a little bit smutty


April 2017

sometimes we like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… “Are you watching porn?” “What? No!” I laughed and looked back at the screen. “It’s an empty room, why would you think it’s porn?” “It’s obviously a web cam,” he said with a smirk as... Continue Reading →


Will you watch with avid eyes As my hands slide down my thighs Will you breathe a little deeper When my fingers start to creep Under satin sliding higher Find the proof of my desire Fingers wet will you forget... Continue Reading →

Hot Teacher 15

Find previous episodes here Hot Teacher The following day I covered the bruise West had left on my neck with concealer, not wanting to explain it to Cheryl but I couldn't hide my good mood as easily. I was humming... Continue Reading →

let it go

Sorry for... Nothing new in... Ten days and climbing They pass in blurs of thoughts Fragments of ideas Things I could write Things I might say But in the end I am silent Nothing coalesces I feel trapped In a... Continue Reading →

unlucky for some…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead… Waiting was not my thing. I sighed as I shot the closed elevator doors a dirty look because that would totally work! The next look went to my cell that had the audacity to suggest... Continue Reading →

tell me yours

What's your kink I want to know I'll write it down If you tell me slow Do you like to watch Or be tied up Like a gentle spank Or a riding crop I'll tell you mine If you tell... Continue Reading →

not prudent

Your eyes are cascading Colours bleeding From blue to green to gold to brown You always were the chameleon Hiding in plain sight Whispering warnings I always ignored If I were smarter I would have walked away the second time... Continue Reading →

sometimes I like to watch…

*Warning: smutty, NSFW, erotica ahead... I got your invitation. A date, a time, a web link. I clicked it immediately of course. The image of your gravatar appeared overlaid by a countdown timer. 2 days 6 hours 17 minutes, the... Continue Reading →

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