a little bit smutty


September 2017

Not My Scene

(continues from here) (rated S for smutty) (NSFW) I ate my cake and we locked up then I walked Max to Mitch’s building and waited for her to go inside. Then I waited a few minutes more because while I... Continue Reading →

closing time

It was almost 1am when Zander heard the thud of a door and the tap of heels. He lifted the bottle in his hand to his lips and drained it before he swivelled in his seat at the bar to... Continue Reading →

Misery Loves My Company (Mitch)

“You know the expression on your face is inappropriate for someone sweating as much as you are.” Mitch could only grin harder and give a brief shake of his head as he kept running. He held up two fingers to... Continue Reading →

Purple Rain

  (continues from here) The Void was busy for a Thursday night. There were a few VIPs in with their entourages keeping the bar staff busy serving drinks and the dance floor full of regulars, preening and hoping to catch... Continue Reading →

The First Time (Mitch)

(rated S for smutty) (NSFW) The first kiss was meant to be a tease but electricity sparked and Max jerked back with a gasp. “That was…” “Yeah.” Mitch grinned and slid his hand into her hair. “Wait!” Max moved back... Continue Reading →

their song

One last kiss and then I’m leaving Wish I could stay and hear you breathing It breaks my heart each time we say goodbye I spend my days wanting to go back Wondering if somehow we knew that It would... Continue Reading →

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