Jay likes Dee
Dee likes Jay
Jay thinks he’s not Dee’s type
Dee thinks she’s in the friend zone
Will they ever work things out?

Here’s their story so far …

Blown Away

date night


Coffee and Cake

double date

Addicted to him

Movie Night

Yours always

Never mine

What’s my damage

That Movie Night

Already gone

Blame it on the moon

Wrong number?

Make-up mini-golf

Liar Liar

Three little words …

I might need a drink …

It’s your party

DTF? (only slightly smutty)

Well Deserved Redux

coffee no cake

coffee no cake redux

pretend redux (smutty)

what you need redux

reality sucks

reality sucks redux

no promises

smoke and mirrors redux

snog, marry, avoid

Barstool Blues

Barstool Blues Redux

one regret (rated S for smutty)

Dark desires redux

who needs friends?

who needs friends part 2

wake up call

if only… (Jay & Dee)

Dinner with friends (Jay & Dee)

Dinner with friends part 2 (Jay & Dee)

Dinner with friends part 3 (Jay & Dee)

nothing personal (Jay & Dee)

nothing personal redux (Jay & Dee)

One Dance (Jay & Dee)

wishful thinking? (Jay & Dee)

wishful thinking redux (Jay & Dee)

Friends with benefits? (Jay & Dee)

A man with a plan (Jay & Dee)

the rules (Jay & Dee)

the rules redux (Jay & Dee) (smutty)

Rule breaker (Jay & Dee)

Rule breaker redux (Jay & Dee) (smutty)

Heartbreaker (Jay & Dee)

Heartbreaker reprise (Jay & Dee)

snog, marry, avoid redux (Jay & Dee)

Plan B (Jay & Dee)

Plan B Redux (Jay & Dee)

Do The Thing (Jay & Dee)

Friends with benefits redux (Jay & Dee)

too much redux (Jay & Dee)

drinks with friends (Jay & Dee)

pj party (Jay & Dee)

pj party redux (Jay & Dee)(smutty)

Wouldn’t it be nice… (Jay & Dee)

wouldn’t it be nice redux (Jay & Dee)

First Date (Plan A) (Jay & Dee)