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Santa Theory

Do you know the Muffin Man? I hate that fucking song. I mean really, what does the Muffin Man even do for you? Give you a muffin? Thanks man, that’s awesome. Where’s the song asking if you know me? Forget... Continue Reading →



in the dark of night when I feel so alone I wrap myself in chords and chaos music soothing my ravaging beast in an aural overload of lyric excess so I slide sublime between treble and bass into chorus and... Continue Reading →


Love the way you look beneath me So hot and sweaty Eyes dazed with pleasure We’ve been playing this game too long I want to come You want to come But you wont Until I tell you And I wont... Continue Reading →

Hold Me

Standing alone In the dark of night Feels like the world Is falling away With no one to catch me No one to hold me No one to lie About how we'll be fine Futile wishes Never changed a thing... Continue Reading →

Watch Me Bleed

I opened a vein Bled words onto the page For you to devour Read with avarice Reveling in my pain While scar tissue forms My body a road map Sketched in shades of black Of sins and tragedies Self inflicted... Continue Reading →

always on my mind

post midnight semi coherent rambling thoughts I can't contain I think I feel you but you're never there and I wonder are you there a heartbeat away one phase shift to the right are we ever so slightly out of... Continue Reading →

Almost Heaven

continues from and then there were three… As predicted the DJ was trotting out every sappy love song known to man, and I wondered if there was anything sappier as Bryan Adams crooned about heaven. Luc huffed a laugh, the... Continue Reading →

and then there were three…

continues from Home (not so) sweet home Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions, full of love and laughter and bad toasts, but playing with Chess and his wedding band for a few weeks had shown me that wasn’t always... Continue Reading →

Home (not so) sweet home

“Bite Me. Really” I looked at the logo on the window, the cartoonish disembodied open mouth biting into a cupcake, and shrugged. “It’s the name it came with,” I told Chess. “But Max loved it anyway.” “Not to doubt your... Continue Reading →

The High Road

When I walked away from The Void nearly six months ago, the last place I expected to find myself was at a wedding in central London. As if the sea of pastel dresses wasn’t jarring enough, seeing my brother in... Continue Reading →

not so pear shaped (Mitch)

It took a lot of pressure to make a diamond, Mitch figured it was why they were the choice for engagement rings. A reminder of how strong the relationship was, the pressure it had withstood, to become the shining treasure... Continue Reading →

an apology of sorts (Mitch)

(rated S for smutty) (NSFW) Not for the first time Max stood in front of Mitch’s door, her heart racing with anticipation. Her trembling fingers were new though, making it difficult as she tried to line up the key to... Continue Reading →

All Hallows Write

So over at Mind of Nox, Nox has done a fun tag for Halloween and since I am doing such an exceptional job at procrastinating, I thought I'd join in... The Rules: #1 – Provide a BRIEF description of your... Continue Reading →

smile :)

They tried so hard to tame her Break her spirit, change her style She didn’t know how to conform But she failed with a smile Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

the three effs

I'm the superficial type It's not hard to please me Just take off your clothes Now come close and tease me First we're gonna flirt Then we'll fuck then we'll fight Or is it fight then fuck? I can never... Continue Reading →

can’t deny

I keep tripping over random thoughts in my head images of you naked in bed I want to be with you trapped in your stare tasting your skin breathing your air I know what you want you know what I... Continue Reading →

Not My Scene

(continues from here) (rated S for smutty) (NSFW) I ate my cake and we locked up then I walked Max to Mitch’s building and waited for her to go inside. Then I waited a few minutes more because while I... Continue Reading →

closing time

It was almost 1am when Zander heard the thud of a door and the tap of heels. He lifted the bottle in his hand to his lips and drained it before he swivelled in his seat at the bar to... Continue Reading →

Misery Loves My Company (Mitch)

“You know the expression on your face is inappropriate for someone sweating as much as you are.” Mitch could only grin harder and give a brief shake of his head as he kept running. He held up two fingers to... Continue Reading →

Purple Rain

  (continues from here) The Void was busy for a Thursday night. There were a few VIPs in with their entourages keeping the bar staff busy serving drinks and the dance floor full of regulars, preening and hoping to catch... Continue Reading →

The First Time (Mitch)

(rated S for smutty) (NSFW) The first kiss was meant to be a tease but electricity sparked and Max jerked back with a gasp. “That was…” “Yeah.” Mitch grinned and slid his hand into her hair. “Wait!” Max moved back... Continue Reading →

their song

One last kiss and then I’m leaving Wish I could stay and hear you breathing It breaks my heart each time we say goodbye I spend my days wanting to go back Wondering if somehow we knew that It would... Continue Reading →

Magnetic Attraction

magnetic attraction I can't deny each day we're apart try not to cry baby think about us how we used to be those times together just you and me and take of your clothes baby take it down to skin... Continue Reading →


tears don't fall no graceful glide eyes are dry from the pain I hide it's a visceral thing I can't define but loving you was so sublime I can't forget I'll never move on I'll wait for you... Everlong

The Setup

(continues from here) I hadn’t slept much so when I got off the phone from Max I thought about just staying in bed and trying to sleep again. After I’d gotten in the lift I couldn’t banish the thought of... Continue Reading →

The Right Time (Mitch)

This was going to hurt, Mitch thought as he saw the blow coming. Adrian telegraphed his moves terribly, but his brain to body connection was lagging and he moved a fraction of a second too late. “Fuck,” he growled as... Continue Reading →

wasted wishes

(continues from here) “What do I want?” Luc grinned as he stopped before me. “Did you want a list or a demonstration?” I didn’t want to be charmed by him so I ignored him to look at Levi instead. “You... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk (Mitch)

Every time Mitch’s phone rang he thought he should change the ringtone from the generic burbling sound. Then he answered it and he forgot about it. But when it rang after midnight and he had a training session at six... Continue Reading →

Lunch Date Redux

(continues from here) André and I sat in silence as Mitch walked out, both of us hurting a little and catching our breath. "Your friend okay?" he asked when we were both breathing normally again. I looked towards the open... Continue Reading →

another round (Mitch)

Mitch had just finished the rosters for the next week when his desk phone beeped, the line from reception lit up. "Hey Carrie," he said absently as he stacked the printouts neatly. "Sorry to disturb you, I'm trying to organize... Continue Reading →

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