a little bit smutty


July 2016

Coffee and Cake

You walk towards me with your usual smile, and I smile back. "Babe," you greet me with a kiss on the cheek and I do my normal gripe about your stubble. "What's with the sandpaper?" I cup your jaw and... Continue Reading →

I love it when she yells

In response to the daily prompt Dramatic she's yelling again don't know what I did wrong doors are slamming I think a picture just fell of the wall I'm taking of my shirt Before she rips it off here she... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Admire "Je t'aime ma chère," I whisper in her ear, my very basic French language skills making her laugh. "Vous êtes un enfoiré," she grins and I'm pretty sure she just called me an... Continue Reading →

date night

Another Friday night spent thinking about you. Tomorrow will be torture as usual... me: so how was your date? you: terrible, I spent all night wishing she was you me: (shocked voice) really? you: yes really. You're the only woman... Continue Reading →

Blown Away

In response to the daily prompt Wind  Feel like I'm just gonna sit here and watch you walk away The view's fucking awesome baby I wish I knew the right thing to say Wish you would look back once Or... Continue Reading →


(Originally) In response to the daily prompt Unstoppable when your lips brush my neck for the first time I shiver it's not a reaction I can control. Do you notice? bite me, I whisper and you do I arch against... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Crisis That point of no return, when you realise everything has changed ... Dearest Darling, It's been so long since you've written, so long since you've said you cared so long since we've spoken.... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Elusive From across the room I see you, smiling as you touch her hair. She tilts her head down and your grin turns feral for a moment. I wonder why you're playing with that... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt: Sanctuary I close my eyes and I'm there. Wrapped in your arms, your chest warm against my back. We sat on the beach for hours, watched the waves crash on the shore, people walking,... Continue Reading →

Go To My Room

In response to the daily prompt Punishment Remember when you were a kid and being sent to your room was the worst punishment in the world, right? Now as an adult, it's an invitation, a reward. "You've been bad, go... Continue Reading →

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