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December 2017

Thank You!

Because it’s the end Of this year any way Here are some words I forgot to say Thank you for your patience Thank you for your time Thank you for the thoughts You left behind I did a little search... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 6

For as long as I can remember Christmas Eve meant baking. Cookies for Santa and a gingerbread house for us. In retrospect I know it was my mother's way of keeping us busy but it became a tradition that I... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 5

Sometimes the songs almost get it right. There is a list, but it gets checked more than twice. Checked, adjusted, double checked, triple checked, more adjustments, more checks. Kids these days, though it's not their fault they have too many... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 4

I was dreaming. On my couch under the window. My quest to find Santa but then... images flashed through my mind, of a dark haired man watching me curiously, of another man, this one fair, frowning at me, and lastly... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 3

“Who the fuck calls their kid Ever?” "Really? That's your concern right now? Not how did she get here?" Will's annoyed question drew my attention from the small woman in my arms. "Big metal thing over there not enough of... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory 2

When I was six I wrote a letter to Santa. My only request: a Rubik's Cube. He gave me a Barbie doll. When I was seven I asked for a telescope so I could look at the stars. He gave... Continue Reading →

Santa Theory

Do you know the Muffin Man? I hate that fucking song. I mean really, what does the Muffin Man even do for you? Give you a muffin? Thanks man, that’s awesome. Where’s the song asking if you know me? Forget... Continue Reading →


in the dark of night when I feel so alone I wrap myself in chords and chaos music soothing my ravaging beast in an aural overload of lyric excess so I slide sublime between treble and bass into chorus and... Continue Reading →

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