the wall. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" What the hell had I been thinking? "Fuck it!' I sighed and pushed away... Continue Reading →

passion’s renewal

it's just a night like any other sitting waiting for my lover will he tease to please or please to tease will he want me down on my knees hours sublime are going to wind taking paths through our twisted... Continue Reading →

Meant to be

You don't need to pillage I'll give it up for free I have everything you want You have everything I need We could be so copacetic Perfect synchronicity If only you'll admit That we were meant to be My body... Continue Reading →

please Sir

my demons are whispering can't you hear them begging for a hit of you just a word Sir just a look Sir please Sir a touch Sir I'm crying on the bathroom floor the tracks on my arms only visible... Continue Reading →

desolation heart redux

This could be the time I think it's the right day Time to retreat Just go away I doubt you'll miss What you never had Potential missed Passion gone bad Words I never said Thoughts I never shared Think yourself... Continue Reading →

Take me redux

Find me in the darkness Where the light can't penetrate I'll be waiting on my knees Yours to venerate Take me in the light When the darkness takes ahold I'll drown you in my lust You don't have to keep... Continue Reading →

Friends with benefits? (Jay & Dee)

As Jay lay beside me, his hands stacked behind his head my mind raced. I wished I could see him better but at the same time was glad to hide in the dim light. He wanted me? Okay his erection... Continue Reading →

Take me

Take the solace of my body Take the pieces of my mind Take the bounty of our union Take anything you find I want to feel your rapture I want to feel your pain I want you to feel everything... Continue Reading →

wishful thinking redux (Jay & Dee)

Sleep was not my friend. Sleep was a bitch goddess who taunted me with the promise of sweet oblivion then held it just out reach. Every time I started to drift off I'd hear a sigh, a moan, a whisper... Continue Reading →

somewhere else

There's something in the stars tonight Somehow I know they're in your sight You're watching them from under a tree Somewhere else not here with me A picnic basket full of food Wine to get her in the mood A... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Mind

can't find the calm in my hurricane mind thoughts whirl by leaving chaos behind pieces of you, fragments of me wondering why, we weren't meant to be serenity days, rapturous nights loving embrace, passionate bites we said goodbye, parted as... Continue Reading →


you don't need my enthusiasm you're only here for your orgasm I'll just lay down and spread for you so you can grunt and fuck the way that you do do you really want me to gasp and groan does... Continue Reading →

wishful thinking? (Jay & Dee)

I never thought a movie night could be any worse than the time Roxie and Jay had a fight because of me. I was wrong. Tonight it was me, Jay, Mitch, and Billie. Adrian and Tam were doing date night... Continue Reading →

fortune favours

I want you to read my mind Can you spell f-u-c-k? If not... You're in luck! I can give you a demonstration Let's start with some dilation Your blood will flow south I'll trace the path with my mouth With... Continue Reading →

I wish

I wish I could relax awhile not worry about the state of my smile I wish I could just be myself not worry about anyone else not what they think not what they feel not what they show not what... Continue Reading →

I’ve been bad (smutty)

I like to make you angry You fuck me better when you're mad I pout and stick my arse out Say 'Spank me daddy, I've been bad' You punish me with your hands Then lash me with your tongue I'm... Continue Reading →

One Dance (Jay & Dee)

"You look like crap man." Ah Adrian, always the charmer. We were in a suite in the hotel the Christmas party was being held in. Adrian had organised it for him and Tam for the night while I'd provided a... Continue Reading →

nothing personal redux (Jay & Dee)

It'd been two weeks since the night Jay offered me an orgasm and I said no. We hadn't spoken in that time, just exchanged a few texts. The first one early the next morning. Jay: Not up to coffee today,... Continue Reading →


another day has gone I've stopped counting now nothing to do but think of you how very maddening you are from so very far far away I guess I could say how I wondered if you saw the actress on... Continue Reading →

nothing personal (Jay & Dee)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you thought 'life can't get any better than this'? When I had whispered 'let me' and Dee had parted her legs for me, I had that thought. Then I'd brushed against... Continue Reading →

did I say sorry?

A brief apology as I'm feeling melancholy Led you down a path of folly Now we're standing in quicksand No safe place to land Left you floundering Or maybe drowning My words are inept Read between my lines Then you'll... Continue Reading →

Dinner with friends part 3 (Jay & Dee)

Jay was ready to share? Well good for him! I took my time scooping up some more brownie and ice cream. Maybe Jay and Adrian could just share, no one really needed to hear my fantasies. "How about you Dee?"... Continue Reading →

Dinner with friends part 2 (Jay & Dee)

Dee was joking, I knew she was joking, but fuck, I was ready and willing to show her 'what all the fuss is about'. I wondered if anyone would notice if I dragged her under the table. Or she still... Continue Reading →

let’s pretend

I'm caught in your moment again Trapped by ... my desire Wondering how Wondering why What do you have that makes me so ... Fuck it! Forget the mystical Just focus on the physical Don't want to consider The depth... Continue Reading →

Dinner with friends (Jay & Dee)

After a full day of shopping I was looking forward to a cold beer and some good food. Good company too of course. Beside me was Dee, next to her was Tam and Adrian. Across form us sat Mitch and... Continue Reading →

if you

if you insist I think I might just manage to do you all through the night if you really want I think I could take full advantage if I really should if you like I think I'd abide riding you... Continue Reading →

I’m Not

I'm not pining for Your smile or your touch I'm not missing you Well, not very much I'm not wondering where It all went so wrong I'm not thinking about you Well, not all day long I'm not kissing him... Continue Reading →

if only… (Jay & Dee)

If I could lock her away, in a tower like a princess, with only me able to scale those walls to see her, I would do it in a heartbeat. She doesn't know, but she's the pot of gold at... Continue Reading →

The night after the night before (Lily & Tyler)

I resisted checking my watch again as the street lights came on. I had a long wait ahead of me since I had left home as if Tyler were picking me up. Paul and the boys hadn't been home yet... Continue Reading →

date night[mare] (Lily & Tyler)

Sunday night I sat at the bus stop thinking about the night before. Date night had been more of a disaster than the Green Lantern movie. It shouldn’t have been. The restaurant was great, the service was great, the food... Continue Reading →

a broken dream

He says, "Hey baby," and I think, oh good, I'm dreaming again. Then another voice says, "Well this a surprise princess." He can say that again! I refuse to look, just say, "You can fuck off." "Does she talk to... Continue Reading →

nowhere to hide

feeling nihilistic want to tear your house down smash and destroy leave you there on the ground see how you feel when you've nowhere to hide holding my coattails along for the ride you wont let me vanish I can't... Continue Reading →

wake up call

Look up 'happy' in the dictionary and you'll find my picture at this moment in time. Life couldn't get much better. My morning wood is snuggled up against a luscious arse, my hands are in heaven, one wedged between sleek... Continue Reading →

which date? (Lily & Tyler)

I had never been so happy to finish work before, I couldn't keep the smile off my face as I waited at the bus stop. Not only did I not have to return to this place for the next forty... Continue Reading →

wrong words

I'm not counting but it's been sixty-two hours now. I had some issues, I'm hiding from trolls, but I can't let this passage of time go by unacknowledged. I wish I knew how to fix what I broke. I wish... Continue Reading →


trolls got me dragged me down excuse me while I go to ground

distorted heart

my distorted heart is beating erratic you took away the automatic it's been twenty three hours since our last mind fuck left high and dry I'm shit out of luck all that remains an echo of lust brain matter dried... Continue Reading →


seems like I found the liminal and crossed it my words weapons unintended target found acquired decimated now I'll be nothing not a footnote in your memoir just a repeated delete my presence you thought a pretense a game I... Continue Reading →

who needs friends part 2

On the screen Andrew McCarthy is telling Molly Ringwald he loves her and I'm thinking about John Cryer and how it sucks to be the best friend. Why the hell did I choose this movie? Matthew Broderick is next up,... Continue Reading →

when binge met purge (or when Ziggy got Insidious)

-start- Temptations and cravings What are these ravings Poetic frenetic Couplet coupling I saw it happen Well I read it you could say Feeling so sad when she went away Then triumphant return Ropes were earned Passion burned Hearts not... Continue Reading →

who needs friends?

Jay: Are you around? Just broke up with Roxie and could use a friend. I was a good friend. I really was. Need a lift somewhere? I can drive you. Going out of town? I can water the plants and... Continue Reading →

caught in the liminal

I'm in that place, on the cusp of sleep, or nearly awake. Not sure which one. "Threshold baby, the liminal state 'twixt sleeping and waking." I smile at the sound of his voice. Now I know I'm asleep. "Miss you,"... Continue Reading →

Dark desires redux

One last night, this was it. The beginning of the end. I watched Roxie in her black gown, drinking and laughing with her friends. As if she felt my stare she turned and looked at me so I lifted my... Continue Reading →

Dark desires

I've never been easy to please, it takes a lot to satisfy me. Sated? No I don't think I ever have been. Too much is never enough and I'll always, always want more. Call me a glutton, a fiend, a... Continue Reading →


Anticipation or trepidation I can't say for sure Nerves are all shredded As I stare at the door Watching and waiting Wishing for more Scared to believe It's me you adore Will my door ever open Will you ever appear... Continue Reading →


Not sure what you hope to elicit Your cloying sweet words leave me feeling quite explicit The things I want to do I'm sure are illicit You know my ass? Yeah you can kiss it Fuck off, go away, leave... Continue Reading →

standing static

I'm standing static Caught up in your aromatic Heartbeat's erratic Let me be your true fanatic Am I being too dramatic This reaction is so automatic Let's not get too acrobatic Tilt back your head Wanna rubble your stubble Getting... Continue Reading →


Filthy thoughts Dirty deeds In my head On my knees Read my mind Touch my skin Come with me Taste our sin Feel no shame Just love and lust Hold my heart Honour and trust Days go by There's you... Continue Reading →

one regret (rated S for smutty)

“Come here love.” Mark held out his hand to me and I sank down between him and Jay on the couch. “Thank you for tonight.” “Yeah it was a great party,” Tammy said from where she was draped over Adrian... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues Redux

I watched Dee leave with a sick feeling in my gut. The look in her eyes had burned away the pleasant alcohol induced buzz I had going on. She had to know it was just the stupid game. Had to... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues

I was almost to the door when I heard my name. The full Delilah too so I couldn't pretend I hadn't heard. I turned towards the bar, saw a tall gorgeous blonde man smiling at me. What was his name... Continue Reading →

The New Me

I'm feeding my fire Encouraging Internal combustion Flames stretch higher Determination grows Let it burn down to ash You wont know The new me You like the old me better ... Too bad you built the fire So sorry you... Continue Reading →

snog, marry, avoid

Boys night! Me, Adrian, Mitch and Ben. Drinking fucking Ilegal Mezcal because from experience we know we'll be pretty okay tomorrow. Unless we fall down, but that's a different story. "Alright you man hos," Adrian said with a grin at... Continue Reading →

the best ideas part 2 (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's lips brushed mine teasingly once then he leaned back in his seat. "We have about an hour until I have to get you to work," he said glancing at his wrist watch. "Do you want to come in for... Continue Reading →

the best ideas (Lily & Tyler)

I felt a little sad as I retreated to my bedroom after settling the boys for the night. At ten my oldest was starting to protest good night kisses and his little brother would follow suite. They were growing up... Continue Reading →

waiting for midnight

Every night around midnight I wait for you Heart beats faster Pulse races Anticipation builds Do you feel it? Do you notice? The effort I made To primp and preen Show you I'm keen Pupils dilate Lips are wet Desperate... Continue Reading →

you’ve got mail (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler, It's afternoon as I write this, my boys are doing their home work and my dinner prep is done so I have a few minutes to spare. I hope you've had a productive day and not been too tired... Continue Reading →

sweet dreams

I floated inside, my body buzzing with arousal from kissing Tyler. It seemed silly that I was this excited by a couple of kisses since we'd actually done a whole lot more than that all those months ago.  Okay, just... Continue Reading →

who’s counting? (Lily & Tyler)

With a low grumble of protest from the machine that wanted to run longer and faster, he brought the bike to a stop in a space near the exit. Not for the quick getaway, but because this was the way... Continue Reading →

not too late

everyday you try to chip away at my isolation with your recitation too many words none of them heard compliments wasted heart not tasted I don't care for your care but you seem unaware you push and you shove your... Continue Reading →

wish you were here (Lily & Tyler)

Lily, Good morning or is it afternoon? If it's morning, I hope you think of me when you go to bed. If it's afternoon, I hope you dreamed of me. Either way, how was work? Thanks for the email and... Continue Reading →

Lucky Me (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's face was cast in shadows as he opened the door for me. I swung my legs around to slide out but he didn't move back and with one hand holding the door and the other braced on the door... Continue Reading →

how patient? (Lily & Tyler)

I could feel Tyler watching me as I fiddled with the condiments on the table, taking the time to rearrange them by size, then by type. That job done, I folded my hands together in my lap and looked at... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors redux

I think I could be dreaming. I'm a little inebriated, relaxed on the couch with Ads watching Dee and Tammy dance. A little bump and grind here, a shimmy and a shake there. Yeah, this is the life. The front... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors

I looked at my watch for the third in as many minutes. I was always early so I still had a ten minute wait. Usually I relaxed, enjoyed the quiet time but tonight I was restless, anxious. Tyler hadn't replied... Continue Reading →

pardon the interruption …

If anyone sees the doctor, please send him my way ... laid low by a tiny bug, will be back with regular posts as soon as the room stops spinning so much!

Closer Lips brushed against the soft skin of her arched neck. Stubble scraped, making her gasp, her hands tunnelled into his hair, holding him close. His hand skated down the side of her body to grip her hip, fingers clenching... Continue Reading →

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